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Aug 28 2010
Two Amigos Comments (3)

TV y Novelas (Agosto 23, 2010) catches Juan Gabriel with his "amigo" (you can hear the magazine sneering the word!) out and about. Someone once asked him if he was gay and Gabriel allegedly replied, "What you can see you don't need to ask about, son":

Speaking of what you can see, there is plenty of skin to see in the gay-beach photos of Rodner Figueroa and his partner published by TV Notas (Agosto 31, 2010). Maybe we need to distinguish that being "out" means to have said, "I am gay," whereas being "openly gay" means doing this kind of thing without concern:


Jul 30 2010
El Glass Closet Comments (2)

When I posted these affectionate pictures of Latin TV personality Rodner Figueroa from TV Notas, I admittedly wasn't quite sure about the angle—my understanding was that he was openly gay, so these were just nice photos of a public figure's gay PDAs. The mag's tone was hard for me to translate and understand but seemed juvenile rather than anti-gay, like, 'He he, caught you being romantic!' more than 'He he, you're gay!'

A tipster claims to me that the paparazzi photos were first shopped to Figueroa himself and to his bosses at Univison because while his homosexuality is assumed, he has not done the "I'm gay" interview. Oops—context is everything!

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A Night To Remember Comments (3)

TV Notas (Agosto 03, 2010) shows pictures of fashionisto Rodner Figueroa cuddling up with an "amigo" in Miami...looks like it was a fun night:



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