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Feb 12 2018
Davey Wavey Wants You To Get Off — And Get In — With Comments (0)

23596232_1984149308523700_5044257626783744000_nHats off to Davey Wavey ... (Image via Davey Wavey)

You know Davey Wavey for his many years of sexy, funny, creative vlogs, but he's now getting a bit more serious with, a site meant to explore gay sex unabashedly — with less of a wink and more of a think.

The sex is real, so while it's pornographic, it also has a sort of sex-surrogate vibe, a physiological and psychological bent, more than an urgency to hit obvious fetishes and rake in horny, later regretful, dollars.

Give it a peek, and keep reading for my chat with Davey ...

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Feb 09 2018
Josh O'Connor On Those GOD'S OWN COUNTRY Sex Scenes Comments (0)

Metro 2(Images by Richard Dowker for Gay Times)

Josh O'Connor made a splash — and nabbed a BAFTA nomination for his work — in God's Own Country, a rural gay love story that was one of England's most acclaimed films of 2017. 

He opens up to Gay Times (February 2018) about the role and about those sex scenes ...

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Feb 08 2018
The Queens' Messenger: A Brief History Of LGBTQ Characters, People, Mentions & Moments On (Mostly Primetime) U.S. TV — 1920s-2000 Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.02.48 PMIt's a journey ...

LGBTQ people have been around forever, albeit not always identified as such.

When we began to declare ourselves, especially when the media went national and electronic and visual, we began our ongoing struggle for tolerance and, eventually, acceptance, in order to possess a sense of self-esteem that would be backed up by legal rights.

It's been messy, it's included some unfortunate missteps, and it's always been a mix of frustrating, exhilarating, contentious and — in the case of the arts — insulting, entertaining or both.

I decided, in early 2017, to compile a list of TV moments featuring real or fictional LGBTQ people, major and minor (aren't they all major when you're a closeted kid in the Dust Bowl?) appearances that demonstrate the trajectory from “the love that dare not speak its name” to “we're here, we're queer” to GBF to where we are now, when LGBTQ characters are often included on TV and are often multi-dimensional, and when real-life LGBTQ people are all over television.

Donations Welcome If You Find This List Helpful:

In creating this list, which took the time it would take to write a book (something I'm doing next), I focused on 2000 and earlier. Of special interest are the firsts. There have been various important firsts on TV since Ellen's character came out as a lesbian in the '90s, but I believe that compiling a list of every gay reference on TV in the 2000s and 2010s would exponentially increase the size of this already unwieldy list, and — in my opinion — would be of marginal interest and import.

Notes: There are no known references in any way to homosexuality or to trans issues on TV from the advent of the first American TV station (1928) — although the first drama broadcast was called The Queen's Messenger — until 1954.

I am not counting appearances by real-life people who we now know were secretly gay, nor am I dwelling on the many instances of drag where they seem not to be about more than just getting a quick laugh.

People's birth and death dates are noted where possible, but only the first time I reference them, so if you see a name with no parenthetic birth/death date, it simply means he or she was on TV in a gay way earlier — just search the list.

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I used many resources to compile this list, including several invaluable Wikipedia lists (which, oddly, have many airdates out of order), printed references such as The Prime Time Closet: A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV by Stephen Tropiano, as well as my own memories of times I spotted gayness on the telly. I watched as many episodes as I could to be sure that existing episode descriptions were accurate (some were not) and to pull helpful visuals and freshly documented quotes. (You may also be interested in Sage Anastasi's list of gay characters, which goes beyond 2000!)

