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Sep 02 2013
Need To Know: Assad Situation, What Are The Feds Smoking?, Box Office Blow-Out, Divine Duds + MORE Comments (0)

Victor-GasparWouldn't you love to go spoil this Victor?

*widget boy cultureI <3 Victor Gaspar!

*widget boy cultureRand Paul <3 Assad!

*widget boy cultureSYRIASLY?: Sarah Palin's solution on Syria is, "Let Allah sort it out."

*widget boy cultureDemocrats reigning in Obama on Syria attack resolution.

*widget boy cultureWeed one step closer to being legal.

*widget boy cultureSpanish-language Instructions Not Included slays at box office. Orlando-cruz-announces-hes-gay

*widget boy cultureOut boxer Orlando Cruz goes nude online.

*widget boy cultureDruggy Electric Zoo Festival in canceled after deaths.

*widget boy cultureBig Brother drama as in-denial racist toad is evicted.

*widget boy cultureFuneral services set for DADT activist Darren Manzella.

*widget boy cultureDarling, your sweater is simply Divine.

DivineFashion for the filthiest people alive.

Apr 29 2013
Need To Know: Like A Prayer, Lesbian Chic Mystique, Beastie Book + MORE Comments (4)

2hommes_jason_03Music to his ears, candy to your eyes

*widget boy cultureJason Vickery strips for Thomas Synnamon.

*widget boy cultureRoss Mathews was in a prayer circle with Madonna & Britney.

*widget boy cultureSHOCK: Sarah Palin has no sense of humor, thinks she works hard.

*widget boy cultureAre gay women more accepted than gay men?

*widget boy cultureFinancial-planning essentials for gay couples.

*widget boy cultureFrance's first gay-marriage wedding fair.

*widget boy cultureOhio students stand behind fired lesbian teach.

*widget boy cultureCH-CHECK IT OUTTA THE LIBRARY: Beastie Boys memoir.

*widget boy cultureAfterElton is now "The Backlot." Yes or no?

*widget boy cultureGay billboard...funny, or homophobic?

TuiWhat is this selling? Humor, or homophobia?

Mar 18 2013
Need To Know: Don't Tread On My Sugary Drinks, BLADE RUNNER = Meh, Your Nudity Gratuity + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTOO MUCH RED BULL?: Brahim refers to Madonna as his "wife." Ohlalamag-helios

*widget boy cultureGrooms-to-be given red-carpet treatment by JetBlue.

*widget boy cultureBlade Runner notes: "gets worse every screening."

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin, a small mind for Big Gulps.

*widget boy cultureInsanely hot Helios by Kemuel Valdes.

*widget boy cultureIan Buchanan barks about Old Dogs & New Tricks.

*widget boy cultureAlan Ilagan's "birthday suit post" is: (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureSteubenville rapists are GUILTY.

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper & Madonna on Access Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureMadonna vs. the Boy Scouts.

*widget boy cultureGreek footballer banned for life over Nazi salute.

*widget boy cultureGay boxer Orlando Cruz is really, really out.

*widget boy cultureRand Paul 2016: Vote early and often!

*widget boy cultureGossip girl Beth Ditto jailed for boozy Obama rant.

*widget boy culture"My Gay Roommate" gets an official music video:

Dec 13 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Lancome-hero-OregonPutting his best face forward

Widget boy cultureMeet the most heroic Lancome clerk ever. Gossip-gay-RuPaul-Antonin-Scalia

Widget boy cultureMeet Injustice Scalia's ideological tormentor.

Widget boy cultureSir Ian McKellen does not have prostate cancer.

Widget boy cultureCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown does have prostate cancer.

Widget boy cultureRob James-Collier not into gay Downton Abbey kisses.

Widget boy cultureSouth Americans losing it over Madonna.

Widget boy cultureVOTE: RuPaul for Best Reality Show Judge/Host.

Widget boy cultureIf "gay" is a birth defect, will righties go pro-choice?

Widget boy culturePlan to castrate and murder Justin Bieber thwarted.

