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Feb 13 2015
Mr. Man-ganiello! Comments (0)
  Joe manganiello Joe-maganiello-shirtless-people-430x573 Joe-manganiello-8-435 Joe-manganiello-shirtless-pool-boy-for-mens-health-august-2013-01 Joe-manganiello-shirtless-true-blood-33 Joemanganiello-shirtless-miami-09 Joe

If you haven't checked out Mr. Man, check out some of Joe Manganiello's hottest pics in the gallery then click on the below image (or here) and see what you've been mistering:

Feb 12 2015
I Want Your Gay Sex Comments (0)


Leo Herrera's 3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes is hard to look away from...

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Feb 11 2015
Butter Up! Comments (0)


The world's first gay infomercial, starring Dean Monroe...

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Feb 08 2015
Coming To An End Comments (0)


The Unicorn (277 W. 22nd, NYC, NY) is about to take off. After many years of selling porn and providing private booth in which to...look at it...the Chelsea storefront is closing Sunday, February 15, at 2AM.

Until it closes, there's an amazing 50% off sale.

Next up: The Unicorn's manager tells me everything will move into Les Hommes (217-B W. 80th St., 2nd Fl., NYC, NY between Broadway and Amsterdam) and that all involved are fixing it up to meet the standards of The Unicorn.

Feb 06 2015
Best In/Out Show Comments (0)

It's that time again!

Feb 05 2015
Jezebel To Madonna: Please Just Hurry Up And Die Comments (0)


Madonna's “Living for Love” video (directed by J.A.C.K.) is a definite return to form, a “Human Nature”-like interpretive dance piece with a bullfighting theme. She even pre-empts any animal-rights brouhaha by ending it with a Nietzsche quote that agrees that people are brutes.

The video was wisely released via Snapchat, a smart way to get older people to try Snapchat and to present young Snapchatters with a top-notch Madonna video.

LinkedIn totally gets it.

The anti-female feminists at Jezebel think that—regardless of the content of the video—Madonna is “desperately clinging to the youth” by using Snapchat. (Maybe because the person who wrote the piece is a guy?)

Snapchat is a mode of delivery, nothing more. Would Jezebel have been more comfortable if the video were made available via pony express?

Jesus, I can't wait to see what the sourpusses of Jezebel say when someone points out that Madonna sings about her pussy juice on Rebel Heart.

Feb 04 2015
Need To Know: How To Get Away With Spring Outfits + Schocking Truth + MAGIC MIKE XXL Struts Its Stuff + IMITATION Insincerest Form? + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureHow to Get Away With Murder's Jack Falahee covers Out.

*widget boy cultureNot-gay Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Illinois) looooves Downton Abbey.

*widget boy culture21st annual Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover is here!

*widget boy cultureJeremy Renner outed as a gun nut.

*widget boy cultureShocking images of plane as it's crashing.

*widget boy cultureMagic Mike XXL teaser trailer after the jump below...

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.50.00 AMMagic Mike XXL: Here's Bomer!

*widget boy cultureDid you find The Imitation Game cowardly and timid?

*widget boy cultureVivica A. Fox hates Kenya Williams. A lot.

*widget boy cultureNew sexy book by Maurice Heerdink.

Maurice-HeerdinkHow's it hangin'?

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper is dangerous propaganda...says an American sniper.

*widget boy cultureEven Gwen Stefani knows her marriage lasting has been miraculous.

*widget boy cultureThis seems like a good use of your money.

*widget boy cultureThe right wing is anti-vaccination and also against clean hands.

Tumblr_nj70ztTMUF1tin2txo10_r1_500You've got 25 songs to choose from, pigs.

*widget boy cultureCool set of gifs for all of Madonna's new songs.

*widget boy culture“We have waited 10 years for new Madonna music...”

*widget boy cultureDifferent versions, covers for Rebel Heart.

*widget boy cultureA review of Britney Spears's new, um, blow dryer...after the jump...

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Jan 29 2015
Miiiiike: I Fuck, That's What I Do Comments (0)


Florence Henderson is 80 and proud to have a friend with benefits. Isn't that what Sam was to Alice?