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Apr 24 2014
Hook-Up Convention Comments (0)


Jack'd is throwing down, Pepsi-vs.-Coke-style, with Grindr on Twitter.

Do you use either/or? Or another app?

Need To Know: Marriage Is So Gay (As Is Kale), Life's A Beach, Can't Put Your Finger Up It, B Is A-List + MORE! Comments (0)

Jodie-FosterGlad those annoying gay activists made it possible for Jodie to get hitched.

*widget boy cultureJodie Foster married Alexandra Hedison. Streisand-Charvet

*widget boy cultureMatt Bomer married Simon Halls! (Years ago.)

*widget boy cultureAnother big marriage equality win in Texas.

*widget boy cultureAYER's “Black Diamond” is brill.

*widget boy cultureBaywatch is 25 , Barbra Streisand is 72!

*widget boy cultureJames Franco cuddling up to a dude in bed.

*widget boy cultureThe 1958 film Madchen in Uniform is streaming.

*widget boy cultureStone Cold Steve Austin is pro-marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea likes crowd-surfing, not digital rape.

*widget boy cultureBrother to Camilla Parker Bowles dies in a trip-and-fall.

*widget boy cultureGay Prop 8 judge Vaughn Walker once tried to be gay-cured.

*widget boy cultureOutlets trying to gin up a Madonna scandal over “gay.”

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé is very influential, so I guess that makes Jay-Z very, very?

Beyonce-TimeYou're relevant.

Apr 22 2014
Need To Know: Nick's Next Hit, Black Magic, Hard-Serve Ice Cream + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-Jonas-UFCPunching bag of Nick: “I'd hit it.”

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas packs on the muscle for new UFC film.

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer's accuser sues three more entertainment big-shots.

*widget boy cultureAccuser recounts being raped after a Siegfried & Roy show.

*widget boy cultureUnrelated: Ice cream laced with Viagra and champagne.

*widget boy cultureGet your Harvey Milk U.S. postage stamps here.

*widget boy cultureI don't look like this in underwear...do you???

*widget boy cultureWhat succulent nipples.

*widget boy cultureThe CK Steel Micro Collection is a hit.

*widget boy cultureNew Blondie album is (almost) here.

Blondie4-ever young

Apr 21 2014
Need To Know: Two Grand, Cover Material, Old News, Rapier Wit + MORE! Comments (0)

STeve-GrandGrand funk railroad (on the beach)

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand's brother is as cute as he is.

*widget boy cultureModel Emma J. Appleton tweets proposiiton allegedly from Terry Richardson; he denies.

*widget boy culture55% of Spain calls gay morally acceptable compared to 23% of Americans.

*widget boy cultureShould gay men stop worrying about aging?

*widget boy cultureMatthew Smith thinks because Bryan Singer didn't rape him, Singer's innocent.

*widget boy cultureRoundup of salacious Bryan Singer stories.

*widget boy culturePrince's deal with the devil: New music & old coming out.

*widget boy cultureTyson Ballou for Calzedonia Beachwear.


Apr 19 2014
Need To Know: Brain Swelling, Sia Later, Once You Go Duncan Black + MORE! Comments (0)

KENNY-BRAINBump & Grindr

*widget boy cultureBig Brother Canada's Kenny Brain has a BIG one. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureDerek Jarman's Blue and Davi Pretto's Castanha screening at Lincoln Center.

*widget boy cultureSinger likes to "skinny dip in a pool of tweaked out barely legal twinks..." but is "no rapist." Shirtless

*widget boy cultureSia "the socially phobic pop star."

*widget boy culturePink and red and Duncan Black all over.

*widget boy cultureSinger says he wasn't even in Hawaii at the time of the alleged assault.

*widget boy cultureWhen gay marriage was just a union of "two faggots."

*widget boy culturePresident Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe sincerely hates homos.

*widget boy cultureLesbian police chief sacked, likely just because she's gay.

*widget boy cultureThis Andrew Christian model wears, and deserves to be, a Trophy Boy.

*widget boy cultureMrs. Doubtfire sequel?

*widget boy cultureOrange Is the New Black returns:

Apr 18 2014
Need To Know: Dated Material, Under Review, Dustin Lance Blacklisted, Are You Anti-Barefronting? + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThis video of a guy picking up guys has hilarious—and DISTURBING—results. Hercules-Dustin-Lance-Black

*widget boy cultureJames Franco douches out on NYT reporter over review.

*widget boy cultureHoly crap, this Hercules ginger is hot and musical.

*widget boy cultureDustin Lance Black destroys his alma mater. Must-read.

*widget boy cultureMost powerful NYC mediaites, most powerful gay couples.

*widget boy cultureWhat to expect when you come out as a lesbian...again.

*widget boy cultureClint Eastwood's Jersey Boys movie trailer.

*widget boy cultureThe Tom of Finland...cross-stitch kit???

*widget boy cultureRounderbum's gluteal shaper is exactly what you think.

