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Apr 14 2014
Need To Know: Stamped Up, Robyn Takes Flight, Will Parker Marie Molloy Still F*cking Hate RuPaul? + MORE! Comments (0)

Tom-of-FinlandIf you can't lick 'im...

Boy-CultureI'm not really one of Tom's Men, but I do love his work...and his stamps!

Boy-CultureLeo DiCaprio busts a move.


Boy-CultureRobyn to release mini-album with Royksopp May 26.

Boy-CultureMadonna as Furby, and a Madonna-fueled orgy.

Boy-CultureA Game of Thrones pre-wedding, two-person feast costs $1,200.

Boy-CultureYou don't got she-mail anymore.

Boy-CultureObama taps Gene Robinson for Easter prayer breakfast.

Boy-CultureChristian Sanchez (below) looks even hotter naked.

Christian7-thumb-500x667-18470Good Christian!

Apr 11 2014
Dead Sexy: Wayne Hollowell's DEAD PORN STARS Series Comments (0)
  Al-Parker Arpad-Miklos Wilfried-Knight-2 Erik-Rhodes Cody-Foster Jack-Wrangler Joe-Simmons Joey-Stefano Rex-Donahue Roman-Ragazzi Tony-Bravo

Artist Wayne Hollowell's expressive pieces are color-saturated and drenched in pop cultural nostalgia. After tackling gay-fave divas like Joan Crawford and Liza Minnelli, he's now taking on those other celebs of whom gay men can't get enough: Porn stars. More specifically, the dead ones. There's a morbid glamour in the subject matter, and Hollowell doesn't miss a bit of it.

Wilfried-Knight-12Wilfriend Knight was such a loss, Hollowell painted him twice! (Other version in the gallery.)

His take on the work:

“In the early '90s, I worked at World of Video on Perry Street. Every new Jeff Stryker or Ryan Idol release would cause sheer catfights upon the day of release, with their fans rushing in to check out the tapes. It was almost as bad as the day a Madonna CD came out! I was so starstruck by these gods who seemingly had everything—perfect bodies/hair/faces. I remember seeing Max Grand on rollerblades and getting the same butterflies I had when I saw Kathie Lee Gifford!

“My curiosity only grew as I started to read of the tragic demise of so many of these men who were so idolized by the gay community. A lot if them led lives only Jackie Collins could have dreamed up. I wanted to do a series of portraits that paid tribute to these beautiful and tragic men.

“Now, to watch Roman Ragazzi in action, it leaves me sad, wondering, 'Couldn't someone have helped him?' Or to watch Al Parker, it's like watching a party with the Grim Reaper right outside the door.

“I think these stars come and go so quickly today, but back in '70s, '80s and '90s, they really were icons, and their releases were an event (pardon the pun). This is my way of celebrating their beauty and their tragedy, my way of saying thanks to them for giving it their all.”

Hollowell is currently submitting his canvases (they're 48" X 48") to galleries. For his other work, check out his Web site.

Apr 10 2014
Fill 'Er Up! Comments (0)


I found this racy matchbook on the ground at a gas station in Canada when I was a kid. I was on a fishing trip with my dad, uncles, cousin and grandpa. Upon seeing it, I pocketed it. In time, it became a staple of my old-man black, fake-leather wallet I carried; I stuffed it in a secret part of the wallet unlikely to ever be casually searched by nosy parents, teachers or little sisters.

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Need To Know: Horsing Around, Bigots Against Bigotry, Ru-Cap, Andy Hardy Dies A Pauper + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-BatemanLike, a horse!

*widget boy cultureModel Nick Bateman, of course, of course.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's homeless brother sings one of her hits.

*widget boy cultureTo get Rolling Stone's cover, women must flash. Even Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Kenneth-Walsh

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*widget boy cultureJohnny's Drag Race recaps are a Ru-velation!

*widget boy cultureI'll (very dirty) Tumblr for ya!

*widget boy cultureProposed cover for Kenneth's book was HOTT.

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*widget boy cultureRight-wingers scoff at equal pay for equal work.

*widget boy cultureBecause homos are racist.

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*widget boy cultureMale strippers for octogenarians...so what? Hank-Aaron

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*widget boy cultureHank Aaron hits it out of the park with this observation.

*widget boy cultureMICKEY—not ANDY—Rooney died with only $18K in assets.

*widget boy cultureGay-as-hell Laura Branigan remake with video filmed in a sex club? Yes. 

