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Nov 16 2010
"These People Should Not Be On TV. Point-Blank. They Shouldn't." Comments (8)

Via Kenneth In The (212): This gay young person calls bullshit on the cast of The A-List for claiming "It Gets Better" when their show (and maybe their lives—hard to say, the show's so scripted) is all about bullying, picking each other apart, social-status oneupsmanship and even, as of last night. fisticuffs. Can't agree with him that they "should not be on TV," but it's definitely questionable that they would be so central on Logo and ridiculous that they would try to tell gay teens "It Gets Better" while doing everything they're doing to promote that "It Gets Worse"...video after the jump...

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Jun 02 2010
Gay-Listers Comments (6)

The gay version of The Real Housewives franchise has been retitled from Kept to The A List. Funny, because "the A-gays" are so reviled by gay activists, who see them as starfuckers who just want photo ops and don't care about politics. 

Maybe it's a gender thing, but I just know this show is going to sicken me...even if I wish the guys well in their endeavor. Still, Rodiney Santiago (pictured) is going to have to kill a baby to make me hate him like I hate Jill Zarin.

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