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Jul 26 2016
HEAT INDEX — Red Alert + Pooling Their Resources + Bradley Cooper + Better Off Dreads + Joe Jonas + Hairy Selfie + Sen. Cory Booker + Jonathan Groff + Chris Pratt + Embarrassment Of Riches! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Nope, you that doesn't make you look fat.

DATING POOL: Manhunt's Boston pool party.

ALL I EVER WANTED: Bradley Cooper takes a vacation from clothing.


DELETE YOUR SHIRT: Joe Jonas's nipples approve this message.


POLITICALLY ERECT: It's politics, but Sen. Cory Booker is fine

YOU'LL NEVER EAT LUNCH ... : Jonathan Groff feasts on Michael Rosen in Looking. (Work Unfriendly)

STILL HUNKY: Chris Pratt never disappoints.



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Jul 22 2016
6-PACK/rnc — Trump Drones On + Scary Times + Trump's Polling + Gay Escort Boom + Ivanka Thinks Her Dad Supports Women + You Are The Wind Machine Beneath My Wings! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrump's RNC speech: 72 minutes (a record!) of B.S., fascism and a phony LGBT promise. He'll protect our rights?! 

*widget boy cultureMelissa Harris-Perry left the RNC a bit early ... out of fear: 

*widget boy cultureI still believe HRC will beat Trump, but she's down to a 60% chance at FiveThirtyEight.

*widget boy cultureEvery gay Republican should have to pay for sex.

*widget boy cultureIvanka claims her dad will be a champion of women. Also, he tried to score some off of her.

*widget boy cultureRonan Farrow calls out Ivanka Trump's sexy-hair wind machine:


The real star of the RNC: Ivanka Trump's wind machine.

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Jul 21 2016
Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Keep-Your-Hands-Off-My-Ass On The Way Out: Roger Ailes Resigns Comments (0)

Roger Ailes, longtime honcho at FOX News, who oversaw its rise as a ridiculously biased, right-wing propaganda tool, has resigned amidst mounting claims he has sexually harassed at least 20 employees over time.

Here's the grossest tale of his creeperdom I've read yet.


Jul 18 2016
Twin Peeks: Mom Helps Twin Sons On Tinder Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.19.28 PM(Video still via The Monastero Twins)

Gotta love a ruthless mom who's willing to swipe every which way but loose for her boys ...

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Jul 15 2016
6-PACK — Nice, France, Terrorist Attacker IDed + For Obama, PERSONAL IS PRESIDENTIAL + Shirtless Infomercial + Ginsburg Backs Down Some + Gold Coast Jocks + Brazilian M4M Sex Scene! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureFrench-Tunisian with history of local crimes but no known terrorist ties revealed as Nice, France, butcher.

*widget boy cultureTimothy Egan writes eloquently about President Obama's grace and elegance during his tenure—the “personal is presidential” line is awesome.

*widget boy cultureIt's only funny until the guy with the beard appears without a shirt.

*widget boy cultureGinsburg admits her comments on Trump were “incautious.” (But not inaccurate.)

*widget boy cultureGold Coast Suns jocks running around without very many clothes.

*widget boy cultureBrazilian TV airs the country's first (incredibly hot!) love scene between men. Gulp. Watch part of it below ...

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6-PACK — Tim Tebow Exits RNC + Kaine Stumps Against Trump + Trump Hearts Ailes + Underwear Matters + Almost Shot For Wearing GAY Jeans + Tituss Burgess's Moving Message! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.49.46 PM(Video still via Tim Tebow)

*widget boy cultureEr, even Tim Tebow has bailed on Donald Trump's Republican National Convention. Is Bob Dole's skeleton still going?

*widget boy cultureTim Kaine rips Trump a new one in his VP try-out alongside Hillary. (I still want Warren ... or Castro ... or Perez ... or Booker ...)

*widget boy cultureAccused child-rapist and accused wife-rapist Donald Trump sides with Roger Ailes in sexual harassment allegations.

*widget boy cultureWe're a long way from Dick Cavett, but Giancarlo Annitto is interviewed in Marco Marco for The Underwear Expert:

*widget boy cultureMan called gay, threatened with gun in YouTube video over booty-accentuating jeans; cops to investigate: WATCH HERE.

*widget boy cultureTituss Burgess rips a moving company to shreds online: “#DONOTTHREATENMEIWILLWIN.”

640(Image via Netflix)

Jul 13 2016
Deep In Vogueing Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.23.09 AM(Video still by Enyce Smith)

With sponsorship by Reach L.A., Enyce Smith, a West Coast choreographer, vogueing teacher and prominent ballroom commentator, made the following video to address various issues affecting the black and LGBT communities.

Protest and support, all via dance, and via a Purple Crush remix track ...

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6-PACK — Trump vs. Notorious RBG + Trump Like Me + Warren Not The Veep? + Get Naked + Pulse Survivors + YouTube Stars + Barcelona Pride! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrump steamed that Justice Ginsburg is openly biased against him. Sounds like she's going to step down anyway, and wants to state the obvious.

*widget boy cultureTrump asserts that in the same way black people can't get a fair shake, the U.S. system is rigged against his rich, white ass, too.

*widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren may not be Hillary's veep ... and some retired admiral might be. Ugh. I want Warren or Castro or Booker, man.

*widget boy cultureThe Gay Times Naked Issue is here, and unless you work in a brothel, it's (Work Unfriendly).

*widget boy culturePulse nightclub mass shooting survivors team up with YouTube stars.

*widget boy cultureScenes from Barcelona Pride, after the jump ...

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