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Sep 09 2014
Need To Know: Ripped From The Headlines + Howser Of Love + Stern Warming + 1Daddies + MORE! Comments (0)

RipperIs Jack the Ripper's the greatest cold-case resolution of all time?

*widget boy cultureNeil Patrick Harris & David Burtka got married. Recently!

*widget boy cultureRay Rice canned by Ravens only after fiancée-beating video leaks.

*widget boy cultureEgyptian men charged over attendance of gay wedding.

*widget boy cultureHoward Stern recalls speaking at the memorial for Joan Rivers.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker's arms are top-notch.

*widget boy cultureCUTS BOTH WAYS: Jack the Ripper case solved via DNA evidence?

*widget boy cultureSullen, hostile, bored dads at One Direction concerts.

*widget boy cultureOne company now owns Manhunt, Jack'd and Dandy.

*widget boy cultureTurns out Taylor Swift hates girls, too!

*widget boy cultureBeing bald means you're not a “sexual lothario” anymore?

*widget boy cultureIf women are stupid enough to vote for Scott Brown, they deserve him.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of stupid, Kentucky likes Mitch McConnell just fine.

*widget boy cultureJ.K. Rowling doesn't like her anti-gay former fans.

I-like-dudes-albusHe's a magic man-lover.

Oct 31 2012
You Better Work (Your Heart Out) Comments (0)
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren's fnal pitch to voters in Massachusetts, where she is ahead of Sen. Scott Brown (R)...

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Oct 03 2012
Political Animals: Debate-centric Edition Comments (1)

Obama Hoover Dam Dam, he's good

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney hits Joe Biden for sympathizing with "buried" middle classers. Biden pivots.

Boy culture WIDGET

Drudge thinks Senator Obama urging black people to better themselves is an oratorical live boy/dead girl nugget from the past.

Boy culture WIDGET

As of now, there is a .6% chance of an electoral college tie between Obama and Romney.

Boy culture WIDGET

President Obama hasn't been cramming too hard for tonight's debate—he visited Hoover Dam yesterday.

Boy culture WIDGET

Biggest difference between Obama's plan and Romney's plan? Obama has one.

Boy culture WIDGET

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) accidentally tells the truth—Justice Antonin Scalia is his fave Supreme Court lifer.

Boy culture WIDGET

Mitt Romney's debate zingers revealed. Romney debate zingers

Boy culture WIDGET

Bipartisan: Mitt Romney sucked as a governor.

Boy culture WIDGET

Romney has spent about $50 million running for office, is still worth a quarter of a billion.

Boy culture WIDGETDon't scoff at his promise to lay some zingers on President Obama in Denver tonight:

Sep 25 2012
Warren Commission Comments (0)

Elizabeth Warren tomahawk slur
Sen. (for now) Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) has been hitting his opponent Elizabeth Warren pretty hard for allegedly fudging her ancestry, claiming she was Native American when it suited her and white when it didn't. It's hogwash, and Warren is turning his mean-spirited and petty attacks into a plus with this great ad.

But now, Brown's own staffers have resorted to doing "Indian whoops" and making tomahawk gestures, something Brown is tepidly disavowing.

Is this a "Macaca" moment, even if Brown himself didn't do it? Hopefully. Warren is an amazing candidate that Massachusetts does not deserve if it doesn't vote her in over Brown, a pretty and pretty right-wing stooge.

Video of the incident after the jump...

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Jun 06 2012
Mass Hysteria Comments (0)


Oct 26 2011
And They Haven't Even Seen Her Naked Yet! Comments (1)

This is the number of people who showed up to VOLUNTEER for future Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) last night! Via MoveOn.org.

Sep 14 2011
Run, Elizabeth, Run! Comments (0)

Elizabeth Warren has officially announced her run to unseat Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Godspeed, Ms. Warren—you'd be golden in the Senate. See her announcement video after the jump...

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Jul 22 2011
A Model Senator Comments (0)

From here: As these 1984 knitting-catalog photos show, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) was an adorable model—I think it would be great if he went back to being one.

Another after the jump...

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