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May 26 2011
The Bod Squad Comments (1)

Us Weekly's "Hot Bodies 2011" issue (June 6, 2011) makes some very wise choices, including Chord Overstreet (above) and Joe Manganiello (below):

Keep reading to see Idris Elba, Ryan Phillippe, Zac Efron, DJ Pauly D, Mark Salling, Scott Caan, Stephen Moyer, Penn Badgley, Roberto Martinez and Ryan Sutter after the jump...

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May 17 2011
Val Mineo: An Interview With Val Lauren Comments (8)

PreviewScreenSnapz002Sal, Lauren

It's okay if you haven't heard of actor Val Lauren just yet—plenty of people won't SafariScreenSnapz001 have even heard of Sal Mineo, the actor he's about to play, until they hear that James Franco is producing, directing and co-writing a movie about the late Rebel Without a Cause star.

Based on Michael Gregg Michaud's superb bio, the film Sal will tell the life story of the Bronx-born Mineo, whose naive family helped usher him to Hollywood fame as a teenager, but whose real passion was always the art of acting and directing.

Press05a Mineo was also unabashedly gay at a time when most other Hollywood stars were firmly entrenched in the closet, both personally and professionally, so his story includes a long, romantic, same-sex relationship as well as enough sexual kinks to fill a couple of Almodovar movies.

In his first interview since landing the juicy role, Lauren opens up about how he got it, his impressions of his new boss, where his head is at as he prepares to portray Mineo and why a straight married dude relates to a guy who bedded Bobby Sherman before any teenyboppers had even seen his first pinup.

Boy Culture: Had you ever heard of Sal Mineo prior to the part coming up, and what impressions did you have of him?

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Nov 30 2010
Castmating Season Comments (6)

Wicked Gay Blog has a heavily illustrated Hawaii Five-O hot-off between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan.


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