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Apr 20 2015
With Her, It's Always Something Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.32.51 AM

I'd never seen this footage of Sandra Bernhard from 1984. It's clearly some kind of workshop of Without You I'm Nothing. Great stuff...

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Nov 21 2013
Need To Know: It's In Your DNA, Zimmerman's Finances Are Shot, Without Sandra Bernhard...I'm Nothing, Melba Moore! Moore! Moore! Comments (0)

DNA167cover490x694Making a splash.

*widget boy cultureWAIT...isn't every issue DNA's "Swimsuit Issue?"

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman can't own a gun anymore, is $2.5 million in debt.

*widget boy cultureTurns out missing gay officer didn't want to be found.

*widget boy cultureSandra Bernhard Q&A at Without You I'm Nothing screening.

*widget boy cultureSPOILER ALERT: Mare Winningham clip from amazing Philomena. Basquiat

*widget boy cultureMelba Moore + MORE at this year's NYC Sparkle benefit.

*widget boy cultureJay Z spends $4.5 million on a Basquiat.

*widget boy cultureSean Penn is still nuts.

*widget boy cultureCroota Swimwear makes its movie debut in Out to Kill.

*widget boy cultureRacist insults against teammate results in football season being canceled.

*widget boy cultureHetrick-Martin Institute Awards video: Chelsea Clinton & more. 6a00e54fb7301c8834019b01654ccd970b-500wi

*widget boy culturePrettyboy model Jefferson West.

*widget boy cultureStevie Nicks on the set of American Horror Story: Coven.

*widget boy cultureA fresh take on Madonna's "Borderline."

*widget boy cultureGAYS: The Series is coming in January.

*widget boy cultureDo British youth see Tories as "aliens"?

*widget boy culturePsychic Sylvia Browne passes to the other side.

*widget boy cultureComparing Obama to Bush, and Obamacare to Katrina = pure stupidity.

Obama-BushLike comparing apples and Agent Oranges.

Jun 29 2013
Need To Know: Married To The Gay Mob, Dirty Sanchez, Soaking Up Your Son, Franco's Fave Diva + MORE Comments (10)

Jeff-Paul-AFER-gayThe marrying kind.

*widget boy cultureTHEY DID: Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo, Prop 8 plaintiffs, are man and husband. Zimmerman-ice-cream

*widget boy cultureChick-Fil-A's Cathy still a dumb cluck on gay issues.

*widget boy cultureICE COLD: Just like Zimmerman, his lawyer #killed it.

*widget boy cultureBaldwin denies homophobia behind his latest rant.

*widget boy cultureNYPD doubles Pride protection.

*widget boy cultureSCOTUS: "I've been married just as long as you have."

*widget boy cultureJames Franco's fave diva? "Madonna. She rules."

*widget boy cultureHow to get Madonna's MDNA makeup

*widget boy culturePhil Fusco devastates on Sensitif. Young-shirtless-Naomi-Watts-sexy-adore-hot

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Rocco "ready to die" for #secretproject?

*widget boy cultureDrake Jensen's "Scars" video takes on bullying.

*widget boy cultureGay Pride remix of Martha Wash's "It's My Time."

*widget boy cultureTricking Bieber fans = shooting fish in a barrel.

*widget boy cultureGorgeous "Heart of Glass" remix.

*widget boy cultureSupersexy, taboo-ish Adore trailer.

*widget boy cultureNew LGBT-targeted I LOVE NEW YORK site.

*widget boy cultureBernhard, Thompson, DeLaria = So Over the Rainbow.

*widget boy cultureSKINNYFATTIES: Gay-owned tailoring biz modernizes ties.

*widget boy cultureCan someone modernize Evangelicals?

*widget boy cultureMale models frolic in the tropics.

*widget boy cultureMARK SANCHEZ'S BUTT. That is all.

*widget boy cultureThe hysterical Jackie Hoffman is at 54 Below Sundays in July.


May 14 2013
Need To Know: We Made It After All, Hillary's Popularity Is Scandalous, Mariah Carey As Teacher + MORE Comments (2)

AFERAlmost 25% there...

*widget boy cultureGov. Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota) officially signs marriage equality into law. Tights

*widget boy culture"Americans angry about Benghazi can't find it on a map."

*widget boy cultureThis is final word on Benghazi: The definitive timeline.

*widget boy cultureEven the GOP knows Obama wasn't behind IRS scandal.

*widget boy cultureTranna Wintour: What I've learned from divas.

*widget boy cultureAngelina's kids were supportive during her surgeries.

