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Oct 24 2012
Sarah Palin Racebaits In 140 Characters Or Less Comments (0)

Sarah PalinShe needs a lot of that because she's full of shit

It's acceptable to criticize the president on his handling of the situation in Libya. It hasn't been especially effective, nor is it grounded in reality—but it's fair.

But to say President Obama is offering us "shuck and jive," as Sarah Palin just did...I mean, are we two tweets away from the N-word?

Oct 23 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Justin Bieber dadMy dad's bigger than your dad!

Widget boy cultureThe penis from which Justin Bieber sprang about to go on display.

Widget boy cultureMadonna filmed a Billy Eichner bit in L.A. that airs on Conan tonight!

Widget boy cultureCelebrity psychic hanging his hat on predicting Whitney Houston's death.

Widget boy cultureWhitney's family has no shame. At all.

Clark Kent quitsWidget boy cultureClark Kent is a quitter.

Widget boy cultureObama: Man with a plan.

Widget boy cultureOhio might already be won.

Widget boy culturePolitical nerds' homepage for the next two weeks.

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter calls the president a "retard." Any comment, Sarah?

Widget boy cultureSen. Franken cracks wise for soon-to-be-Sen. Warren.

Widget boy cultureThompson uses 9/11 as a crowbar against soon-to-be-Sen. Baldwin.

Widget boy cultureCarol Costello: Proud member of gay gestapo.

Widget boy cultureWhen having a tattoo is taboo.


Aug 28 2012
As Mysterious As Mitt Romney's Actual Beliefs Comments (12)


Who could the mystery RNC speaker be for Thursday night...?

Tim Tebow, Dan Cathy, Sarah Palin, Clint Eastwood, Nancy Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney?


Jul 28 2012
Sarah Palin Is Still A Bitch Comments (13)

Sarah Palin Todd Chick-Fil-A

Jul 07 2012
Someone To Watch Over Nobody Knows Me Comments (14)

Madonna MDNA Nobody Knows Me
Madonna's MDNA Tour video for "Nobody Knows Me" is pretty fucking cool, and a terrific example of how a popstar in a time crunch can do a compelling music video without spending days and days. Or even without lifting a finger! All she does is look good (amazing, actually, better than in most of her recent videos) and lip-synch her song while an artiste executes an eye-popping and mind-teasing concept.

Madonna Nobody Knows Me backdrop

More like this, please...

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May 10 2012
Oh, Mother! Comments (8)

Bristol Palin is the last authority on parenting I would ever trust, considering the lousy Bristol_Palinparents she's got and the lousy parent she's been.

She's got brass balls inserting herself (maybe she'll pull out at the last minute, like her favored method of birth control?) into the marriage-equality debate, though.

Not that she wrote one word of that screed herself. She can barely string two words together.

Shut your Levi Johnston hole, Bristol.

Mar 11 2012
Last Night, I Could See Sarah Palin From My Couch Comments (8)



I thought Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson were good and great in Game Change, but I resented how the film portrayed Palin and McCain. Palin came off as manic-depressive but frighteningly motivated, yet the film still conveyed a sense that she just wanted to do right by her God, her country and John McCain when I think in reality she has been exposed to be thoroughly insincere and morbidly ambitious. Plenty of people in Alaska can testify that she and her husband ran their lives like mob figures, not like humble middle-classers thrust into the public arena. I'm not sure Moore, as good as she was in parts, ever really shed her innate intelligence and sensitivity, two traits Palin lacks.

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Feb 13 2012
Infiltrating The Palin Drones Comments (16)

Photo(3)Michael, Bristol & her writer

Boy Culture reader Michael from D.C. attended a Bristol Palin booksigning and was dying (rightfully so) to share the results and his reasoning for going:

So I just met Bristol Palin at a book signing, and I got her to sign my True Blue Madonna bag. I justified it by saying to her, "I think you're both such divas and feminine role models." You of course may realize that this means I'm walking around with the signature of teen pregnancy's top spokeswoman on the album with "Papa Don't Preach" on it! Also, it occurred to me as I was walking home—did she know about all the insults Madonna threw at Sarah Palin during the Sticky and Sweet Tour? (Not to mention the condoms with her mom's face on them she threw out.)


Anyway, I think this is a bit funnier than glitter bombing, and totally worth pretending to act like a conservative while I was waiting in line; there were like 25 people there—the first 100 got a free book.

The other thing I told her was that she was such a great role model to young teens, showing them that if they get pregnant, it doesn't matter—"You can still win Dancing with the Stars and be rich and famous. The baby doesn't get in the way!" I think the ghostwriter might have picked up on the trolling, but I got my picture and my free book just the same.

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at 3.36.16 AM

I also met Willow Palin when I was there. I asked her about that time on Facebook she called everyone "fags." She was pretty taken aback, but she apologized to me and said she has no problems with the gays. Closure?

