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Oct 19 2010
McCain (Not That One) & Obama & Me & Us Comments (5)

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...an interesting interview with Meghan McCain by Rachel Maddow last night. McCain's getting scorched for coming out and saying what many in the Republican establishment are saying behind-the-scenes, namely that Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob."

But what interests me is that she went on to talk a bit about President Obama and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I give McCain credit for openly—and, clearly, sincerely—disagreeing with and being hurt by her father's homophobic stance on DADT (and all other gay issues). In the past, I've been unimpressed with her for focusing on what Obama hasn't done when her father—and her party—is actively, aggressively working against gay issues. But she doesn't harp on that here, instead saying politicians should be held responsible for their failings but admitting she really has no answers as to how. (She doesn't advocate not voting for them again, protesting or other measures suggested by Maddow.)

Also interesting is that Ms. McCain seems to think that Obama has been given a free pass for his gay-rights disappointments. I'm glad Maddow pointed out to her that many in the gay community have given him no such free pass (choice comment at Joe.My.God. yesterday: "Obama can't tell his black ass from his white elbow," and it goes downhill from there on a daily basis in the comments section), but I think the central question remains: What do we do about it?


I don't think there are easy answers. I know AmericaBlog and others have advocated not to give the Democrats money. Some have argued that they'd never vote for Obama again or that they wouldn't vote for any Democrats, or that they wouldn't vote at all. Dan Choi's sincerely, passionately applied tactic is to embarrass the president by turning up the heat via civil disobedience and high-profile demonstrations; these things have worked in the past in other areas.

I'm not attracted to any of these remedies, but like Meghan McCain—and unlike those who use the word "Obamabots" in every other sentence—I don't have all the answers and don't pretend to.

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Oct 10 2010
Vote, You Moran! Comments (0)

Via Joe.My.God.: Hilarious and to-the-point video after the jump on why you should vote...

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Sep 24 2010
Eat, Plot, Loathe Comments (1)

Rachel Maddow points out that the next culture war will be over food, thanks to Michelle Obama's campaign for healthy eating and exercise.

Michelle-Obama-Iron-Chef-America-Guest-Appearance-500x486 Gee, I don't remember liberals bitching when Laura Bush encouraged reading. "Let me be illiterate if I want to, Big Sister!"

All Mrs. Obama is doing is encouraging something that we all know to be true—eating healthy and exercising are good ideas. If everyone ate better and exercised than they do already, we'd be a happier, healthier and wealthier nation.These are facts. 

But Republicans do not like reality. Witness the Texas Board of Education.

Aug 01 2010
Speaking Of Ugly... Comments (4)

...the first time I ever heard the name "Rush Limbaugh" was in reference to his bashing the looks of then-teenage Chelsea Clinton 17 or so years ago. Now, she's a lovely bride (with a fantastic dress). It's so rare that a presidential kid has a big wedding like this. I don't remember the last one. Nobody noticed if Amy Carter got hitched. And Hillary looks like she was beaten black-and-blue by the pretty stick—hair, makeup and dress. Bill still looks slightly like he's in the doghouse, no? It's like Hillary's embracing her son-in-law and daughter and Bill photo-bombed the picture.

Jun 16 2010
Olive Branching Out Comments (10)

Elton_john0211Elton John's partner David Furnish tells People of John's surprise performance for Rush Limbaugh at his wedding:

"Elton said, 'Life is about building bridges, not walls...And maybe if I can make a great impression, people might change their perspectives on life.' Elton, during the the performance, made a lot of cracks: 'I suppose you all wonder why I'm here tonight?' But ultimately, it's a bit like an olive branch, I guess."

Yes, it's a great idea to extend an olive branch and accept one in kind from a man who would not extend that same branch to all the countless non-famous, non-singing, non-rich gays of the world.

Jun 14 2010
Rush Judgment Deferred Comments (4)

Rachel Maddow asks what all gay people should ask—why did Elton John perform for Rush Limbaugh? "Elton—call us. Explain it." She's a lot more good-natured about it than I am.

Jun 06 2010
Bring Me The Head Of Sir Elton John Comments (21)

It's absolutely unforgivable, IMHO, for Elton John to have sung at the (FOURTH!) wedding of Rush Limbaugh. I don't care if he got a million dollars, and I don't care if he gives that million dollars to gay charities (not that he's said he will)—John has plenty of money to give to charities without brightening the day of a man who has helped instill in America a wild-eyed, frothy-mouthed hatred of gay people and anyone not white. The man is vile, and Elton John is vile to have participated. I can't even believe this happened.

May 04 2010
A Connecticut Pakistani In Military Court? Comments (0)


I'm surprised I didn't catch him myself on "Guydar."

Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old Pakistani-American (he is a naturalized citizen from Pakistan), has been apprehended in the Times Square car-bomb case. You remember, the failed bomb that was discovered a block away from me less than 30 minutes after I left? His planned show fizzled faster than Bye Bye Birdie, but he'll still be remembered for years to come. Hopefully, not in an infuential way.

It boggles my mind, this concept of American (or British, or etc.) citizens who seem to suddenly become radicalized. I'm sure we'll hear a lot about his life leading up to his conversion, but it still won't make sense even if the dots are connected satisfactorily on paper.

President Obama will soon address the arrest—Shahzad made it to JFK and very nearly to Dubai—and I hope he will call him a goddamned terrorist and will take credit for being at the helm when this guy was tracked down so quickly. Why not? The other side would. And in fact, the other side now will probably try to say he was a "false flag" operative to distract attention from Vera Baker or...something.

Rush Limbaugh already thinks the BP oil disaster was orchestrated by environmentalists (!) or Obama himself to put the kibosh on offshore drilling, and that oil and water go together anyway.

Apr 18 2010
Blowing Smoke Comments (2)
Let me get this straight: Rush Limbaugh thinks it makes sense that the Icelandic volcanic eruption is God chastising President Obama over health care...but thinks climate-change science is a hoax? 
Dec 30 2009
Rushed To The Hospital Comments (4)

UPDATE: Maybe the big story won't end up being that he dies or that he had an actual heart attack, but that he's...back on the "meds".

Now that Rush Limbaugh has had a heart attack (or otherwise been hospitalized with chest pains), Twitter is alive with hopes for his death and wishes for his speedy recovery. If he lives, I imagine he'll go ape over all the liberals who made light of his sickness, conveniently forgetting his and his followers' appalling comments about Ted Kennedy. And didn't thousands on the right buy T-shirts implicitly calling for President Obama's death? (Limbaugh called Kurt Cobain a "worthless shred of human debris" with the rockstar died.)

If he lives, I have a sick feeling President Obama will visit him; well wishes would be enough.

Regardless, it's fascinating that he is in Hawaii right after Sarah Palin and at the same time as President Obama...and is hospitalized in the same facility where Obama was born.