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May 15 2014
Need To Know: Michael Sam Is OWNing It + Southern Discomfort + Thrill Killer + You Must Be Kidman Me + Bearded Lady + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael-Sam-kissKiss me blind!

*widget boy cultureMichael Sam's story is coming to OWN. Let's continue the kiss-in!

*widget boy cultureTennessee passes bill that encourages anti-gay bullying because Jesus.

*widget boy cultureThe “Next Generation of Stonewall” profiled. Go, Rich Ferraro!

*widget boy cultureMichael Alig fears gays, upon being accepted, will become boring. Aaron-Rodgers

*widget boy culturePutin blaming Ukraine on “gay Nazis.”

*widget boy cultureNicole Kidman's face goes on strike.

*widget boy cultureNet neutrality R.I.P.?

*widget boy cultureSexy footballer Aaron Rodgers grows a high-profile beard.

*widget boy culture17-year-old tops congressman. Yes, Republicans are involved.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timblerlake performs with dead Michael Jackson.

*widget boy culture9/11 Museum dedicated by President Obama & a host of NYC mayors.

*widget boy cultureSatan has even more plans for teens than Bryan Singer.

*widget boy cultureLeak video of Solange vs. Jay-Z, get your ass fired.

*widget boy cultureLiberal New York Times doesn't believe in equal pay for women.

*widget boy cultureBroadway's “Spider-Man” Reeve Carney unveils his hot behind. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureCourtney Act tweaks “Mean Gays” in RuPaul's Drag Race star-studded vid.

Courtney-ActHomosexual Act

Oct 23 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Chely WrightFor your holiday wish list?

Widget boy cultureChely Wright: Wish Me Away, the documentary about the country star, comes out on DVD.

Widget boy cultureSoledad O'Brien reminds Rudy Giuliani of her job description.

Widget boy cultureBloomberg for marriage, against "socialism."

Widget boy cultureUnsavory rumors swirl around The Advocate.

Widget boy cultureCavalrymen for Romney. Obama is losing the aughties vote. Romney horses bayonets

Widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake sang to his bride. Uh, he better have!

Widget boy cultureFlorida firm connected to voter fraud on Republican payroll.

Widget boy cultureC'mon, vote! Let your body move to the Madonna music.

Shirtless drag votingDid she just do a party line with that guy?

Oct 15 2012
Hillary Takes "Ultimate Responsibility" For Libya Deaths Comments (1)

Hillary Clinton Peru BenghaziClinton has said she'll step down when if Obama wins a second term anyway

Christopher StevensSecretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she takes "ultimate responsibility" for the tragic deaths in Libya, which have become a convenient flashpoint for Republicans to—admittedly—exploit. Even against the wishes of the late ambassador's father.

Clinton says she wants to avoid a "political gotcha," but I'm certain this will come up at the debates and will continue to be an issue unless the president somehow mitigates it in tomorrow's town hall.

Sep 30 2011
Galluping Away Comments (0)

A gentle reminder from Daily Kos that polls are almost meaningless this early on. (This is a lesson Trump, Cain,  Bachmann and Perry have already learned.)

Aug 02 2011
The Lost Language Of Frasier Cranes Comments (7)

So now Kelsey Grammer wants to run for mayor of New York City? Give me a fucking break. I would never in a million years vote for him. I'd sooner vote for Camille—and I think PreviewScreenSnapz001 she belongs in a mental institution. It's about time we get back to a Democratic mayor once the current monarchy winds down in spite of Grammer's admirable drag history. (Which never made Giuliani more appealing to me.)

The only entertainment figures who immediately spring to mind when it comes to getting a vote out of me for public office are Tom Hanks and Jon Stewart. Any others you can think of?

Jul 08 2011
Tip Of The Bloomberg Comments (1)

I have issues with him, but it's pretty cool that New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg be officiating at a same-sex wedding on July 24, the very day it becomes legal in New York State. He'll be uniting his chief policy advisor John Feinblatt and his consumer affairs commish Jonathan Mintz.

Maybe he can marry Rudy Giuliani's naive Republican ex-friends?

Nov 04 2010
The Heights Comments (0)

Rudy Giuliani—in a move so craven even Joe Lieberman or Charlie Crist would blanche—is now saying it's okay to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell because, y'know, we're not really at the height of the Iraq War or Afghanistan anymore.

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May 29 2010
Ready, Willing & Able Comments (6)

Roy Ashburn (R-California), outed after a DUI incident recently, now says he is "no longer willing or able to remain silent" on gay-rights issues. 

That's good news, though if we're interested in his character, it's important to remember that when he was able to remain silent, he was completely willing.

Nov 14 2009
Trying Times Comments (2)

"Oh, dear, this might increase the likelihood of New York being attacked!" So goes the prissy whining (which is really just partisan attacking) from right-wingers like Rudy "9/11" Giuliani and Sarah Palin regarding President Obama and AG Eric Holder's decision to transfer a group of men from Gitmo to NYC to stand trail for their involvement in the 9/11 attacks. 

The only way for NYC to lessen its likelihood of being attacked—which is high 24/7—would be if we seceded from the United States or became completely financially irrelevant to the U.S. overnight. And if we got rid of all the Jews. Those things aren't happening, nor should they, so...so much for making us likely to be attacked.

Other complaints are that a trial would cost too much or provide al-Qaida a means by which to advertise its brand of extremism or might end with all of them walking free. Would those arguments hold in any other case? No. Our justice system—which is part of why the U.S. is such a great place and is so despised by tyrants and religious terrorists—is unique, it's what makes our country worth fighting for. 

I was here in NYC on 9/11 and watched the towers burn and the second tower fall. I say bring 'em on. We'll lock them up forever or send them to their deaths in the city they wounded but failed to terrorize.

May 04 2009
Not That There's Anything Right With That Comments (8)

Wed1This doesn't "ring" true.

Any time I've seen a same-sex kiss in a movie or play, there have been groans or gasps, from the loud and angry (Truth Or Dare in Chicago in 1991) to the mildly uncomfortable (Billy Elliot in NYC in 2009). Now it's my turn to gag at the sight of a same-sex smooch—that's because it's the wedding kiss of the right-wing gay assholes who let Rudy Giuliani stay with them during his divorce.

03KOEPPEL.1901 Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsiao once told the media that Giuliani was so supportive of them that if gay marriage were legal in New York he'd marry them himself. Instead, with gay marriage legal in Connecticut, they could only muster 10 friends to show up anwatch them exchange rings—and the Giulianis were not among them.

"Rudy and Judith were both invited with a beautiful written invitation by mail," Koeppel told the equally right-wing New York Post. "His secretary called Thursday and said he was not able to come to the wedding and wished us all the best."

Before reading on, you have to visit their announcement inn the New York Times, which has a rather surprising video interview with the couple of 18 years. In it. Chinese-food-sign_278584a1 Koeppel sounds like such an ass! "Jews like Chinese food so it's okay," he says of his family's acceptance of Hsiao. He later "jokes" that his only advantage in getting married is that if it doesn't work out he can get a divorce. Even their description of how they decided to wed is unromantic—Hsiao decided he wanted to be married, Koeppel agreed. If Koeppel wasn't so old (old enough that the 72-year-old says they are "partners. If I were 25 years young I would call us lovers, but..."), I'd say this union sounded doomed. But I think they will probably be together as long as Koeppel craves sticky buns. (Think I'm reading into things too much? In the article, Koeppel's happiness that Hsiao moved from the West Coast to begin their relationship boils down to, "I'm older now, and more than ever I need someone to look after me." Husband or houseboy?)

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