Nov 06 2011
Boy Culture Turns 6: My Favorite Posts Comments (13)

IMG_7536Prove it!

As of midnight last night, it was exactly six years since my first post. It's been a tough thing to keep up with a dayjob and outside activities, and just when I think I might walk away, a valuable connection or interesting opportunity or a kind word comes my way. Thank you all for reading me.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e89143e3e970d-400wiOf whom are you more jealous?

Here are my favorite 100+ posts out of nearly 11,000. Please take some time to read (or re-read!) a couple and tweet or Facebook any you like.

xoxo Matt

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54ff027a28833-800wiThe pocket pool championships were intense this year



FROM BOY TO MAN: BC B.C. (2007): The entire history of my novell and novel Boy Culture as well as the movie version; might be my ultimate post.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5599878833-800wiJonathon Trent & Derek Magyar make an Allan Brocka sandwich

BOY ON FILM (2006): An account of the NYC launch party for Boy Culture as it played the TriBeCa Film Fest.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f7f18238834-800wiI was left "Reeling" by the experience

FRIENDS AND "FAMILY" (2006): The movie version of Boy Culture hits Chicago.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5ebead8833-800wiNo one would've mistaken me for Taylor Lautner

RAPT PUPIL (2006): The final night of Outfest with Boy Culture; I was fat but on the other hand got to meet Bryan Singer.




PreviewScreenSnapz001Construction worker (shot this week) vs. James Dean

GUYDAR (since at least January 17, 2008) & ENDS OF THE WORLD (since at least January 13, 2008): Attractive men of the world—I got your backs. Your fronts, too.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a5347f59970c-400wi11i-i-i (phone)

Img_0330Not totally built

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a58f680c970bUnaltered iPhone image that still blows me away

"Your pictures suck" (2008): An art critic attacks me, but not without sustaining some hits in return.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e551ff08528834-800wiLet's call it a draw

DRAWN TOGETHER (2008): How my desire to draw related to my secret desire. One of my absolute favorite posts.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01156faa215c970cThe shirtless one

LOST ANGELES (2009): My favorite photographic travelogue of L.A.

Img_0986_1Even then, New Yorkers feared 9/11 was the beginning of the end

ART IMITATES LIFE (2006): My 9/11 and my distaste for grief tourism.


6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f435c1a8834-800wiDeath of the party—Jeff in high school, already halfway through his life

BURNING MAN (2007): Tribute to my late high school friend and first romance.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e862b4a41970d-400wiSigned, sealed (eventually) delivered

LOST BOY FOUND (2011): There is a book in here somewhere.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01538f1f464a970b-400wiBe Italian

CIAO HOUNDS: OUR TRIP TO ITALY (2011): Finally got José to Europe.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f10b4de8833-800wiDeath becomes here

ILLINOIS DEATH TRIP (2007): Ruminations on death while revisiting a past home, and the past.

Zehnders Life is short...and meaningful

PASSING BY (2008): Mourning the loss of a person I only met once.

Lots more...

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Sep 23 2011
Are You There, Goddess? It's Me, Matthew: Attending Lizz Winstead's Planned Parenthood Shindig Comments (3)

IMG_2248 Participating in a recent forum on how to effectively market at-home HIV testing, I got a $200 gift card. Not wanting to spend it on a hustler, I instead gave $150 of that to The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead's Planned Parenthood, I Am Here for You fundraiser that happened here in NYC last night—and it was not only a good investment but also a good investment.

IMG_2236Joan Walsh & Lizz Winstead

I showed up at 6:30PM at the Gramercy for the VIP reception to find a handful of non-famous women spiked with the evening's famous females—Winstead, Salon editor Joan Walsh, Sandra Bernhard and Lisa Lampanelli. I was the only dude for the longest time in a room filled with women and several womyn.

IMG_2238Adding Sandra Bernhard to the mix

IMG_2239Lisa Lampanelli (L) and Judy Blume (R) join a mom and her baby, Rosie

IMG_2240My new friends with the A-list

IMG_2241All together now!

Talking to a few attendees about the art of the photo op, I figured out we were supposed to meet and greet the stars on our own—there was no formal line happening. This makes it a bit awkward because you don't really want to shoehorn yourself between Winstead and Bernhard when they're engrossed in a conversation about their bodies/their selves. Especially when you're announcing that you blog at something called Boy Culture.

IMG_2244Oh, Fudge! Fawning over Judy Blume

IMG_2249Ms. messaging

But it was totally fine and the women were absolutely gracious and eager to pose for photos and chat. Winstead is the ultimate feminist to me—unswerving on principle, unbothered by political correctness, utterly hilarious. She was in boots and a dress that looked macramaed from a distance. She reminds me of Laurie Metcalf and Barrie Longfellow.

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