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Aug 08 2013
Missing You Comments (3)

Leah Remini is not just leaving the "Church" of Scientology, she's serving a round of Molotov cocktails on the way out: She's filed a missing persons report on Church leader David Miscavige's wife, whom she claims has not been seen or heard from in six years.

I would suggest the wife of that dude is like a "girlfriend in Canada," but apparently the woman really does —or did—exist, as she was a pal of Remini's.

Your move, Miss Miscavige.

Aug 06 2013
Need To Know: Young It Boys, Aging It Girls, Weiner Jokes, Oprah A-Ha!-fro Moment + MORE Comments (0)

Matthew-Skrincosky-shirtless"lol this is nuts! Honestly. I shouldn't be on this list. But I'm so completely honored ha!"—Matthew Skrincosky

*widget boy cultureCheck out 30 of the 'Net's "Instastuds," including the one above.

*widget boy cultureJulie Newmar at 80: "Another great virtue of age is to rise above the need to be seen." Oprahhaircover

*widget boy cultureRussian TV mocks the U.S. for concern over anti-gay laws.

*widget boy cultureOprah the hairhopper.

*widget boy cultureRemini's tell-all will have Travolta tearing out his...oh, wait.

*widget boy cultureFormer Weiner supporter: "You are disgusting!"

*widget boy cultureWeiner critic arrested: Sexted a minor.

*widget boy cultureAmazon founder buys WaPo.

*widget boy cultureRare pix from Madonna hosting SNL in '85.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga's secrets tucked away forever, edgy demo "Burqa" unleashed.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga flips the bird at Russia.


Read Julie Newmar's essay after the jump, or visit her Facebook page...

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Jul 30 2013
Need To Know: Russian Thuggery, Manning Up, Gaga Out-Brags Kanye + MORE Comments (4)

Russian-gayIn a take on To Catch a Predator, gay teens are being humilitated on camera in Russia.

*widget boy cultureEven more info about how Russian thugs are terrorizing gay teens.

*widget boy cultureJUDGMENT DAY: Bradley Manning verdict expected today. LADY-GAGA

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga releases "Applause" single cover, declares: "I'm every icon."

*widget boy cultureTUB THUMPING: Madonna Sex outtake.

*widget boy cultureHannity & Limbaugh dumped.

*widget boy cultureWill li'l Prince George be circumcised?

*widget boy cultureGovernment makes a federal case outta it for RHONJ's Giudices.

*widget boy cultureUh, this is probably not how your coming-out went.

*widget boy cultureRemini on Scientology exit: "I'm not about to shut up."

*widget boy cultureWatch Father Tiger's "First Love" if you haven't already.

*widget boy cultureA reader sends in this snap of Aaron Tveit on an escalator:

WP_20130729_002"I love your twerk!"

Jul 18 2013
Need To Know: You're The Prop, Cruise Control, Carter Country + MORE Comments (0)

Joao-Pedro-QuintasProps for use of props.

*widget boy cultureAn auspicious modeling debut by Brazilian Joao Pedro Quintas.

*widget boy cultureCOUCH-JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS: Remini questioned Cruise's "weird" relationship.

*widget boy cultureJimmy Carter is George Zimmerman.

*widget boy cultureVA's Attorney General (running for guv) wants to ban all oral and anal sex.

*widget boy cultureFormer addict Drew Barrymore blasts Madonna while drinking wine.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's ex, Carlos Leon, remarries. Lola attends.

*widget boy cultureI'M GOING BANANAS: Fashionably freaky.

*widget boy cultureMister gay hook-up app gets a makeover.

MisterLooks like the app's redesign includes only accepting hot guys.

Jul 16 2013
Need To Know: Scientology Catfight, Gender-Bending Camp For Kids, Rugby Rod + MORE Comments (1)

Cory-cory-monteith-14913622-1280-1024Monteith's friend discusses his none direction.

*widget boy cultureCory Monteith's friend talks about his drug abuse.

*widget boy cultureKirstie Alley is ready to do a Vulcan death grip on Leah Remini.

