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Apr 27 2015
Need To Know: Sorry Gay Republicans + Bush Wack + 80 Going On 40 + She Had A Ball + Bobby's Prerogative + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureWeiderpass's Republican support dates to 2000 or earlier.

*widget boy cultureOh, and now he is suddenly sorry:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.05.23 AM

**If he's sorry, he should tell his supporters they should see the light, too.**

*widget boy cultureDouchey Kalman Sporn approves of  “rainbow jihad” slur. (Fucking traitor.)

*widget boy cultureGeorge W. Bush is still alive, calls HRC formidable, is against peace.

*widget boy cultureJane Fonda, pushin' 80, successfully channels “Breathless Mahoney.”

*widget boy cultureBobby Brown makes play for control over Bobbi Kristina.

*widget boy cultureLucille Ball was more important than she's given credit for.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber crashed their prom.

*widget boy cultureWhat is his tool belt covering???

*widget boy cultureWHAT HAPPENS IN VEGA: Britney Spears covers “Tom's Diner”.

*widget boy cultureStop trying to make Tidal happen!

*widget boy cultureBrad Pitt's got a booboo.

*widget boy cultureI'd like to see this doc working on Brad's face.

*widget boy cultureIf you like VERY buff boys, this packs a wallop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.46.23 PMBeef patties

Apr 26 2015
An Open Letter To Ian Reisner, Who Didn't Know Ted Cruz Was Anti-Gay Comments (0)



Hillary Clinton is a woman.

Friends is cancelled.

Those people in the 666-6666 commercials are lip-synching.

Ronald Reagan is very sick.

LOL means laughing out loud.

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are ... brother and sister.

Brad and Jen broke up, as did Bennifer (all of them).

Oprah Winfrey is rather well-off.

Corporations are citizens.

Kanye West is a little on the self-absorbed side.

Romney lost.

Cats closed.

The check isn't in the mail. It isn't even written.

And, in fact, Ronald Reagan is dead. RIP.

And yes, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is virulently anti-gay, and has said as much nearly every time he's been anywhere near a mic.

Realtor Peter Acocella Holds Reisner & Weiderpass's Feet To The Fire Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.32.28 AM

Right on.

Apr 25 2015
Need To Know: Trans-Informative + Bruce Brings Out The Best & Worst + Gay Traitors + MacGYVER Now + Man Country + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.30.32 PMYes, it's normal to notice. No, it's not normal to cat-call and shove.

*widget boy cultureTesting transphobia in Myrtle Beach, SC, leads to assault. Shocking video.

*widget boy culture#SHAMELESS: Wendy Williams trans-baits Bruce Jenner.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner's ex, Linda Thomas, writes movingly of her life with him.

*widget boy cultureMati Weiderpass thinks 'cuz Ken Mehlman changed his mind, it's all good. 6a00d8341c2ca253ef017ee977c6b3970d-800wi

*widget boy cultureToo many hot guys to count.

*widget boy cultureMacGyver at 65.

*widget boy cultureRobot Paul Ryan to Hillary: “Don't be a robot.”

*widget boy cultureMama June & Pumpkin both bi. Something in the go go juice?

*widget boy cultureBURNED: Bakers to get $135,000 fine for discriminatory action.

*widget boy cultureKim Kardashian doing some good.

*widget boy cultureMadonna sends autograph to Chinese artist.

*widget boy cultureBlue-collar muscle!


Apr 24 2015
Mati Wants A Weiderpass On Meeting With Anti-Gay Buffoon Comments (0)

Weiderpass has issued his own statement regarding his outrageously convivial fireside chat with Ted Cruz:

2-m-weiderpass-n-noonan-d-notoIt seems my informal dinner with the Senator has created a back lash. So there is no misunderstanding, I support gay marriage 100%. I have been a major supporter of gay causes and gay charities for two decades. People on both sides of the aisle need to be able to communicate with one another even when they ideologically disagree. As a Captain in the Army I worked tirelessly for the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't Tell". While serving on the Board of Directors for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network I needed to reach across the aisle to make that happen. The fact that Senator Cruz accepted the invitation to my home was a step in the right direction towards him having a better understanding of who I am and what I believe in. We spent most of the time talking about national security issues and in particular the challenges from ISIS, Iran, and defense of Israel -- these are issues for which we did find common ground. However, i did not shy away from the opportunity to ask the Senator about social issues, in particular marriage equality, and made it clear that I completely disagree with him on that issue.

