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Jun 10 2013
NSA Whistleblower Is Anti-Government, Period Comments (10)


Jeez, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a Ron Paul supporter. So someone who is anti-government leaks information that we should probably have already known and it's trumped by Glenn Greenwald and a foreign paper as evidence that the U.S. is a government run amok...and then he defects to a country that is, in theory, under the control of China, a far more oppressive regime than anything the U.S. has ever imagined.

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Mar 03 2013
I Got My Education Comments (0)

KELLY-CLARKSON-OUTFITKelly Clarkson has returned to her hometown (it sounds so quaint when you refer to Dallas that way) for the first time in over a year to headline a benefit for TD Ameritrade found Joe Ricketts's Opportunity Education Foundation. The foundation focuses on helping children in Africa and Asia get an education. From a press release:

"My mother is a teacher and I come from a long line of teachers and we're all about education, so I was really, really excited to be a part of this. You know, we in America, we are the Land of Opportunity. And one of the reasons we enjoy so much opportunity is the education that is bestowed upon us and granted to us. "

I'm not sure Ron Paul would agree with any sentences that contain the words "bestowed upon" or "granted to," but the girl eventually supported Obama so we'll let that slide. Sounds like a great charity.

Sep 27 2012
The Grass Is Always Greener Comments (2)
Barack Obama Mitt Romney Ron Paul Newt Gingrich chia pets
Why anyone would want an Obama or Romney chia pet—let alone one of Newt Gingrich (WHO IS LISTED FIRST!) or Ron Paul—is beyond me, but they do exist. Man, Newt looks like Nedra Volz once his "hair" comes in.
Jan 31 2012
None Of The Above Comments (0)


Republican voters don't like their choices. I agree—I don't like their choices either.

Jan 20 2012
Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw Comments (4)


Newt Gingrich has a lot of balls trying to take the moral high road over the "liberal, elite media" for asking him about the very topical news that his second wife had granted an unflattering interview shedding light on his infidelities and his moral character. If it's in the news, why would it be out of bounds to ask? And how dare he say "How dare you!" on the grounds that the politics of personal destruction are negative and not what voters care about, considering he dragged this country through Bill Clinton's underwear for so long back in the day.

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Jan 05 2012
The Other Sister Comments (6)

Neither Democrat nor Republican but simply "other," Scientologist Juliette Lewis is another star who thinks Ron Paul rocks, telling her Facebook fans that she likes how he is for "preserving the constitution [sic] and basic human rights which are slowly being dismantled with last couple presidents and then some."

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Jan 04 2012
Loving Liberty Comments (7)

Kelly Clarkson's "love" for Ron Paul caused quite a Twitfit last week, backlashed by media reports that her declaration led to a 600% increase in sales of her CD at Amazon. (Nobody bothered to figure out that translated to probably a few hundred CDs.)

But just in case you didn't get the memo this self-proclaimed Republican is really skewing Libertarian, check out who she IDs as an ideal man in the new People (January 16, 2012) after the jump...

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Jan 03 2012
Let The Games End Comments (2)

The Iowa Caucuses would be far more interesting if they were run more like the Hunger Games.

Looking like Romney rather than Santorum pooped out in the end—less support now than four years ago even if he winds up eking out a win.

The "Iron Lady" wound up with a bad cast of rust.

Dec 29 2011
Oh, My Kelly Clarkson! Comments (13)

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.56.57 AM
Kelly Clarkson tweeted her "love" for Ron Paul, based on what she perceives as his desire for small government and letting the people decide things. She was hit with some backlash about Paul's racism and homophobia and expressed seemingly genuine shock—why, she'd never heard a whisper of such things. She's all for gay rights, straight rights, etc.

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Dec 23 2011
Race For The Nomination Comments (5)

It continues to distress me when otherwise reasonable people casually mention that Ron Paul seems to be a sensible choice on the GOP side. His being accidentally right Paulon marijuana and foreign wars is nothing to hang your hat on, and for gays his lies about thinking government should not be in the marriage business (while supporting DOMA) should be easy to see through.

More disturbingly, his racist newsletters were widely known about during his last campaign. (Paul has claimed he didn't know they existed until 2001, but video of him addressing them in 1995 has just surfaced.) I don't know how on earth his supports can pretend they don't exist or that he wasn't aware of every word in them.

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