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Feb 14 2018
Fleshback: The Absolute Horst Comments (0)

732389(Image by Horst)

I'm not a porn star, but if I were, this would be on my Amazon wish list. Auction here.

Zac Efron In Dis-Harmony + Trump's Lawyer's New Lie + Daley & Black: We'll Be Dads Soon! + Trump Jr. vs. Rippon, Adrian Escobar Nekkid + Shawn Mendes Almost Nekkid + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: It's that time of the year again!

Below: Keep reading for Zac Efron's questionable new role, Trump's lawyer's questionable new Stormy claim, Daley & Black becoming daddies, Trump Jr. going after Adam Rippon, Canada gay gold, Adrian Escobar naked, fur-tastic hottie, Shawn Mendes melts holes everywhere, an end of the world, Bristol Palin loses her latest man and a No Wave party at MoMA...

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Feb 13 2018
Starry-Eyed: Hollywood Show Hijinks Comments (0)

IMG_9414-768x576(Image via Playgirl)

I spent a fun day at The Hollywood Show, where I encountered 33 (!) stars of the '50s on.

Click here to have a read!

TED Talk: Empathy Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.08.23 PM(Video still via YouTube @TEDx Talks)

Check out gay entrepreneur Chris Gernon's TED Talk regarding his company's — Fugitives — take on how to create empathy through the use of virtual reality ...

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Feb 12 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: Bare Citizen Takes Itself Literally Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Bare Citizen)

Bare Citizen is a new underwear brand whose latest video features bubble-bootied Rhys Sachett ...

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Obamas Make It National Portrait Gallery-Official + The Firing Of A Sacred Lesbian + Sessions: Great White Dope + Sexy Books + RIP Vic Damone + Trans Web Series + Trumps Encounter White Powder + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: This promotional gambit is a bit of a stretch.

Below: Keep reading for the Obamas' official portraits, a lesbian fired for posting wedding pix, Sessions going full-tilt white supremacist, a series of sexy brothers, RIP to 2 entertainment greats, a trans Web series, Trumps + white powder = trouble, Kenworthy ogles South Korean junk, boxer wants gays dead, Gillibrand doubles down on Franken and a modern strip-o-gram...

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You're Welcome: CHULO Underwear Comments (0)

IMG_1473(All images by Wilson Models)

I had to miss the latest — and greatest?! — CHULO Underwear event, held at the Museum of Sex in NYC.

IMG_1501CHULO's Ricardo Muniz soaks up the adulation after the big event!

Luckily, my buddy Jeff of Wilson Models was on hand to capture the fashions and the boys in all their glory ...

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Davey Wavey Wants You To Get Off — And Get In — With Comments (0)

23596232_1984149308523700_5044257626783744000_nHats off to Davey Wavey ... (Image via Davey Wavey)

You know Davey Wavey for his many years of sexy, funny, creative vlogs, but he's now getting a bit more serious with, a site meant to explore gay sex unabashedly — with less of a wink and more of a think.

The sex is real, so while it's pornographic, it also has a sort of sex-surrogate vibe, a physiological and psychological bent, more than an urgency to hit obvious fetishes and rake in horny, later regretful, dollars.

Give it a peek, and keep reading for my chat with Davey ...

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