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Jul 30 2013
Need To Know: Russian Thuggery, Manning Up, Gaga Out-Brags Kanye + MORE Comments (4)

Russian-gayIn a take on To Catch a Predator, gay teens are being humilitated on camera in Russia.

*widget boy cultureEven more info about how Russian thugs are terrorizing gay teens.

*widget boy cultureJUDGMENT DAY: Bradley Manning verdict expected today. LADY-GAGA

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga releases "Applause" single cover, declares: "I'm every icon."

*widget boy cultureTUB THUMPING: Madonna Sex outtake.

*widget boy cultureHannity & Limbaugh dumped.

*widget boy cultureWill li'l Prince George be circumcised?

*widget boy cultureGovernment makes a federal case outta it for RHONJ's Giudices.

*widget boy cultureUh, this is probably not how your coming-out went.

*widget boy cultureRemini on Scientology exit: "I'm not about to shut up."

*widget boy cultureWatch Father Tiger's "First Love" if you haven't already.

*widget boy cultureA reader sends in this snap of Aaron Tveit on an escalator:

WP_20130729_002"I love your twerk!"

Oct 10 2010
Vote, You Moran! Comments (0)

Via Joe.My.God.: Hilarious and to-the-point video after the jump on why you should vote...

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May 10 2009
BURN! Comments (1)


Wanda Sykes ripped Rush Limbaugh a new asshole while hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner—like, for real. Any series of jokes that ends with, "I hope his kidneys fail" is fine by me in relation to Limbaugh. She also tweaked Sean Hannity for reneging on his promise to be waterboarded for charity. Call them on their lies and call 'em like you see 'em, Wanda.


Even funnier, President Obama made fun of his alleged reliance on the TelePrompTer, Michael Steele's ridiculous reliance on street slang, the media's love (and FOX's hatred) for him, the uproar over that errant Air Force One flight and over Michelle Obama's oft-bared arms, the belief that Obama's supporters see him as the Messiah, Dick Cheney's half-cocked reputation and ideology, John Boehner's permatan, Rahm Emanuel's potty mouth and more. There was also a nice shout-out for marriage equality in Iowa.

He's terrible at making off-the-cuff jokes but has a pretty good delivery when they're written for him, and his kind words for the media could not be further removed from the Bush Administration's open hatred for the First Amendment.

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