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Mar 30 2012
Hammering It Home Comments (2)

Armie Hammer is well cast as a prince in Mirror Mirror, yet another cutesy filmic take on a fairy tale. In his Entertainment Weekly (March 30, 2012) profile, he asserts he and his wife support themselves with no cash from his family fortune, discusses being terrified to audition for The Social Network and remembers having ringworm multiple times while living barefoot in the Cayman Islands, the infamous tax haven where his dad moved based on liking how it looked in The Firm.


Jan 28 2011
Truth In Advertising Comments (1)

The year's 10 best-picture nominees' posters are reimagined much more literally.

Jan 17 2011
And The Winners Aren't Comments (13)

Now that the Golden Globes are all over, and now that they had not one surprise among the winners in film, I really hope the fucking Oscars won't feel the need to be Natalie-portman-black-swan different and reward people other than the expected winners. It's fine when a surprise win happens, but increasingly, it feels like the Oscars—coming at the end of the season—reward surprise winners just for the sake of being different. That's disappointing, because if Natalie Portman and The Social Network are winning everything, maybe it's a little boring, but it's also probably because they deserve it...and how annoying to win everything EXCEPT the top prize, and then only because the top prize is handed out last. (Remembering poor Brokeback Mountain.)

Dec 23 2010
One-Man Armie Comments (3)

Kid Cudi and Justin Chatwin are also featured, but IMHO, the focal point of GQ (January 2011)'s "Spring Style Preview" by Ben Watts is dreamy Armie Hammer, one of the best-looking actors...ever? Ever.

Much more of him after the jump...

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Dec 14 2010
I Jennifer Love To Hate You Comments (13)

Jennifer-love-hewitt-topLoves me some Golden Globes

I love awards season; I love it and I love to hate it. I used to prepare detailed lists of all my predictions with friends and then we'd score our psychotic psychic abilities. It was bad.

Today, the Golden Globes were announced. Full list here. It was funny to be watching Sofia Coppola's Somewhere last night knowing the Globes were coming—there's a scene involving foreign journalists that's as funny as it is false (more on this interesting movie Friday).

My thoughts (and please feel free to reply, telling me where I'm crazy):

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Nov 09 2010
Like! Comments (2)

From Italian Vanity Fair (3 Novembre 2010), close-up looks at the men of The Social Network:

It v fair 3 novembre

Justin's portrait is after the jump...

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