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Feb 27 2012
"I'm sure Sacha Baron Cohen isn't the first gent to soil one of Ryan Seacrest's outfits." Comments (9)

Angelina jolie jim rash jeffy popVia Jeffy Pop


Here are all my Oscars red carpet and telecast thoughts, compiled into one handy volume from Facebook. Horrible show. Obvious highlights would be Cirque du Soleil, Jim Rash soft-mocking Angelina Jolie and—can't believe this part was a highlight this year!—the lovely "in memoriam" section, even if Esperanza Spalding 100% lip-synched due to the complicated nature of the audio and the producers' decision to cut out any disparity in the amount of applause for some corpses over others.

Billy Crystal was totally off and should not host again, even though he did improve later on and his naughty political jabs were funniest. Neil Patrick Harris should expect a phone call soon if he hasn't already received it.

Here ya go. Thoughts?

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Oct 13 2010
Any Dick Comments (1)

The MPAA, claiming parents "requested specifically" this kind of warning after Brüno's release, is now warning of "male nudity" in films. The first three offenders? Grown-Ups, Eat Pray Love and Jackass 3D.

Because male nudity is specifically more offensive than female nudity, and because parents of little kids should be sending their children to see Brüno in the first place.

Jul 20 2009
Spice Cadets Comments (2)


I guess the real goal of the gay movement should be that we all have a right to be anything we like, from the president of the United States to a vapid shell of a person who thinks Paris Hilton is too self-serious.

With that in mind, do check out The Real Houseboys of West Hollywood, which you just may find hilarious. Aside from its clever title (that should have been reserved for a porn flick), I'm not sure what to make of it other than to point out that I can't relate to people who tolerate Paris Hilton, so I'm not exactly first in line to watch Webisodes featuring two guys who worship the Spice Girls, among others.

If the idea is to be as annoying as the casts of characters on Bravo's various Real shows, I'd say they've done a Real good job. Hopefully, the guys are dramatically caricaturing themselves.

Where are all those whiny Bruno critics who felt Sacha Baron Cohen was dealing in stereotypes when you need them?

P.S. I went to see the rather boring and talky and one-trick pony Humpday this weekend, which was as gimmicky as Open Water, and overheard some 30s/40s/50s gay men behind me grousing about Bruno's unforgivable clichés. I held back from turning around and saying, "Yeah, like gay men sitting in an arthouse theater discussing how offended they are?"
Jul 11 2009
Bruno: He's Here, You're Queer—Get Used To It Comments (3)

Bruno2Bruno has more in common with Zoolander than Men on Film.

After seeing Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno (which I was predisposed to like since I liked Borat), it's unbelievable to me that anyone would mistake it for gay-bashingBrunoarnold2 or even innocently bad for the gays, and yet it's completely perfect this would happen because the entire movie and character are about the tense hilarity that exists around the edges of any situation involving someone's utter lack of self-awareness.


Yes, Bruno is gay. But unlike most stereotypical gay representations—the lisping screamer—he more closely resembles a plausible member of the reality-TV generation, obsessing over fame and fashion and exposing his ignorance of world affairs and the English language as freely as his penis. Unlike the usual gay buffoon, who's all double-entendres and yet somehow sexless, he is depicted as an erotically resourceful Eurotrashionista with a taste in men that runs the gamut from clearly disinterested redneck hunters to dildo machines.

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Jun 16 2009
What Would Franklin Pangborn Say? Comments (7)

Eeks, I can't be down with this...are people really this concerned about Sacha Baron Cohen's character Bruno? I totally get that some people might be able to laugh at Bruno's antics without realizing Cohen is skewering homophobes while also poking fun at a very real subset of gay people, the idiotic male Paris Hilton, who knows more about bad fashion than politics and is self-absorbed to the point of self-ghettoization. But you'd have to really try hard to make yourself believe Cohen has a nasty anti-gay agenda.

Franklin Pangborn
"Bruno? Well, I think she's just diviiiine!"

Bruno_sacha_baron_cohen And correct me if I'm wrong, but a couple of the people in this video...haven't they played or are they not flamboyant gay characters? Couldn't someone also argue that they've done queerface or are somehow harming gay perceptions by being somewhat stereotypical? I would not argue that—let me be clear. I'm just saying that one flawed argument is no better than another.

I loved Borat. I hope I will love Bruno. So far, from the previews, it looks savagely funny.

Three men and a little homophobia.

MXM_ToddPhillips_HangoverCure320 You know who we should be focusing our attention on? How about Todd Phillips (director, pictured), Jon Lucas (writer), Scott Moore (writer) and Bradley Cooper (star, pictured) for the reprehensible albeit brief anti-gay moments in The Hangover, a rather unfunny (save for some truly hilarious moments) comedy that has been the #1 movie in America for two weeks in a row?

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May 31 2009
The Real Humorless Slim Shady? Comments (2)


It seemed staged because why wouldn't Eminem have moved? Yet his reaction seemed quite disgusted and humorless (remember his Triumph run-in ages ago?)—Sacha Baron Cohen/Bruno dropped in on Eminem during The MTV Movie Awards with his ass hanging out, and everyone will be talking about whether it was real or fake.

How about it was staged, but Eminem didn't know about the bare ass? My guess.
Jan 12 2009
Getting Personal (Assistant) Comments (8)


Did you interpret Sacha Baron Cohen's Madonna/Guy divorce joke at the Golden Globes as a slam against Madonna or a slam against Guy Ritchie or just all in good fun? My first take was that it was emasculating toward Guy, but I've read others who felt it was ridiculing Madonna. Either way, his relationship with Madonna would make it rather daring socially.

Madonna and Sacha in happier times:


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