Widget boy cultureBeekmans defend twins against anti-gay rap.

Widget boy cultureThe do-it-yourself...drone???

Widget boy cultureThe boy from Bora Bora.

Widget boy cultureSarah Palin's son, Track, divorcing. Already.

Widget boy culture10 stories that affected HIV/AIDS in black America.

Widget boy cultureAndrew Christian's too-hot Vimeo account deleted.

Widget boy cultureAll of 2012 in one video:

Nov 07 2012
Need To Know: Electoral College Edition Comments (5)

Obama_Oct_2010"Chill out—he had this!"

Widget boy cultureLesbian Tammy Baldwin (D) beats out Tommy Thompson (R) in WI.

Widget boy cultureOut former Clinton staffer Sean Patrick Maloney (D) beats Nan Hayworth (R) in NY.

Widget boy cultureMaine to marriage equality: We do! (MD: Us, too!)

Widget boy cultureClaire McCaskill (D) shuts down Todd Akin (Rape) in MO. Elizabeth-Warren

Widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren (D) unseats Scott Brown (R) in MA.

Widget boy cultureKirsten Gillibrand (D) easily wins a full term in NY.

Widget boy cultureSherrod Brown (D) wins vs. unspeakable douchebag in OH.

Widget boy cultureLinda McMahon (R) pinned by Chris Murphy (D) in CT.

Widget boy cultureJoe Donnelly (D) aborts Richard Mourdock (R) in IN.

Widget boy cultureTim Kaine (D) trounces George "Macaca" Allen in VA. Tammy_Baldwin

Widget boy cultureBill Nelson (D) strikes out Connie Mack (R) in FL.

Widget boy cultureBill Casey (D) wins—no clever verbiage—vs. Tom Smith (R) in PA.

Widget boy cultureIn MA, Kennedy (D) scores Barney Frank's seat. (Stop it.)

Widget boy cultureTammy Duckworth (D) vanquishes deadbeat dad Joe Walsh (R) in IL.

Widget boy cultureMazie Hirono (D) defeats ex-guv Linda Lingle (R) in HI.

Widget boy cultureRedskins game that predicted Obama loss was botched by ref.

Widget boy cultureBill O'Reilly thinks all O voters are freeloaders.

Widget boy cultureGOP to hold onto the House of Representatives.

Widget boy cultureKarl Rove literally thinks he owns FOX News.

Widget boy cultureDonald Trump should be arrested for treason. For real.

Widget boy cultureAnd finally, Sarah Palin looks HIDEOUS:

Sarah-PalinVia Perez.

Oct 31 2012
Facebook Oracle Comments (0)
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Oct 24 2012
Sarah Palin Racebaits In 140 Characters Or Less Comments (0)

Sarah PalinShe needs a lot of that because she's full of shit

It's acceptable to criticize the president on his handling of the situation in Libya. It hasn't been especially effective, nor is it grounded in reality—but it's fair.

But to say President Obama is offering us "shuck and jive," as Sarah Palin just did...I mean, are we two tweets away from the N-word?

Oct 23 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Justin Bieber dadMy dad's bigger than your dad!

Widget boy cultureThe penis from which Justin Bieber sprang about to go on display.

Widget boy cultureMadonna filmed a Billy Eichner bit in L.A. that airs on Conan tonight!

Widget boy cultureCelebrity psychic hanging his hat on predicting Whitney Houston's death.

Widget boy cultureWhitney's family has no shame. At all.

Clark Kent quitsWidget boy cultureClark Kent is a quitter.

Widget boy cultureObama: Man with a plan.

Widget boy cultureOhio might already be won.

Widget boy culturePolitical nerds' homepage for the next two weeks.

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter calls the president a "retard." Any comment, Sarah?

Widget boy cultureSen. Franken cracks wise for soon-to-be-Sen. Warren.

Widget boy cultureThompson uses 9/11 as a crowbar against soon-to-be-Sen. Baldwin.

Widget boy cultureCarol Costello: Proud member of gay gestapo.

Widget boy cultureWhen having a tattoo is taboo.