*widget boy culture57 cans of whipped cream later....

*widget boy cultureGrooviest tights ever!

*widget boy cultureThe racist reality of celebrity porn scams.

*widget boy cultureIs Beyoncé sick and tired, or with child?

*widget boy cultureMeet Ryan Fogle, our worst spy ever.

*widget boy cultureJonathan Groff's gay-themed series picked up by HBO.

*widget boy cultureHoly roller claims to have Jesus Christ's endorsement.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for The Goldbergs (different ones from these):

Apr 17 2013
Madonna: The Accidental Feminist Comments (4)
Sandra Bernhard has some objective and interesting comments on Madonna's rise in the '80s in this extended clip from the (spotty, IMHO) series The '80s: The Decade That Made Us on National Geographic.
Mar 29 2013
Need To Know: You Say You Want An Evolution, Marriage-Equality Foot-Draggers, Bernhard Pretends It's 1988 + MORE Comments (0)

CallumbluepeenmaybeBlue movie

*widget boy cultureCallum Blue's best "part" ever.

*widget boy culture13-year-old boy stopped, frisked and emasculated. Vogueing

*widget boy cultureGloria Gaynor vs. cancer.

*widget boy cultureSen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is "evolving" on marriage.

*widget boy cultureAre gays really too powerful to protect?

*widget boy cultureProminent teabagger plays the NAMBLA card.

*widget boy cultureReporter planned to murder this rapist.

*widget boy cultureSNARKS & PROCREATION: Marriage not only for spawning.

*widget boy cultureWho was early, who was late on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureDenny Fouts: The best-kept boy in the world.

*widget boy cultureMitt Romney happy to be "normal." DennyFouts

*widget boy cultureOUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: Amanda Bynes imparts wisdom

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin phone the Ryan Gosling Help Line.

*widget boy cultureSandra Bernhard dishes on Madonna and trashes Anderson Cooper.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Visage is "just sayin'" Madonna didn't invent vogueing.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's latest Instagram = Joan Crawford by Hurrell. LOVES.


Feb 27 2013
WIN IT: Tickets To Sandra Bernhard's "I Love Being Me, Don't You?" Comments (11)


The incomparable, incorrigible Sandra Bernhard is performing her show I Love Being Me, Don't  You? SANDRA-BERNHARDon Friday, March 8, at 8PM at The Baruch Performing Arts Center as part of Solo in the City: Jewish Women, Jewish Stars.

Enter to win a pair of tickets by commenting this blog with your favorite Sandra Bernhard quote, project or character.

One week from tonight, at 5PM ET, I'll choose one area winner (no travel or lodging is provided) to win not only a pair of free tickets to the show, but also a pair of free tickets to an exclusive, VIP after-party.

Good luck, and if you're not feeling lucky, then at least feel free to buy your tickets here.

Nov 08 2011
Host Or Travel?: Reading A Star-Studded Book Event Comments (6)

IMG_2981There was a doctor in the house

Last night, I joined my autograph-hound friend, lovable mailman Rich, at an obscenely 514kRDPK4eL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_crowded reading/signing for the book Lights, Camera...Travel! (Lonely Planet) edited by Andrew McCarthy and Don George. Along with the editors (including Mr. Doe Eyes himself!), contributors scheduled to appear included Alec Baldwin (who's lost weight and looks terrific...mayoral run?), Paulina Porizkova, Anthony Edwards, Bob Balaban and Sandra Bernhard. Not bad!

IMG_2980Paulina was a model author

I showed up after Rich, who'd kindly somehow saved me a spot on a long bench. There were only a few rows of seating in McNally Jackson's lower level, and as the place filled up, I came to appreciate that bench. It was a mob scene, and the signing afterward promised to be a clusterfuck.

IMG_2982Love is...stalking Sandra!

I overheard some guys razzing a girl who claimed to be a movie and TV blogger who made the mistake of confessing to them that she'd never seen Star Wars or Star Trek. "And you wonder why nobody visits your blog???" the guy chortled. Star Wars is mentioned a lot in situations where people are gathered to get the autographs of famous people.

IMG_2911Jesus, this looked like The Last Supper or something!

The first bummer was finding out McCarthy had taken a last-minute trip to New Zealand so wouldn't be there.

The reading started and was shockingly long. I had figured they'd each say something brief and get to signing, but as it turns out, the lion's share of the people who'd come just wanted to hear them read and gawk at them, not actually buy a book, so it was lucky that each contributor read a healthy hunk of his or her piece.

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