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Jun 06 2016
Midnight Snack: Brad Murphy Comments (0)
Jun 05 2016
6-PACK — Nick Bate-material + Russian Thugs On Gay Dating Apps + Hillary To Call For Unity, Bernie To Call For Disunity + Bernie Draws Line At Violence + Richard Simmons Wasn't Okay On Friday + Selena Gomez Will Play Sun City, But Read Why! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.47.54 PMNick Bateman's front is nice, too. (Image via Instagram @Nick_Bateman)

*widget boy cultureNick Bateman just flashed his bare booty on Instagram over which his 4.9 million followers may now drool.

*widget boy cultureGangs in Russia are targeting gay men for blackmail after rooting them out on dating sites.

*widget boy cultureHillary expects Bernie to call for unity after Tuesday, when she will become the presumptive nominee; Bernie attacks the Clinton Foundation.

*widget boy culturePerhaps sensing the mob mentality his own rhetoric has enabled, Sanders directly calls on followers to halt violence at rallies.

*widget boy cultureRichard Simmons was taken to Cedars-Sinai after exhibiting “unusually bizarre behavior.” (Note the unusually.) He was released the next day. No word on cause.

*widget boy cultureSelena Gomez will go ahead with her NC gig, but made sure venue has gender-neutral bathrooms and will donate a portion of proceeds to LGBT causes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.54.50 PMSelena Gomez (Video still via Instagram @selenagomez)

Jun 03 2016
Meet A Model Comments (0)

IMG_5652(Image via Andres Fitness)

Andres Fitness chats with model DJ Lantz about his fitness routine and how he broke into the biz.

Wondering how he got his nice abs? Well, not by sitting around on his nice ass. Check out his usual workout schedule:

Monday: Legs/ abs

Tuesday: Chest/ Triceps/ abs

Wednesday: Cardio/ abs

Thursday: Back/ Bis/ abs

Friday: Shoulders/ abs

Saturday:Cardio/ abs

Sunday: Rest.

And there you have it. On the seventh day, this god-like man rests.

HEAT INDEX — Tarzan, Too + Football Fanny + Shower Power + Scott Gardner's Sexiest Shot + Parkour Pants + Colton Haynes's Blond Ambition + Hot Mugshot Dude's Big Move + Eye-Popping Illustrations! Comments (0)

A photo posted by Bobby G. (@bobbyatgloss) on

FRUIT OF HIS LOINS: Classic film fan pays homage to Tarzan—ABOVE.

TOUCHDOWN-THERE: Football-holding hunk flashes junk-filled trunk. (Work Unfriendly)


 SCOTT THE GARDNER: Young model who never disappoints: 

 PARKOUR LOVERS CAN'T LOSE: Picking the right undies.

ParkourFeature(Video still via The Underwear Expert)

BLOND LEADING THE BLOND: Platinum Colton Haynes is collared.

GOING HOLLYWOOD: Hot felon heads to La-La Land.

DRAWN TO THEM: Sexy illustrations by Yossi Madar.

9a966b32014879.566a9bb835d97(Image by Yossi Madar)

Oooh—She Did It Again: New Britney Music Video Underway Comments (0)

Day one: ✔️

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Britney Spears seems to be remaking “Work Bitch,” surrounding herself with male hotties for her new “Make Me (Oooh)” music video, which she teased on Instagram.

Her new album is coming up next, and the single should drop sometime in July.

You're Welcome: Matthew Bartholomew Comments (0)

307(Image via Instagram @matthewbartholomew)

Matthew Bartholomew is just about anybody's wet dream. (Not everybody's, but come on.)

Much more of him here.

6-PACK — Britney Sings! + FROG AND TOAD ARE (MORE THAN) FRIENDS + His 1st Gay Bar + End The Ban On Trans Service Members? + Trump Goes Full Racist On Judge + Addicted To This Swimwear! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Rare footage of Britney Spears singing—actually singing—surfaces. This was same era when I interviewed her and asked her if she enjoyed dancing (!).

*widget boy cultureFrog and Toad Are Friends was a same-sex love story by a gay man: “[They are] of the same sex, and they love each other. It was quite ahead of its time in that respect.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.36.25 PMI wish I had encountered this on my first trip to a gay bar! (Video still via Evan L.)

*widget boy cultureNewly out millennial reports on his very first gay bar and his very first drag show.

*widget boy cultureGay Sec. of the Army hints at a long-overdue lifting of the still-in-effect ban on transgender service members.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump is openly attacking the judge in his Trump U case for the man's Mexican heritage: “It's an inherent conflict of interest.” I guess since Trump's a bigot?

*widget boy cultureAddicted swimwear's scorching-hot “Summer of Love” campaign pays loose homage to the '60s. Or something.

Addicted-summer2016-31(Image via Addicted)

Jun 02 2016
Come In Pairs: New Modus Vivendi Lines Comments (0)
  1.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 2.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 3.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 4.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 5.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 6.MV-ContrastLine-Lifestyle With Logo 1.MV-TowelLine-LifestylePics With Logo 2.MV-TowelLine-LifestylePics With Logo 3.MV-TowelLine-LifestylePics With Logo 4.MV-TowelLine-LifestylePics With Logo 5.MV-TowelLine-LifestylePics With Logo
(All images by Photography: P2Photography)
From a press release:
Showing a great passion for men's fashion, Modus Vivendi releases two original lines from its extensive swimwear collection for 2016. The first is called Contrast and features swimwear designs handcrafted with fabrics of the same colour but different finish. Mat and shiny panels are mixed to create a fresh take on classic swim briefs and swim trunks styles. The second line is called Towel and comprises shorts made from towelling and the unique beach towels by Modus Vivendi. The shorts are in a retro style with deep curved, sexy sides and the original towels feature buttons which can transform them into a very practical and stylish men's pareo. Both, shorts and towels, are available in four colours and four sizes.
The campaign of these new lines takes place in Greece, the home of Modus Vivendi. Greek models Sotiris Thomaidis and Alexandros Kaltsidis pose on the sunny beach photographed by the talented team of P2Photography. The heart warming images have references to the half mat, half shiny look of the Contrast swimwear and the relaxed and confident style of the Towel line.

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