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Feb 08 2013
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Privates dancer

*widget boy cultureSherry Vine wants Tony Danza, Tony Danza for money. Scientology

*widget boy cultureDavid Miscavige's niece blows the lid off of Scientology.

*widget boy cultureFugitive killer loves Ellen, hates lesbian cops.

*widget boy cultureRob Gronkowski offered $3.75 million to do porn.

*widget boy cultureViola Davis retires her maid uniform.

*widget boy cultureHot model Dominic—ciao, Bello.

*widget boy culturePorn actor dies in bathtub at 52.

*widget boy cultureSen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Boy Scouts' gay ban: "Outrageous."

*widget boy cultureRex Reed: Melissa McCarthy = "obese," "obnoxious," "tractor-sized" "female hippo."

Melissa-McCarthy-female-hippoZero Rex appeal

Jan 21 2013
The Gay-Marrying Man Comments (0)
According to National Enquirer (January 28, 2013), John Travolta at one point wanted to flout Scientology and marry his lover in the '80s. Before scoffing, know this: This story in NE was picked up from a legit book on the topic of the cult.
Dec 04 2012
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I recommend this lengthy, fascinating piece in several parts by a former child of Scientology. One of the only examples I've read of a lifelong insider describing being inside the cult in this much detail.
Dec 03 2012
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President-Hillary-Clinton-SabanCan't she just be installed?

Widget boy cultureBig hint that Hillary Clinton may run for president.

Widget boy cultureMeryl Streep for veep?

Widget boy cultureSupremes put off marriage cases. Friday? Scientology-Travolta-massage-McFly-shirtless-Angelina-Jolie-cats-Django-Pandora-Boxx

Widget boy cultureSoccer coach watched sexual assaults?

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureA shirtless McFly vacay.

Widget boy cultureBradley Manning's trial postponed.

Widget boy cultureAngelina Jolie won't spend Xmas with her bigot-in-law.

Widget boy cultureJohn Travolta has magic—as well as jazz—hands?

Widget boy cultureThree Cups of Tea co-author commits suicide.

Widget boy cultureMaking sure your cat is "classy."

Widget boy cultureSCREWED: Sued for Grey porn.

Widget boy cultureDjango Unchained covers Vibe.

Widget boy culturePandora Boxx: Only the final 4 Drag Racers are talented.

Widget boy cultureNV judge rules marriage equality = death of human race.


Widget boy cultureCurl Up & Dye: Below the Belt offers painless pubic coloring.

Below-the-belt-pubic-hair-dyeMy old boss's reaction would be: "There's no such word as 'grey'—it's 'gray'."

Jul 10 2012
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Karen de la Carriere
Via RadarOnline: If you didn't need any more reason to despise Scientology—and you shouldn't—check this out: Karen de le Carriere, ex-wife to Scientology prez Heber Jentzsch, has come forward (after coming out of the pseudo-religion) with her story of being denied the right to see her son's body after he died. Why? In kind of a reversal of what can happen in some gay relationships (where the family has all the rights and the surviving partner has none), Karen's daughter-in-law has all rights over her husband's body so decided to keep him from his mother.

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Jun 27 2012
Man With New Rug Passes Dirty Sanchez To Old Beard Comments (6)

Via Chexy.

May 16 2012
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6a00d83451b46869e200e54f8ac6628834-640wiP.S. Nose jobs apparently don't count

Promoting his (excruciating-looking—at least to the likes of me) new movie Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise says of plastic surgery: "I haven't and I never will," joining the ranks of the magically preserved. Joan Collins is another who's said she hasn't had it. The only real question is: Which of them is the bigger liar?

P.S. IMHO, both look fantastic, even if I really can't stand one of them in the least.

Cess-tom-cruise-rock-of-ages-cover-story-07-lTom, a few months shy of 50

May 07 2012
Rubbed The Wrong Way, or Touch My Body Thetan Comments (2)

John Travolta massage
If John Travolta—whose drag name should be Lucille Masseur—is not a lecher addicted to having happy-ending massages (with or without willing participation), why does he keep frequenting saunas and getting paid rub-downs? If I were him and my rep as a notorious sauna sex fiend were manufactured, I would simply not use masseurs.

Now he's being sued by one. Funniest part of the story being alleged is Travolta bragging that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jews—two conspiracy theories in one!

May 03 2012
Outrageous Fortune Comments (2)

If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are outraged by an upcoming tell-all book about Tom written by his former Scientology auditor, that's enough to make me want to purchase it. As seen in National Enquirer (May 14, 2012):

"Marty Rathbun, who mentored Tom as a high-ranking Scientologist, claims the 49-year-old actor bared his soul to him while he was divorcing second wife Nicole Kidman and was waging a nasty legal battle against a gay porn actor who falsely claimed Cruise had a sexual affair with him...

"'In auditing, you tell the auditor everything about yourself,' Margery Wakefield, who's written the book Testimony about her Scientology experience, told The Enquirer."

Sounds like a great read for my subway commutes.

Apr 03 2012
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Screen shot 2012-04-03 at 6.49.40 PM
Now Mitt Romney is saying his fave novel ever is...Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard??? Could he be any more oblivious to how bad things sound? You're running for president and you're name-dropping Scientology's most famous product aside from Dianetics? It's not like Battlefield Earth is even considered good. Why didn't the dimwit say Atlas Shrugged and help himself out a little? (A lot!)