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Dec 03 2014
Need To Know: Bare Lover + Gaga's Assault + Spark, Who Goes There? + MORE! Comments (0)

Robbie WilliamsBummer!

*widget boy cultureRobbie Williams releases fan-appreciation album with his butt on the cover.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga details a rape at 19 by a producer 20 years her senior.

*widget boy cultureRepublican Charles Barkley backs Officer Wilson and George Zimmerman.

*widget boy cultureGwen's new single “Spark the Fire”:

*widget boy cultureAn amazing gay teen romance.

*widget boy cultureWhat happens when Disney meets Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's nipples pass muster with the ladies of The View.

*widget boy cultureWoody Allen's words in Selena Gomez's mouth as re-imagined by Jeremy Thurber:

Sep 01 2014
Need To Know: A More Perfect Union Speech + Queer As A $2 Bill + Papa Joe Simpson Must Be Squealing + Jennifer Lawrence's Naked Ambition + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Veep Biden gives 'em hell on the subject of unions on Labor Day.

*widget boy cultureLGBT leader alleges rape during reparative therapy as a teen.

*widget boy cultureBecause a totally free BJ would just seem suspicious.

*widget boy cultureLooks like Michael Sam is dunzo.

*widget boy cultureCALL ME MISS MOM-IN-LAW: Ashlee Simpson is Diana Ross's daughter-in-law.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte strips to the waist, devours his b'day cake.

*widget boy cultureEvery famous young piece of ass in the world just had their nude selfies leaked...

*widget boy culture...and Kate Upton is suing-mad over it...and Lena Dunham reviles “sex offender.”

*widget boy cultureLet freedom (nipple) ring.

*widget boy cultureAssaulted and disowned by parents, gay youth speaks out.

*widget boy cultureRick Perry can't control his own Twitter, wants to be president.

*widget boy cultureLeslie Jordan did not love Gary Busey on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

*widget boy cultureFUNNY GIRL: Audrey Hepburn's most perfect autograph.

*widget boy cultureWoman claims to be 127 years old. Lost her birth certificate...

*widget boy cultureYou better believe a Rivers Family lawsuit is coming, Yorkville Endoscopy.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers 12 hours before she stopped breathing, “I could die any second!”

JoanriversHelen Keller's revenge (oh, c'mon, she'd laugh, too)

Jul 19 2014
Need To Know: From Russia With Hate + Not-So-Great Scott + Congrats, Oklahomos! + Clerk-Shaming + Rugby Boner Food + MORE! Comments (0)

MH17England is pretty pissed at Russia, too...

*widget boy culturePro-Russian rebel leader Igor Girkin says MH17 had already-dead bodies on it.

*widget boy culture(When will Pro-Russian rebel leader Igor Girkin become an already-dead body? Soon?)

*widget boy cultureMH17 site handled in an animalistic, callous way.

*widget boy cultureClick here if you love eating out and are a New Yorker.

*widget boy cultureSelena Gomez ready to be a human shield for Palestinian kids.

*widget boy cultureWOW. Just WOW.

*widget boy cultureGov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) is fucking nuts, and against gay marriage.

Madonna-commercial-flightSee news item toward the bottom of this post. I think this belongs in a frame in a museum. P.S. Looks good!

*widget boy cultureOklahoma's same-sex marriage ban struck down.

*widget boy cultureBlack kid vs. non-black store clerks.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Takei still hates William Shatner.

*widget boy cultureShia's a mess...but a hot one.

*widget boy cultureVia A Cause des Garcons: Footballer lets most, if not all, of it hang out:

Naked-rugbyThis old thing?

*widget boy culture7 months in, their throuple trumps your couple.

*widget boy cultureUtah doesn't have to recognize same-sex marriages. Yet.

*widget boy cultureDirected by SSION, Perfume Genius's new “Queen” video.

*widget boy cultureShort film about bullying: It Gets Better.

*widget boy cultureMadonna flies commercial, leading to oddly cool surreptitious pix.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's manager now manages both U2 and Alicia Keys.