*widget boy cultureNO BAREFRONTING!: Legal brouhaha over leaked Gaga shots.

*widget boy cultureThis girl is such a horrible person it's breathtaking.

*widget boy cultureIranian mom forgives son's killer, spares his life.

*widget boy cultureWhat a lovely male figure.

*widget boy cultureSexy men, poetry and $40,000...how can you not click?

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer cancels personal appearance over accusations.

*widget boy cultureOne Hundred Years of Solitude author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87.

100yearsHe wrote the book.

Apr 17 2014
Singer's Accuser Seems In It To Win It, Not Just To Get Paid Off Comments (0)

Bryan-Singer-accuserEgan (L) and his attorney

Michael Egan, the thirtysomething man who is suing Bryan Singer for raping him in the late '90s, has just appeared at a press conference to back up his allegations regarding the director. He comes off as very serious about this case; he does not seem like someone seeking a pay-off to go away, unfortunately for Mr. Singer. He seems to be doing this to get justice and to make an example of Singer. At least, that is his soberly stated intention.

Is Egan doing this for attention? To help his career? He denies that, saying his dreams of being an actor died when he was abused:

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The Usual Suspect: Bryan Singer's 15-Year-Old Allegations Comments (0)

Js_ColtonHaynesBryanSingerMattMorrisonGuestColton Haynes, Bryan Singer & Matthew Morrison

X-Men (or perhaps more to the point, Apt Pupil) director Bryan Singer has been sued for sexually molesting a 15-year-old in the late '90s. The suit alleges that Singer coerced the minor by plying him with alcohol and promising him a movie role, going so far as to talk about a group that controls Hollywood. Oral sex allegedly happened both ways.

People will probably be inclined to blow this off since the accuser waited 15 years, wants money and timed his suit to coincide with the premiere of Singer's latest X-Men installment.

Or, they will be included to believe it just because anything dirty regarding out celebrities must be true.

Both knee-jerk reactions would be a mistake.

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Apr 14 2014
Need To Know: Stamped Up, Robyn Takes Flight, Will Parker Marie Molloy Still F*cking Hate RuPaul? + MORE! Comments (0)

Tom-of-FinlandIf you can't lick 'im...

Boy-CultureI'm not really one of Tom's Men, but I do love his work...and his stamps!

Boy-CultureLeo DiCaprio busts a move.


Boy-CultureRobyn to release mini-album with Royksopp May 26.

Boy-CultureMadonna as Furby, and a Madonna-fueled orgy.

Boy-CultureA Game of Thrones pre-wedding, two-person feast costs $1,200.

Boy-CultureYou don't got she-mail anymore.

Boy-CultureObama taps Gene Robinson for Easter prayer breakfast.

Boy-CultureChristian Sanchez (below) looks even hotter naked.

Christian7-thumb-500x667-18470Good Christian!

Apr 11 2014
Dead Sexy: Wayne Hollowell's DEAD PORN STARS Series Comments (0)
  Al-Parker Arpad-Miklos Wilfried-Knight-2 Erik-Rhodes Cody-Foster Jack-Wrangler Joe-Simmons Joey-Stefano Rex-Donahue Roman-Ragazzi Tony-Bravo

Artist Wayne Hollowell's expressive pieces are color-saturated and drenched in pop cultural nostalgia. After tackling gay-fave divas like Joan Crawford and Liza Minnelli, he's now taking on those other celebs of whom gay men can't get enough: Porn stars. More specifically, the dead ones. There's a morbid glamour in the subject matter, and Hollowell doesn't miss a bit of it.

Wilfried-Knight-12Wilfriend Knight was such a loss, Hollowell painted him twice! (Other version in the gallery.)

His take on the work:

“In the early '90s, I worked at World of Video on Perry Street. Every new Jeff Stryker or Ryan Idol release would cause sheer catfights upon the day of release, with their fans rushing in to check out the tapes. It was almost as bad as the day a Madonna CD came out! I was so starstruck by these gods who seemingly had everything—perfect bodies/hair/faces. I remember seeing Max Grand on rollerblades and getting the same butterflies I had when I saw Kathie Lee Gifford!

“My curiosity only grew as I started to read of the tragic demise of so many of these men who were so idolized by the gay community. A lot if them led lives only Jackie Collins could have dreamed up. I wanted to do a series of portraits that paid tribute to these beautiful and tragic men.

“Now, to watch Roman Ragazzi in action, it leaves me sad, wondering, 'Couldn't someone have helped him?' Or to watch Al Parker, it's like watching a party with the Grim Reaper right outside the door.

“I think these stars come and go so quickly today, but back in '70s, '80s and '90s, they really were icons, and their releases were an event (pardon the pun). This is my way of celebrating their beauty and their tragedy, my way of saying thanks to them for giving it their all.”

Hollowell is currently submitting his canvases (they're 48" X 48") to galleries. For his other work, check out his Web site.