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Sep 13 2014
Oh, I See They've Lowered The Age Of Consent For Porn To 12 Comments (0)


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Shirtless-boyMore New York City boys in their natural habitat if you follow me on Instagram!

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Just cleaning out my files a bit; Kian from Westlife in the early '00s, in a shot obviously homaging Herb Ritts.

Sep 12 2014
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Via Calvin Klein.

Blond TARZAN Star & Body Beautiful Denny Miller Dies @ 80 Comments (0)
  Dennymiller3 Denny-miller-ape-man DennyMiller2  Dm2TarzanDenny

April 25, 1934—September 9, 2014

You may not instantly recognize the name Denny Miller, but if you're a fan of '60s and '70s TV like Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, the one-time “Tarzan”'s face and his physique almost have to ring a bell.

Miller, who played exactly the type Julie Brown so adores—big 'n' stupid— and who brought a child-like quality to his on-screen muscleman characters, had died at age 80 at his home in Las Vegas.

I got to meet him at a semi-recent autograph show. Nice man. Sorry to see Tarzan swing on out of here.

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Pecs-nipples-hairyDamn hot guys like this on my Instagram...follow me!

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Bad news for Classic Joke Wednesdays on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is good news for lovers of big muscle...

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