*widget boy cultureMadonna drag queen told he has a better nose than Madonna.

Madonna-impersonatorDoes this pass the smell test?

Jun 17 2014
Need To Know: Terry's Not So Scary? + Holy Hobby Lobby + Father Of The Grooms + Miley Not Smiley + MORE! Comments (0)

Terry-Richardson“People do things, and then they have regrets, and that’s also nothing to do with me.”

*widget boy cultureTerry Richardson defends his honor in wide-ranging profile.

*widget boy cultureModel Sena Cech rebuts Richardson's defense. Harshly.

*widget boy cultureThe family that owns Hobby Lobby wants an American theocracy. Steve-Martin


*widget boy cultureFather of the Bride 3 will feature a gay wedding, no Steve.

*widget boy cultureEVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL: Ben Watt in NYC.

*widget boy cultureTwin rugby butts. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureFOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

*widget boy cultureNo more ex-gay bullshit for minors in New York.

*widget boy cultureIan Ziering is (sorta) stripping at 50.

MadonnaKidding with the Hall

*widget boy cultureArsenio loved the “tension” of his Madonna interviews.

*widget boy culturePIC: Gaga & Tony Bennett surprise students at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Gaga-Bennett

*widget boy cultureMegan Hilty appears on debut of American Blend.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus wasn't happy being beaten by Selena Gomez.

*widget boy cultureFOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM.

*widget boy culturePittsburgh mayor marries 19 same-sex couples!

*widget boy cultureKFC asks 3-year-old to leave because her damaged face bothers patrons?

*widget boy cultureUntil There's a Cure—raising HIV awareness since 1993.

Until Theres a Cure

Jan 21 2014
Lust Is The Drug Comments (0)

Justin Bieber in hospital-1750318

"Drug addict" Justin Bieber texts snaps of his erection to ex Selena Gomez in an effort to win her back for thirds. In a series of private texts, made public by Radar, she tells him off in no uncertain terms.

Amazing that he still has fans, he's so foolish.

Aug 29 2013
Disney Channel: After Hours Comments (0)

From here: I've worked with every one of these girls and have interviewed them and watched their careers from Day One. I was the first magazine editor to put Hilary Duff on a magazine cover, which directly led to quite a string of those. So I know whereof I speak when I say that as fascinating as this is (it can also be read as darkly slut-shaming, a #ruinedchildhood meme), it's really no different from what happens to most girls—they go from total innocence to not so much. (Granted, these images are exaggerated as they're all actresses and singers.)

But what's even more interesting to me about this clever image is the implied expectation that they would have stayed total innocents forever in the first place.

The Disney/performing aspect is probably responsible for making them old beyond their years—Miley and Hilary were having adult conversations, very adult, at 15, 16, and making business decisions you or I would feel torn about.

Jul 18 2013
WIN IT: Selena Gomez's STARS DANCE Album! Comments (3)

Enter to win Stars Dance from Selena Gomez!

I've got 3 copies of Selena's new album. To enter, comment below your guiltiest pleasure among dance songs. A weeek from today, I'll pick 3 of you at random to win. (U.S. residents only.)


the fourth album from multi-platinum superstar


Featuring the #1 hit "Come & Get It" and "Slow Down"

Available July 23

 Read More

Jun 11 2013
WIN IT: Selena Gomez Remixes! Comments (6)

Enter to win a special "Come & Get It" remix CD from Selena Gomez!

To win 1 of 5 copies I've got, comment this post with your favorite teen-pop song of all time. I'll pick 5 of you to win at random 1 week from today at 5PM ET. (U.S. residents only.)


the new s ingle from multi-platinum selling international pop star


The special remix CD includes 13 tracks with mixes by Jump Smokers, Cahill, Fred Falke and more!

"Come & Get It" Remixes are available now on iTunes.

Selena Gomez's forthcoming album Stars Dance will be availalbe July 23 and can be pre-ordered now! Catch Selena Gomez in concert on the Stars Dance Tour 2013. Visit her official site for more information.


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