All that said, it would be next to impossible to get everything — or to get it all right, so:

Check this out, please share it on social media, and I welcome suggested fixes and additions:





1939_RCA_Television_AdvertisementBirth of a nation of idiots (Image via RCA)









1950-early '60s  Percy Dovetonsils character: Comic Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962) created a character called Percy Dovetonsils for his 1950 WPTZ series Three to Get Ready, a character he revisited over the years. Percy is effete, complete with spitcurls, a lisp, an ascot, loud clothing and racy comments that can only be seen as gay. “Are you really a gay ranchero?” he once asked, a clear allusion to homosexuality, and a very early — the first? — use of the word gay on TV in that context. He performed the character on his own shows and on other series, too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.47.01 PM“Theodore” goes wild (Video still via CBS)

1951  I Love LucyThe iconic sitcom (October 15, 1951-May 6, 1957) may offer the first televised reference — inference? — regarding homosexuality. In the “Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her” episode (November 5, 1951), the fourth one aired, Lucy (Lucille Ball, 1911-1989) reads a mystery novel and decides her husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz, 1917-1986) is trying to kill her. Reading a list of women's names he wrote down while on the phone, Lucy convinces herself he's planning to have affairs with them after she's killed. The final name on the list (which in reality is a list of trained dogs for Ricky's act) is “Theodore,” leading Lucy to give the camera a pop-eyed reaction of shock that clearly conveys her confusion as to why her husband is planning to have an affair with a man.

1954  Confidential File: Syndicated, local TV show aired on L.A. station KTTV that aired the episode “Homosexuals and the Problem They Present” (April 1954), which treated gayness as a social problem like alcoholism. The program was hosted by tabloid journalist Paul Coates (1921-1968), who said he wanted to shed light on the problem, but that he did not have solutions. The episode included interviews with a cop and a shrink, footage of a Mattachine Society Meeting and a peek inside a gay bar. Coates also showed the cover of a beefcake magazine as an example of a publication targeted at homosexual men.

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Feb 07 2018
Quincy Jones Casually Mentions That Brando Banged James Baldwin, Marvin Gaye & Richard Pryor Comments (0)


Ahead of a new Netflix documentary and an Oprah-run CBS special about his life, Quincy Jones granted a wide-ranging and no-fucks-given interview to Vulture, in which he took on plenty of sacred cows (the Beatles were lousy musicians, the Clintons keep secrets and were too influenced by Big Pharma, Oprah doesn't have the chops to be POTUS, Michael Jackson stole from Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper was a diva on “We Are the World,” the Mob murdered JFK).

The gay shit is the juiciest ...

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Feb 06 2018
Get Ready For The Boy Version Of Hayley Kiyoko's CURIOUS Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Jake Wilson)

Donald Romain does a mean Hayley Kiyoko, directed by Jake Wilson ...

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Feb 05 2018
Gay-Porn Murder Charge + Michigan & Costa Rica Go Anti-Gay + Joe Jonas: Beefcake By The Ocean + Trump Dr. Accidentally Tells Truth + Timberlake Bombs + Gay #MeToo + SNL's Best + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All of 'em, and Gronk, too.

Below: Keep reading for a porn star charged with murder, Michigan guv's anti-gay appointee, Costa Rica's anti-gay prez contender (he's winning), Joe Jonas gets THICK, gay model talks #MeToo, Trump Jr. gives away the game, Timberlake's lame Prince salute, Speedo freaks, Kylie's dream, Gowdy bails on Trump, and SNL hoots ...

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Feb 04 2018
Uma's Story + Gay Bar Eaten By Anti-Gay Church + Spice Girls Reunion + Rapp Speaks + Beck Bennett Booty + Rose McGowan Loses It + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: This evil child has the gall to wear a DAD BOD shirt.

Below: Keep reading for Uma Thurman on Weinstein and Tarantino, Rapp on Spacey, Spice Girls reunion, gay bar swallowed by anti-gay church, Beck Bennett's booty, another White House dud, Jeremy London's tragic mug shot, Reince on the hot seat, Hujar's hot photos, Dem aid, Rose McGowan's anti-trans freak-out and Lana Del Rey's alleged stalker ...

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Feb 01 2018
Davey Wavey Wants You To Turn On Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 5.57.19 PMDavey Wavey's new endeavor is, which from a press release is described as:

... about more than just beautiful, erotic videos. It's about experiencing the fullness of your sexuality and increasing pleasure through adventurous exploration and discovery. Davey’s goal is help gay men connect better with one another as well challenge men to learn more about themselves.

Keep reading for a message from the man himself ...

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