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Jan 03 2013
Need To Know: Music Notes Comments (1)

Ke$ha-bisexualGirl talk

*widget boy cultureBI YOUNG: Ke$ha to Seventeen: "I don't love just men." PPage1

*widget boy cultureJake Shears is a Queen.

*widget boy cultureSouth Korean popstar might face jail time over AWOL hook-up.

*widget boy cultureSexy Asher Monroe's "Why Worry" contest. You do wanna meet him.

*widget boy culturePatti Page dies at 85.

*widget boy cultureTrey Songz reacts to same-sex kiss pic.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson + Jennifer Hudson team up to lose lbs., make $.

*widget boy cultureStarbucks serves some steaming "Same Love".

*widget boy cultureMadonna's stalker breaks up with her.

Robert-LinhartLike a stalker

Sep 10 2012
Ugly Americans In Ugly Clothes Comments (5)

Hollister-model-does-politically-questionable-facial-expressionModel Vince Sant makes an ass of himself

Hollister brought in a gaggle of models to hype its South Korean opening (why it was important that they use white models instead of locals is an interesting debate), only to find that several of them were openly mocking Asians on Twitter. One surreptitiously gave press photographers the finger. This won't do much to combat stereotypes of Americans as xenophobic assholes, let alone to combat stereotypes of models as dimwits.

Any modelizers recognize the other offenders?


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