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May 25 2010
Why Didn't They Hold It In Abu Dhabi? Comments (2)


Sexy in the city 

The cast of Sex and the City 2 (plus many glittering hangers-on) appeared in NYC to launch the film that opens with midnight showings tomorrow. Everyone (except for Liza Minnelli) looked great. Enjoy this last bit of positivity before I post my review just after it opens...


This outfit does zilch—with a "Z"—for Liza


Noah Mills, another notch in Samantha's bed post


Whatever he's done to himself, it still works on Jason Lewis


You're not gonna BUH-LIEVE the product placement Suzanne Somers gets in the flick!   

All images courtesy of Warner Bros.

May 20 2010
Phone Sex Comments (1)
An easy way to enter to get a personal phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker on the day Sex and the City 2 opens...is right here
May 19 2010
Newsweakening The Cause Comments (1)

Remember how the Sex and the City 2 panel ignored my question about Ramin Setoodeh's Newsweek article? Turns out Cynthia Nixon had a great answer—she had apparently already given it to MTV the day before, and it was released today.

May 17 2010
For Ryan Out Loud Comments (5)

6488_145804997817_756197817_3290436_5683492_nI know that all the beefcake hype about Sex and the City 2 involves the admittedly delicious Noah Mills, but can we talk about Max Ryan? Without divulging too much, he's also a Samantha love interest, and the unveiling of his ass is not only a highpoint of the film but a highpoint in the history of cinema. 


He's hot (though looks older than early forties, which he is)...keep reading for tons more shots of the guy, many from MrMaxRyan.com...

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May 16 2010
Sex And The City 2 Press Conference: It's Not Just For Gays Anymore Comments (6)

IMG_5849I wanted to see Sex and the City 2 (I really kinda liked the first one), but I had to be forced to see a preview on Friday night at the Time Warner Center because I'd been saving it for my partner and my mom, who's visiting soon. But I couldn't say no because I was required to see it before attending a surprisingly intimate press conference with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Chris Noth and writer/director Michael Patrick King today in the shoe department of Bergdorf Goodman—and I mean, there's saving movies and then there's saving movies.

IMG_2282 I'm sworn to secrecy on the film itself until it releases, but the presser is fair game.

I arrived early, only to have trouble figuring out which entrance to use—who knew Bergdorf's doesn't open till noon on Sunday? Once inside, I cursed my luck—trapped in the third row behind the tallest-ever woman, a striking Francophone who felt the need to pile it on by piling her hair on top of her already Everest-status head:

I was seated with a nice writer from SheKnows.com and an older woman who appeared to be someone's mom (but don't sniff—she wound up getting to ask one of the only questions and she told me I'm cute and that Noth could be my grandfather), with my pal Kenneth of Kenneth In the 212 a couple rows behind us.

SJPP2 They were late (shocker!) but not too, with Sarah Jessica Parker cutely calling out that they weren't all there yet, causing the hostess to stall a bit longer. Finally, they emerged, all looking gorgeous (Parker especially exquisite) in defiance of the "no photos, please" request that had preceded them.

The most exciting part—aside from when the eager security guard shut me down for using my Flip Video (I obliged by flipping it backwards so I could at least get sound)—was that I managed to get the second question of the day. Determined to ask something interesting, I asked the panel why they thought the series and films appeal so strongly to gay men, and then asked if any would like to comment on the anti-gay Newsweek article.

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May 11 2010
Almost Comatose Comments (1)

Via Joe.My.God.: I am happy for Debbie Harry to get some cash, and I don't mind Alicia Keys in general, but I'm not sure about this newfangled "Rapture" remake that sounds part Sex and the City 2 (which it's for), part "Love to Love You Baby" and no part Alicia Keys. I don't like the annoying call-outs throughout, either. The rap is embarrassing. On the other hand, it sounds perfect in that I can envision a bunch of annoying LuAnn Dessepses spilling expensive drinks as they badly dance to it in someone's penthouse.

Apr 16 2010
Take It Out Comments (5)
I can't believe I didn't know until now that adorable Sex and the City star David Eigenberg went full monty in the play Take Me Out...I saw that play, and now must try to figure out if he was in it. (Since I have no memory of it being him, it would be a rather cold thrill. But still.)
Mar 31 2010
Run Of The Mills Comments (0)
Italian Vanity Fair (31 Marzo 2010) pours fire on gasoline with a spread on model (and Sex and the City 2 actor) Noah Mills. The shots will make you wish you'd washed up on shore...more after the jump...

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