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Oct 16 2012
Honey Boo BObama Comments (2)
Honey Boo Boo Barack Obama

Honey Boo Boo (reluctantly) endorses Barack Obama for president...

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Nov 23 2010
She Holds That Office Very SRSLY Comments (5)

S-MEGHAN-MCCAIN-KICK-OBAMAS-ASS-large Meghan McCain has recently made a big, honkin' deal about the sacrosanct aspect of the presidency, saying it was "unbelievably desperate and sad" for President Obama—in trying to lure young voters to the polls this month—to have submitted to some questioning by the likes of Ryan Seacrest
(on whose show she has asked to appear more than once, although she isn't the PRESIDENT, of course).

"I'm one of the people that still holds the office of the Presidency very seriously," Meghan McCain says.

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