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Jun 29 2011
My Vanity Fair Lady Comments (7)

Madonna vanity fair outtake meisel 1991 1

Somehow, 20 years after the fact, fabulous (and mostly never-before-seen) Sex and Truth or Dare/Meisel's Vanity Fair-era shots are leaking. More are over at the invaluable Madonna Scrapbook.

How does this happen? Here is my theory:

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Nov 09 2010
"All Your Nerve Endings Are In Your Ass" Comments (1)

Musto v greg scarnici as madonna Via Musto, who did it first: drag recreation of Madonna's Sex book is coming, albeit in e-form. Fun idea, though not sure why he'd recreate this famous pose in a different location. I'm reserving judgment until I see the whole thing. So far, my gash isn't weeping, but it's intrigued. P.S. Never seen Madonna's Sex book? Here.

Oct 14 2010
You CAN Take The Midwest Out Of The Girl Comments (12)

Via Letters of Note: Check out this hilariously bratty letter written by Madonna to Steven Meisel back in '91 when she was filming A League of Their Own! It's unkind, but not too, and has a succinct wit to it. Plus she has that great handwriting. I love how real it is—Meisel was envious of Ritts?—and it ends with a momentous reference to an upcoming project...after the jump...

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Sep 27 2010
Auntie GaGa Comments (6)

PreviewScreenSnapz002The Bowery Girls

I dunno if I can ever forgive Mark Simpson for "post-gay" (his Anti-Gay had to be the first book of that nature) let alone "metrosexual," but he's spot-on regarding Lady GaGa. (Which is just a snappier way of saying, "This guy's saying exactly what I've been saying!")

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