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May 29 2017
Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream To Argue Against Conversion Therapy Comments (0)

Bill-Nye(Video still via Bill Nye)

Bill Nye's got a delicious response to those who insist gay people can stop being gay ...

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May 06 2017
BOMBSHELL Revelations: Q&A @ Tribeca Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01b8d27dffd0970c-800wi(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Check out most of the Q&A following the screening of Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story at Tribeca on April 27, 2017.

My Review of Bombshell Here!

I was far away, but it's audible if you turn it up.

The people are Anthony Loder (Lamarr's son) and Alexandra Dean (the film's tireless director).

Keep reading for the video ...

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May 01 2017
Blowing Up Her Image — A Review Of BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY Comments (0)

#Repost @platinumbl0ndie ・・・ Got a proper case for my new phone finally ❤️ #HedyLamarr #wifi @alejandromogolloart @redbubble

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If you're old enough to know who Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000) was, her name probably conjures a handful of things: Great beauty, skinny-dipping, many husbands, Harvey Korman's Hedley Lamarr character in Blazing Saddles (1974), a shoplifting scandal.

Hedy-LamarrLiterally, more than a pretty face

After viewing director Alexandra Dean's Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, you'll never think of this woman the same way again, and anyone being introduced to Lamarr via this film will have the advantage of knowing a much truer picture of Lamarr than the Hollywood image she herself despised.

There is a reason the production company for this effort — which boasts Susan Sarandon as a producer — is entitled Reframed Pictures.

“Here is the role model everyone thinks doesn't exist. And she's a movie star! I knew it had to be my next project.” — Director Alexandra Dean on Hedy Lamarr

The film, beautifully shot and edited with great care to form a compelling narrative, covers the 2fd0ecba53b72827bd3573bd2f3624cc most important aspects of the Austrian actress's career, including her infamous nude swimming scene in 1933's Ecstasy, triumphs in films like Ziegfeld Girl (1941) and Samson and Delilah (1949), the self-parodying of popular pap like White Cargo (1942), and her pioneering efforts as a producer of her own work with Loves of Three Queens (1954).

However, the doc's main focus is not to ooh and ahh over her remarkable beauty as a movie queen, but to show how her good looks held Lamarr back from the field in which she probably belonged — science.

Dismissed as a hot piece willing to disrobe on camera, Lamarr was in fact a cerebral woman whose mind worked like that of a trained scientist. Thanks to newly rediscovered audio tapes of a Forbes interview the by-then reclusive Lamarr gave Fleming Meeks, we are treated to hearing how she analyzed even simple subjects (you'll never forget her shading water wings), and we are also IMG_7253given ample reason to believe that Lamarr was not only a beauty with a brain, but was responsible for one of the last century's most important inventions — frequency hopping.

During World War II, Lamarr was troubled by how indestructible German ships seemed to be, and decided to devise a way for the Allies to create torpedoes that couldn't be stopped or tracked. Realizing the Germans would jam all frequencies to make torpedoes less accurate, she invented the idea of frequency hopping — sending torpedoes using an indecipherable series of codes on different frequencies — with the help of her musican friend George Antheil (1900-1959), who came up with the idea of adding player-piano tech to the concept. They were granted a patent in 1942, but the idea was snatched by the military and the inventors were never kept apprised of its application, which began within 20 years, and which is now recognized as the foundation of such indispensable innovations as Bluetooth, CDMA and Wi-Fi.

They were never paid a dime.

In the film, we hear Lamarr circa 1990 casually say inventing things came easy to her, but it is apparent nothing else did. Pigeon-holed as a shallow beauty, she was pushed to sell war bonds via kissing soldiers and showing leg, even though she'd invented something that might have ended the war had it been taken more seriously sooner. 

“I want to be a ... very simple, complicated person!” — Actress/Inventor Hedy Lamarr (1969)

Her film career languished, her beauty faded (and became garish thanks to multiple excursions into plastic surgery — which she also pioneered, by coaxing doctors to try new techniques on her famous face and body) and her love relationships with men were nothing short of disastrous. She rarely saw her children for the last 20 years of her life, including her son, Anthony Loder, but Loder became an archivist of his mother's life and work, and a champion for a reassessment of her contributions to science.

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Apr 22 2017
6-PACK — Mel B's Nanny: Drag Queens You'd Do + We Had 7-Year Sexual Relationship + Not-So-Weird Science + RIP Robert Halfhill + Dominic Thiem's Booty Called Out + The Nightmare Of Chechnya Explained Comments (0)

Drag-queen-milkMilkin' it (Image via Milk)

WIDGETGay Fleshbot (Work Unfriendly): Check out the Top 10 sexiest drag queens — out of drag.

WIDGETExtraTV: Mel B said her husband cheated with her nanny (getting her pregnant) & coerced Mel into 3-ways. Nanny's suing for libel — says their sex was consensual.

WIDGETHuff Post: We now actually need a march for science. Let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 3.52.04 PM(From the collection of Matthew Rettenmund, gay activist & archivist)

WIDGETMinneapolis Star Tribune: Robert Halfhill, gay activist & archivist, dies @ 76. I salute his dedication to fighting the good fight against anti-gays & against throwing stuff away!

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): A fellow tennis pro has taken notice of Dominic Thiem's awe-inspiring ass cheeks.

WIDGETThe Guardian: Try being gay in Chechnya, where you can't hold hands and where women aren't supposed to talk about pregnancy in front of men. (Actually, dont.)

