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Mar 07 2013
Need To Know: Dick Flick, We Have A Rinna, Marriage For MI, On The Drag + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureAndy Dick appears in all-star XXX flick for homocon Michael Lucas. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureShia LaBeouf douchetastically releases e-mails in Broadway kerfluffle.

*widget boy cultureCould Michigan be the next state with full marriage equality? Silver-Spoons-Ricky Schroder-Joel-Higgins-Anderson-Cooper-Lisa-Rinna

*widget boy cultureWhy Tennessee won't be the next state with full marriage equality.

*widget boy culturePR's unappealing gay adoption ruling appealed.

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper facilitates, Lisa Rinna photobombs, Silver Spoons reunion.

*widget boy cultureThese Tupperware tips are a real drag.

*widget boy cultureSydney Mardi Gras victim of police brutality grants TV interview.

*widget boy cultureAnother Christian prick won't sell to gays, citing "relationship with Jesus Christ."

*widget boy cultureBe-londés have more fun?

Beyonce-world-tour-03062013Beyoncé touring as a blonde? Now  you Knowles.

Jun 18 2012
Shia In LaBeouf Comments (5)

Shia LaBeouf goes full-frontal in a new video by Sigur Ros called "Fjogur piano". Meanwhile, his bare dick is okay on YouTube but a video I uploaded last month of Andy Mills's bare ass was ruled "obscene" and removed—a decision that was held up on appeal.

Jul 09 2011
Too Shia Shy Comments (5)


Shia LaBeouf—who seems, er, troubled—looks, er, hot on and in Details (August 2011). Cover story here.


I knew how to properly spell "Shia LaBeouf" before all y'all bitches even knew who he was! That's because I used to cover him on his teen show Even Stevens, still one of Disney Channel's best efforts. Keep reading to see him how he looked when I (kinda) knew him 10 years ago...

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