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Jun 22 2013
F*ck You Buddies Comments (1)
Help fund the fearless, frank, fun, ferocious The New F Word campaign, geared toward empowering the bullied...

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Oct 26 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Dieux du Stade 2013First mating season

Widget boy cultureDieux du Stade 2013 is here, more nekkid than ever.

Widget boy cultureSilvio Berlusconi gets four years in prison.

Widget boy cultureLena Dunham on voting for Obama...for the very first time. Lena Dunham Obama

Widget boy cultureAt least 15 Senate candidates oppose abortion even in rape cases.

Widget boy cultureAnother Republican business pushes workers to vote Romney.

Widget boy cultureJeepers Creepers: Romney bald-face lies to Ohioans.

Widget boy cultureIf Romney wins, we're fucked.

Widget boy cultureTax-deductible way to support a film about bullying.

Widget boy cultureThe (shirtless) bear state of the union.

Widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): One Direction's Louis plays with his balls.

Widget boy cultureAttitude names Harry Judd from McFly sexiest man; he accepts.

Harry Judd shirtlessMild-to-wild about Harry



Jan 29 2012
Genderfuck, Yeah! Comments (9)


Matthew Duffy's "Man Out of U" (I wonder if it's a four-year college or...?) is saturated with Madonna references, shows off some killer shades complete with pornstache and has plenty of skin courtesy of Ronnie Kroell...

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Dec 13 2011
Christian Tidings Comments (1)

A very campy Very Hollywood Christmas starring Ronnie Kroell for Andrew Christian...

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Apr 22 2011
Girl, I Am Tearing Up Already! Comments (1)

Next 18.43 (April 22) Cover
Ronnie Kroell and his BF Taylor cover Next Magazine as part of its first-ever gay wedding guide.

Feb 02 2011
Just Between You And Men Comments (2)

Shapeimage_9Between heartthrobs

Went to a fun event last night, a dual celebration in honor of the launch of the Web series In Between Men and model Ronnie Kroell's 28th birthday.

IMG_9371Jones, Michelle Clunie (very effective in a guest spot), Kroell & Buffie

The event was co-hosted by Kroell and The Village People's cowboy Randy Jones and was charging $20 a ticket to raise money for the cash-strapped (it just hit a Bloomberg) Ali Forney Center. Not bad, considering your ticket fee got you some free food served in the chic Hudson Terrace and a chance to mingle with the seriously sexy stars of the series as well as Miss New York, Claire Buffie.

IMG_9409Pamies, Coleman, Mathews, Kroell, Rhyser & an unidentified actor

IMG_9359 I was covering arrivals, but there was some time to kill because the stars treated it as a straight up party, to which one arrives fashionably late, as opposed to a press op. Chit-chatting with a sweet guy covering for AfterElton paid off—I'd gone into this thing having no idea the Web series was not a reality show and that Kroell was not starring in it. I can only imagine the awkward corrections to my questions. (Reminds me that over a decade ago, I interviewed some Nickelodeon kids—one is now a babe and a half—about whether their characters on a new series would ever hook up. They looked at me quizzically and the boy said, "But...we play brother and sister!" I'm not usually such a bad study.)

IMG_9385Rhyser, Kroell, Clunie, Pamies & Coleman around the time "someone" was just getting into a cab

I should have just read the release:

"In Between Men is the new original Web series written and created by Quincy Morris, and directed by Jennifer Gelfer. The sexy new dramedy series follows four friends who are living in New York City 'in between' a gay world, whose clichés they don't relate to, and a straight world they don't belong to. The stories follow four successful professional men through their wild adventures, racy storylines, the joys and pains, all underscored by the pulse of New York City."

The lighting wasn't working for me, so I was grabbing guys off to a red-velvet draped hall in which a janitor's mop stood silent witness to our Q&A sessions, or to an area next to the coat check. It worked for the most part.

IMG_9395Rhyser & Coleman at the party

I have to say right off the bat that the series—the first three, eight-minute Webisodes were shown later in the evening—is slick and has some interesting chemistry going for it. It doesn't hurt that it has four really amazing-looking actors...I can't think of a feature-length gay-themed film with such a high quotient of "hi, how you doin'?" good looks. 

It's basically a Sex and the City-type take, except these "ladies" probably wouldn't be as inexperienced with foreskins and anal sex. I'm not sure how I feel about the premise that the guys don't quite fit into gay clichés since they seemed to be well-off, sexually ravenous and comfy dancing shirtless at clubs, but there is a charm to it and none of them comes across as a villain or a cartoon. I made sure to ask them the "gayest" and "straightest" things about themselves based on the premise and was pleasantly surprised when no one got defensive—they all rolled with it charmingly.

IMG_9362Max was working masterfully manscaped chest hair—most producers aren't this handsome

I especially enjoyed speaking with Max Rhyser ("Jacob Ross"), who not only stars but produces, and who spoke with me about his decision to be an out actor despite advice over the years to keep it in the closet:

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Aug 09 2010
Grand Old Time Comments (0)

Ronnie Kroell's 90-year-old Grandma Carmella seems to approve of his Playgirl cover.

Jun 08 2010
Tasteful? Let's Have A Lick And See! Comments (5)
Ronnie Kroell's Playgirl pix are here—and he looks smokin' hot and shaggy. Plus the lead shot at this NSFW link will have people debating whether he's been CockShopped or penis-pumped or is just God's gift. Regardless, a very sexy spread that is tasteful and tasty. 

He's nice in person, too!


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