Yeah, the key words: ...having a better understanding of who I am and what I believe in. Because gay rights is a non-issue on which good pals can simply disagree when said good pals are filthy rich and don't really have to worry about being disenfranchised.

Reisner and Weiderpass are absolute scum. So they're pro-gay and pro-marriage...are we supposed to be grateful? If you're gay and you're not those things, you're a fucking monster.

The point is that Cruz is a candidate who is not only anti-marriage equality (a point that may become moot in a month or two when the Supremes weigh in), he is virulently anti-gay in all of his rhetoric. So what if he's able to pose for photos with cocksuckers? Hey, if he smells money, he'll go after it. In the meantime, he is anti-gay on EVERY issue, not just marriage—he thinks gay people should legally be denied service at any business.

These pillars of the gay community (wear your hardhat) need to understand that just because they're rich and don't have to sweat the small stuff (technicalities, like gay rights), they will be held accountable financially if they're going to provide aid and succor to people who are actively working against our rights. Donating to gay causes does not give them a free pass to buddy up with people working to make being gay legally difficult.


In other news, his partner (and ex-romantic partner) Ian Reisner, the face of The Out NY and the main owner of the Pines, turns out to be besties with Ken Mehlman. For those of you who think gay people need to be big-hearted and befriend people on the other side of the aisle, let's put this into perspective: Mehlman, a closeted gay man, worked with George W. Bush and the Republicans while state constitutions were being amended to explicitly deny rights to gay people. After all of that had been set up, he came out, and he also said he was pro-gay marriage.

Just think of the hundreds of millions of dollars and all the energy spent on fighting to UNDO the damage that gay sociopath was paid to help cause to his own people...and even if we win in the end, we're supposed to forget what he did and embrace him?


UPDATE: Cruz files two anti-gay bills. But he loooooooved Reisner and Weiderpass's apartment décor!

Apr 17 2015
Need To Know: Her Sugar Is Raw + Republican Lets It Go + Don't Fuck With Brit Or Britt + MORE! Comments (0)

Wisco-Homotography-Menelik-10Back atcha!

*widget boy cultureHot Wisco Folk by Menelik Puryear (no, the names are not made up).

*widget boy cultureDrake says Madonna kiss was “like candy.”

*widget boy cultureBest embarrassing cell ring in forever.

*widget boy cultureRINNA WAS RIGHT: Kim Richards is drunk & disorderly.

*widget boy cultureO'Malley zings Hillary for not being courageous.

*widget boy cultureGive 'em hell, Harry Reid will force Lynch vote.

*widget boy cultureBritt McHenry is a total bitch.

*widget boy cultureDon't fuck with Britney.

*widget boy cultureAre you a man-leg man?

*widget boy cultureRepublican Angie's List CEO may run for Indiana guv.

*widget boy cultureJonathan Groff was VERY closeted.

*widget boy cultureAmy Sedaris slays on Letterman.

*widget boy cultureGay porn actor implicated in shooting commits suicide.

Luke2-360x238Poor kid—18 and already a dead porn star.

Apr 11 2015
Need To Know: Jenner Warrior + Gay Barry Gay Married + Unreasonable Expectation Of Privacy? + Clinton/Obama + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureThe Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer teaser plays like a suspense film.

*widget boy cultureHot question of gay.

*widget boy cultureBarry Manilow's 1st wife glad he fell in love at the Copa, Copacabana...!

*widget boy cultureNYC artist wins—it's OK in NYC to photograph people through their windows.

*widget boy culture***HOT COWBOY ALERT!!! HOT COWBOY ALERT!!!***

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton sounds ready for Hillary.

*widget boy cultureFace it—President Obama really has been a fierce advocate.

*widget boy cultureObama & (Raul) Castro have a sit-down meeting. Right-wing heads 'splode.

10259789_10153305510469744_2505364115614270230_nNick/Billy: 2(x)istentialist

*widget boy cultureNick the Gardener, a.k.a. Billy Reilich, flashes for 2(x)ist.

*widget boy cultureQueen Bey & the Biebs @ Coachella.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay pizzeria rolling in dough.

*widget boy cultureMary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau reveal their kids.

*widget boy cultureHUNG UP: Size queen or mental case?

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake & Jessica Biel welcome a (future) boy (band member)!

*widget boy cultureI hope he (see below) is up for grabs.

GrabGrab bag? Don't mind if I do!

Apr 01 2015
Viva Zepeda! Comments (0)


Mexican telenovela star David Zepeda live streamed himself JOing. It's a big deal...larger than average, anyway! (Work Unfriendly)