*widget boy cultureWhy the fuck wasn't this faboosh camp around when I was a kid???

*widget boy cultureBuilding a "gay wall" vs. intimacy: One man's journey.

*widget boy cultureLIKE ME ON FACEBOOK.

*widget boy cultureGay marriages are still on in California.

*widget boy cultureSynth pop from Savage Peace, a male couple, one of whom has terminal cancer.

*widget boy cultureQuestionable cat costumes.

*widget boy cultureFOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM.

*widget boy cultureQUE LINDA!: Vogue Italia's "25 Years of Fashion" issue.

*widget boy cultureAustralian rugby player George Burgess's hard-on selfies go viral.

George-BurgessHis hard selfies are easy to find.

Jul 11 2013
This Blows...In The Good Way: Leah Remini Leaves Scientology Comments (4)

Leah-Remini-HD-Wallpapers-1-2To "blow" is a term Scientologists use for quitting the "Church."

LINK FIXED: Sorry and thanks for pointing it out, guys.

Leah Remini is quitting Scientology, and believe me, it's a big deal. When someone as far up as she is (and famous, don't forget famous) does this, it sends shockwaves throughout the cult.

She's always seemed a no-nonsense kind of a girl, so it never seemed real that she'd be involved with Scientology. She apparently quit after being "interrogated" over her criticism of the "Church"'s creepy leader, David take-my-wife-please Miscavige.

I am salivating waiting for her tell-all interview.

Apr 01 2013
Need To Know: The Chace Is Half The Fun, "Out" In Africa, Here's The Story Of A Man Named Brady + MORE Comments (0)

Chacegaya_41cfeb0af05698ed085aa0c57Chace's new girlfriend is cuter than Ed Westwick, slimmer than a beer bottle

*widget boy cultureChace Crawford's most challenging acting role yet. Belinda-Carlisle

*widget boy cultureGambian dictator hates gays more than anyone.

*widget boy culture"Cindy Brady" Olsen: "Being gay killed [Robert Reed]."

*widget boy cultureFreddie Mercury smuggled Princess Di into a gay bar.

*widget boy cultureActivist Austin Head's attackers get 2.5 years.

*widget boy cultureThe South, where it's needed the most, blocks Obamacare

*widget boy cultureBelinda Carlisle is back.

*widget boy cultureSupreme Court weighed down by tradition RE equality.

*widget boy cultureRepublican Flake: GOP prez candidate will be pro-equality.

*widget boy culture"Culture war" over ex-gay therapy in NJ.

*widget boy cultureJustin  Bieber monkeying around in Germany.

*widget boy cultureKwame Harris, ex-NFL player, confirms he is gay.

*widget boy cultureDolan calls for Catholic outreach to gays. (Don't touch me!)

*widget boy cultureGay man visits Westboro Baptist Church.

*widget boy cultureWriter claims the media isn't ready for an out NFLer.

*widget boy cultureRNC official blood-libels gay people, refuses to quit.

*widget boy cultureKirstie Alley is off her meds, wants you to be, too.

*widget boy cultureBehind the Candelabra trailer.

BobReedHawaiiOlsen's comments about her ex-"father" Robert Reed are touching and respectful

Feb 08 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)
Privates dancer

*widget boy cultureSherry Vine wants Tony Danza, Tony Danza for money. Scientology

*widget boy cultureDavid Miscavige's niece blows the lid off of Scientology.

*widget boy cultureFugitive killer loves Ellen, hates lesbian cops.

*widget boy cultureRob Gronkowski offered $3.75 million to do porn.

*widget boy cultureViola Davis retires her maid uniform.

*widget boy cultureHot model Dominic—ciao, Bello.

*widget boy culturePorn actor dies in bathtub at 52.

*widget boy cultureSen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Boy Scouts' gay ban: "Outrageous."

*widget boy cultureRex Reed: Melissa McCarthy = "obese," "obnoxious," "tractor-sized" "female hippo."

Melissa-McCarthy-female-hippoZero Rex appeal


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