Apr 06 2014
Bi The Way Comments (0)


Debbie Harry of Blondie fame has casually come out as bi, describing her sexual encounters with women and saying she hopes to fall in love again, whether with a man or a woman.

Do You Hate Men? Comments (0)

Foxylady-1Click to maximize

Check out this Sexual Revolutionary War-era quiz from the pages of women's smut mag Foxylady (1975), which is supposed to gauge how much you hate men...

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Apr 05 2014
Need To Know: Mo Money Mo Brablems, Malebasics Bitch, Ping Went The Strings Of My Heart, Chupacabra's Dirt Nap, COMEBACK Little Lisa + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-Armani-Luomo-VogueDude looks like a Lady Madonna...workin' it for L'Uomo Vogue

*widget boy cultureMadonna's bra is hot. Charlie Hides rapes the MDNA Skin ad. Malebasics

*widget boy cultureVictor Velasquez for Malebasics is...yeah, WOOF.

*widget boy cultureKurt Cobain, 20 years later.

*widget boy culture"Ping" detected from missing Malaysian jet.

*widget boy culturePhony chupacabra is euthanized, discarded without testing.

*widget boy cultureEvery Chris Evans nude scene. Powerful movie-making.

*widget boy cultureYet another reason Andrew Sullivan is a conservadouche.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco "used bad judgment" in trying to pick up 17-year-old:

*widget boy cultureWhy Brendan Eich had to resign from "activist" Mozilla.

*widget boy cultureDays of Our Lives tosses TV's first gay male wedding.

*widget boy cultureTogether at last: Damiana vs. Johnny Scruff!

*widget boy cultureDavid Letterman replacements: Neil Patrick Harris? Ellen?

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton poses with Pussy Riot.

*widget boy cultureCarole King shocks audience at Beautiful by showing up, asking for cash.

*widget boy cultureKenneth exclusively reveals The Comeback's comeback.


Apr 03 2014
Need To Know: Here Comes The Judd, Gravity Levity, Groupie Sex, Nun Nonsense + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Jud has the perfect body, isn't shy to go nude. SUPERMAN

*widget boy cultureAlternate ending to Sandra Bullock's earnest Gravity.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco was dying to bang a 17-year-old fan.

*widget boy cultureScott & Chris Evans are double the trouble.

*widget boy cultureAnother Fort Hood shooting claims multiple lives. HarveyMilkStamp

*widget boy cultureBreitbart writer calls for Americans to commit genocide.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Milk U.S. postage stamp unveiled.

*widget boy culturePremature (?) Lady Gaga obit.

*widget boy cultureHedy Lamarr & son on To Tell the Truth, complete with ads.

Michael B Nebraska croppedBest of the Best gets the best of the bigots.

*widget boy cultureNebraskan high schooler will get to read his pro-gay speech after all. Vtcn-radio

*widget boy cultureNew college prez is a Confederate. It's still 2014.

*widget boy cultureVTCAN RADIO's "Riddle Song" is a true enigma.

*widget boy cultureModel Louis Lemaire is stuh-RIKING.

*widget boy cultureA shirtless Brian Shimansky is, too.

*widget boy cultureShe was a star's personal assistant...and it sucked.

*widget boy cultureIf J.O. made you gay, I'd be having sex with even more straight men.

*widget boy cultureGwyneth & Scott had an open marriage.

*widget boy cultureReal Housewives Sonja & LuAnn are like Laurel & Hardy, with no fat one:

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Apr 02 2014
Need To Know: Hated It!, Supremely Well Funded, Butch/Femmetery, Male Model Mayhem + MORE! Comments (0)

Boy-CultureABOVE: Nobody told me there'd be gays like this. Bad sound, but perfect ending.

Boy-CultureSupreme Court thinks what our political system needs is more money.

Boy-CultureThese hot men are absolutely killing it.

Boy-CultureOne enthusiastic vote for Courtney Act to win RuPaul's Drag Race.

Boy-CultureTo be buried in a lesbian cemetery, are tattoos required?

Boy-CultureFRAMED: Art-school virgin reneges on promise to lose anal virginity on stage.

Boy-CultureModel Jordie Caskey's selfie-saturated tour of his life & home.

Jordie07_GAYLETTERPowerbottom Mac. (Or maybe I'm projecting!)

Reality Bites Comments (0)

Jacob A. Rush, a conservative Republican candidate for public office in Florida, enjoys elaborate, vampire-based gaming in his rather public private life, which includes violent rape and drug-induced scenarios. Of course.