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Jun 06 2017
6-PACK — You Gotta Be Joshin' Me! + Trump & Trump Jr. Attack ... The London Mayor?! + Ellen Surprises Gay Dads + WSJ Bashes Trump's Tweets + No, You Can't Use The N-Word + Trans-Bashing In The U.K. Comments (0)

Josh-Duggar-Lawsuit-Ashley-Madison-LongDo not talk about what Josh Duggar did, guys! (Image via Facebook)

WIDGETDListed: Josh Duggar wants to sue for emotional distress because the media reported the fact that he molested his sisters. WOW.

WIDGETPolitico: Trump & his dumb-ass son are still attacking London's mayor. Great timing. Great priorities.

WIDGETYouTube @ The EllenShow: Watch Ellen surprise two loving gay dads:

WIDGETHuff Post: The conservative WSJ says Trump's tweeting is a major issue.

WIDGETDailyKos: When white people say their use of the N-word is all about context, they're right — but their idea of context is too narrow.

WIDGETPink News: Two moms, kids present, viciously go after a trans man on the tube in London.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.31.09 PMThese skanks need their children removed from their custody. (Video still via Facebook @ Naith Payton)

Jun 02 2017
Get Some More With Dr. Ruth! Comments (0)

Ruth-WestheimerTurn her on this weekend! (Video still via Shout! Factory)

Shout! Factory TV: Dr. Ruth is still talking about sex! A Shout! Factory special on her 89th birthday, June 3, will feature a live Q&A and snippets from her favorite eps of her TV show:

Jun 01 2017
Quad Pride: LGBTQ Classics Get Their Day At NYC's The Quad Comments (0)

John Waters Desperate Living(Image via New Line International)

After over 40 years as a beloved NYC arthouse, The Quad was recently revamped as, well, a much nicer arthouse!

All throughout June, The Quad is playing gay classics — some of which are not to be missed.

What's in store:

1S7WvJzVXmqqIFuneral Parade of Roses

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969), Dir. Toshio Matsumoto — June 9

This kaleidoscopic panorama of Tokyo’s drag queen underground at the tail end of the ’60s remains one of the great underseen works of LGBTQ cinema. With its explicit nudity and drug use, stunning visual allusions to graphic design and comic books, and wild fluctuations between narrative and documentary, the late Matsumoto’s debut is truly revolutionary. Stanley Kubrick famously cited it as a major influence on A Clockwork Orange, but there’s never been another film like it, before or since. A Cinelicious Pics release.

In Japanese with English subtitles

World premiere of new 4K restoration from the original camera negative

Work (1996), Dir. Rachel Reichman — June 12

The second feature by Rachel Reichman—also the acclaimed editor of Hitchcock/Truffaut—follows an unhappily married woman torn between her need for work and a budding romance with the college-bound woman next door. Told with a remarkable attention to the struggles and joys of everyday life, Work is a crucial, oft-overlooked entry into the canon of American regional cinema. Part of the ongoing series, "Underexposed."

With Rachel Reichman in person

GiphyBoys in the Sand

Boys in the Sand (1971), Dir. Wakefield Poole — June 15

The explicit debut feature from Broadway director and dancer Wakefield Poole—following the sexcapades of Casey Donovan on Fire Island—became a cultural sensation during its original NYC run. Poole: “I wanted [to make] a film that gay people could look at and say, 'I don't mind being gay—it's beautiful to see those people do what they're doing.’” Part of the new monthly series, "Coming Out Again" presented in collaboration with NewFest.

NY premiere of 2K restoration

With Wakefield Poole in person

Giphy-1The Delta

Also, The Quad's monthly Quadrophilia series gets a Queer Edition with the following LGBTQ-interest works, showing June 14-19:

Cabaret (1972), Dir. Bob Fosse

La Cérémonie (1995), Dir. Claude Chabrol

Death in Venice (1971), Dir. Luchino Visconti

The Delta (1996), Dir. Ira Sachs

Desperate Living (1977), Dir. John Waters

Glen or Glenda? (1953), Dir. Ed Wood

Nowhere (1997), Dir. Gregg Araki

Paris Was a Woman (1996), Dir. Greta Schiller

More Info Here!

May 31 2017
6-PACK — This Game Is Making Me Thirsty + Another NYC Landmark Vanishes + Shower Power + Cooper's Tweet Is A Written Version Of Him Holding Up Kathy Griffin's Severed Head + Hammer Time! Comments (0)

Gay-video-game-coming-out-on-topThank God all gays have the perfect V torso. (Images via

WIDGETtheOUTfront: I thought Joust was a good preparation for bottoming, but wait until you get a load of this actual gay erotic video game.

Gay-video-gameYeah, he's a regular Joan Rivers.

WIDGETHuff Post: Trump plans to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Deal — following the lead of Nicaragua and Syria.

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Another piece of New York City (and Madonna) history just went kaput.

WIDGETBosGuy: Buncha naked jocks in the shower, grinning ear to ear, and I'm s'posed to come up with a clever caption?!

WIDGETExtraTV: Anderson Cooper piles on New Year's Eve co-host Kathy Griffin, manages to fit  “appalled,” “disgusting” and “completely inappropriate” in one tweet.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Armie Hammer — who's into rough sex — jokes that he enjoys punching during sex while also discussing if he got boned up kissing Leonardo DiCaprio.

Armie-HammerJ. Edgar sucked, but at least the Leo lip-lock was good for Armie. (Video still via Bravo)

May 29 2017
Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream To Argue Against Conversion Therapy Comments (0)

Bill-Nye(Video still via Bill Nye)

Bill Nye's got a delicious response to those who insist gay people can stop being gay ...

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May 27 2017
25 Years Later, Madonna's STILL Too Hot To Handle — UPDATE: EROTICA Wins! Comments (0)

Giphy(GIF via Warner Bros.)

UPDATE: After fan outcry, Madonna's video was restored. Thanks to Robert Price for the news.



Madonna's “Erotica” was censored by MTV upon its release in 1992, shown briefly (thrice!) and then exiled.

Decades later, it popped up on YouTube along with all of her other memorable and not-so-memorable videos, where it remained for years.

Now, out of the blue, YouTube has decided “Erotica” violated its terms of service, and has removed it

Probably the work of anti-Madonna stans with too much time on their hands and very short-sighted visions — hurt (ha) Madonna, even if it's a blow against sexual expression.


Vimeo has it ... 

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May 26 2017
6-PACK — I'm Digging Taye's Selfie + Disney Star Chokes The Mouse + Trump's LONG Russian Ties + Even Boehner Says Trump's A DISASTER + I Always Feel Like Somebody's Arresting Me + BOYS Galore! Comments (0)

Taye DiggsOh, Taye! (Image via ABC)

WIDGETBoy Culture Tumblr (Work Unfriendly): Taye Diggs (accidentally?) posted a pic of his bare butt to Snapchat!

WIDGETGay Fleshbot (Work Unfriendly): Disney Channel star Kenton Duty does his duty solo in this leaked video.

WIDGETJoe.My.God.: Nobel Peace Prize winner recalls Trump begging for Russia position 31 years ago!

WIDGETHuff Post: John Boehner says Trump has been “a complete disaster.”

WIDGETDListed: Rockwell — yes, the '80s singer/son of Berry Gordy — was arrested for assaulting his maid.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Your chance to watch the acclaimed shorts in Boys on Film 16: Possession, including Pyotr495.

Pyotr495(Image via Pyotr495)

In All The Wrong Places Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.44.46 AM(Image via Craigslist)

Gee, I don't think you'll find love in the casual-sex listings on Craigslist.


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