PutinGayClown1This image is illegal in all of Russia, including Chechnya.

Feb 22 2017
6-PACK — Boy Bander's Big Talent + Model Travel Diary + Madonna's Twin's Dad Cries Foul + Why You Can't Be Christian & Support Trump + Justice For Murdered Gay Teen + 7 New Planets + Mug Shot Heaven Comments (0)

UrzTJoxKDel Vechio has many followers. Wonder why? (Image via Eduardo Del Vechio)

WIDGETBrazilian boy bander Eduardo Del Vechio's big, honkin' D. (Work Unfriendly) Gay power of the oral persuasion. Plus: Superhot Charlie Matthews, a day in the life: 

WIDGETBio dad of Madonna's new twin girls insists he was tricked. (Dude, they were in an orphanage, not a gas station.)

WIDGETSING IT, SISTER!: This woman nails why Christians for Trump are like Jews for Nazis:

WIDGETWill there be justice for Rashawn Brazell? Arrest made in case ofBrooklyn gay teen murdered/dismembered in 2005.

WIDGETThere are seven newly discovered, Earth-sized planets that may have water on them, and that three are potentially inhabitable!

WIDGETMUG SHOT HEAVEN: The oh-so-very-sophisticated hipster who ran a drug den. Allegedly. Plus: He IS the lawFace tattoo screams COP KILLER.

53f489a1-612c-414d-aef0-44f24a1f996d-large16x9_evangelotavelaris.PNGEvangelo Tavelaris (Image via 13 WHAM ABC)

Dec 30 2016
Start With Why Not: TED Talk Speaker Explains The Millennials' Biggest Obstacles Comments (0)

Above is the most insightful and aggressive part of author and TED speaker and Start with Why author Simon Sinek's  (great primer on him here) September 2016 interview with Inside Quest's Tom Bilyeu. He is expressing his thoughts on what's wrong with millennials — a BookLeft1controversial premise — but is doing so in a way that is, if nothing else, empathetic and thoughtful, and that attempts to offer some fixes for the future. (The title on the FB embed is rather insulting; ignore that.)

I think he makes some great points, including the oft-repeated conservative talking point (which does not mean it's automatically wrong) that kids who are told they're special and can have anything they want and get participation medals are being done a disservice. I, too, worry about the implied promise in such things; I have never responded well to people saying dreams come true, even though I have understood it to mean that dreams (can, sometimes) come true.

He loses me a bit by characterizing the entire generation as having been failed by their parents. That is extreme. A new parenting strategy that he suggests is failing is not the same as having overall bad parenting.

Where he strikes paydirt is in discussing the downside of our innovations that have led to the expectation of immediacy — in other words, put down the cellphone. (How?!) It's hard for us because — as has been scientifically proven — social media and texts and such trigger dopamine bursts in our brains, meaning they're all potential addictions.

Where he loses me a bit is the idea that if social media/cellphones are same/same as drugs, alcohol and gambling, that means we have only one new addiction to deal with; all those other generations before had three, and new generations have four. Is that one extra addiction powerful enough that it should be blamed for leading to the tipping point? Or is he suggesting this addiction is far worse than all that have come before? I guess he doesn't lose me there so much as I think it's glossed over.

I'd also like to ask him if he thinks the advent of social media/cellphones is not actually affecting people born well before 1984. As someone born in the '60s, I think I have actually lost some of my better attributes due to that addiction, even though I was raised with them (I, too, hate seeing that a video will run 14 minutes when I click on it, I now despise writing in longhand and my blog/cellphone/social media preoccupations certainly have affected relationships and productivity. I have a great novel that's been cooking in my so long Herman Melville could have written it out on onion paper in the time I've spent thinking on it and escaping it via Internet self-medication.

I do think it's insanity to suggest leaving your house without your cellphone, even if you're going to dinner with friends. That's why we have cellphones, to have portable contactability. What if there is an emergency? I think we can leave them in our pockets and check before and after a fully engaged meal.

All that said, it's food for thought, and it doesn't come from a place of saying that millennials are assholes and we're better than them and fuck them.

Watch the full hour after the jump. If that feels like a loooooot of tiiiiiiime, you may have a problem ...

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Oct 11 2016
Al Gore To Floridians: YOUR VOTE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY COUNTS Comments (0)

 Al Gore was out on the campaign trail in Florida with Hillary Clinton today, underscoring her commitment to addressing climate change and, of course, reminding people that elections have consequences.

Aug 02 2016
6-PACK — Election Rigged! + Trump's Summer Slump + Stein = Nuts + Lochte's Speedo + Rubio's Insult To LGBTQ People + Bendy Boys! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Trump's already claiming the election will be rigged against him.

*widget boy cultureHillary gets a nice bounce post-DNC. Leads by as much as 9. Trump's RNC a “historic dud.”

*widget boy cultureDangerous flake Jill Stein is anti-vaxxer-friendly, and now questions WiFi.

August-2016-mag-cover(Image via Outside)

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte's itsy-bitsy Speedo makes its return, plus Ryan's dyed his hair icy blue.

*widget boy cultureHappy 2-month Pulse anniversary! Sen. Rubio will headline anti-LGBT event to commemorate it.

*widget boy cultureCheck out the USA Men's Gymnastics Team—shockingly, all have hot bods.

Enhanced-18296-1453228308-7(Image via Instagram)


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