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Aug 26 2014
Need To Know: Geyer For Pay + Taking Gov. McDonnell's Confession + I Like His Anaconda Better + Mother Of All COMEBACKs + MORE! Comments (0)

Dean-GeyerDean machine

*widget boy cultureAre you gay for Dean Geyer?

*widget boy cultureSooo...is disgraced, anti-gay ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell gay or what?

*widget boy culture“Elaine Benes” & “Tim Whatley” reunion at the Emmys gets real.

*widget boy culture“Nicki Minaj Anaconda”? Try “David Verdaguer anaconda” instead!

*widget boy cultureNicki's wardrobe malfunction on MTV was faker than her ass.

*widget boy cultureThis guy's ass is real. Very real. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureThe Comeback's big comeback! Divine6

*widget boy cultureTwink Internet sensation Zaccy's new album is out.

*widget boy cultureAudio of non-angelic Michael Brown shooting surfaces

*widget boy cultureEven Megyn Kelly gets white privilege. O''Reilly? Nope.

*widget boy cultureJeez, Gwen Stefani can't pronounce “Colbert.”

*widget boy cultureDivine wuz robbed!

*widget boy cultureRita & Iggy almost pulled a Madonna & Britney.

*widget boy cultureSnubbed in other categories, The Normal Heart wins Outstanding TV Movie Emmy.

Normal-HeartLarry Kramer joins Ryan Murphy and the cast of The Normal Heart onstage.

Apr 12 2013
Need To Know: Who Told Madonna To Stick Her Butt Out?, Who Told Rebel Wilson To Eff Off?, Who's Embarrassed To Be A Republican? + MORE Comments (0)

ShirtlessCoincidentally, he has blue balls now, too!

*widget boy cultureCool—and hot—Adidas ad.

*widget boy cultureAll of The Man Behind the Throne: "Stick your butt out, Honey."

*widget boy cultureGloria Steinem defends Kim Kardashian.

*widget boy cultureMO man denied visitation with sick partner & arrested gets a break.

*widget boy cultureMadonna refutes Joyce Banda's "lies," recommits herself to Malawi. Kellan-lutz-op-04102013-02-580x435

*widget boy cultureRussell Crowe to Rebel Wilson: "Fuck off."

*widget boy cultureZambian gay HIV activist arrested after TV appearance.

*widget boy cultureNHL prepping for gay players.

*widget boy cultureRNC doubles down against equality.

*widget boy cultureKid Rock "fucking embarrassed" to be a  Republican.

*widget boy cultureTrump's kid gets slathered in caviar. Nightly.

*widget boy cultureHomophobe compares homophobes to Jews in Germany.

*widget boy cultureKellan Lutz shucks shirt for OP.

*widget boy cultureGet your Pride Stache here.

*widget boy culture"Condom Pope" goes on display.

*widget boy cultureThe past, present and future of gay porn, by a convicted pimp.

*widget boy cultureRyan Murphy & Portia de Rossi cover Out.

*widget boy cultureJay Anthony Parks backs that thing up.

Jay-Anthony-ParksA little Parks recreation.

Dec 26 2012
Ryan Murphy's Latest Production Comments (3)

Yesterday, Glee (among other things) creator Ryan Murphy and his partner David Miller announced the arrival of their new son, Logan.

In September, Murphy told Vogue of his aspiration to be  dad:

"...[W]e both had really difficult, tumultuous upbringings, and it’s...not a way to heal that...but definitely a way to explore it. Also, I thought if I don’t do this...I’m 46...I will really, really regret it...I have really bad OCD. My thing, since I was a child, is that I can have chaos within control. So if I have a desk, I art-direct the pens, and then I can be a whirling dervish. I want the kid to be bold. And I have a lot of preparation, dealing with these actors. Really? Fuck you. I’m going to do the opposite of what you want. But I realize, you just have to let go or you’re screwed."

Oct 20 2011
Cheap Trick Comments (10)


I've heard American Horror Story is a must-watch, and I do feel the pressure to must-watch it—I can't miss the boat on yet another buzzy series.

SalmineobioHowever, I'm in total agreement with my friend, Sal Mineo: A Biography author Michael Michaud, regarding his assessment of last night's episode, in which the late gay actor Sal Mineo's murder was wrongly described to have been at the hands of a trick. That wasn't the case, and while I'm surprised Mineo is that forgotten by every person involved in the creative process behind American Horror Story (no less than Ryan Murphy himself is the creator), I do think it's probably just an unintentional error—but it's one that needs addressing by Murphy & Co. immediately, and it's one that should be stricken from the episode in question.

Keep reading for Michaud's response. Don't misconstrue this as a PR stunt by Michaud; he worked on his Mineo bio for a decade and almost no one not named Rowling or Meyer is getting rich-rich-rich on book sales...

 Read More

Jul 02 2011
It's Overstreet Comments (8)

Chord Overstreet has been bounced from Glee—Ryan Murphy is promoting Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. to full-time cast members, but Overstreet will either be gone totally or only make occasional appearances.

Bad idea!

Oct 04 2010
LGLEEBT Rights Comments (1)

Matthew_Morrison_1-187x250 Glee
's Matt Morrison is on the campaign trail for Democrat Lee Fisher's Senate bid in Ohio.

He has also spoken out against anti-gay bullying in schools—even alluding to the idea that Ryan Murphy may want to address it in future episodes of the series.


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