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Oct 08 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Good Touch Comments (0)
  RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--20 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--21 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--22 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--23 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--24 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--25 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--26 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--28 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--29 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--30 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--31 RegressionMarlonVULKANImageAmplified--32
Part one of “Regression” by Troy Wise stars Marlon Courbin, and is styled by Rick Guzman. Clothing by: Kenzo, Addicted, Moschino, Squeeze.Dog, Vans, Topman, Converse Chuck Taylor II’s, Adidas Originals, Diesel, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Tom Ford. The spread is from Vulkan magazine.
It's pretty amazing.
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Oct 04 2015
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  Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (8) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (4) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (9) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (10) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (11) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (12) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (14) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (17) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (18) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (19) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (22) Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (23)
Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (25)Modus Vivendi announces its new Candy Line of underwear and sportswear.  The campaign was shot in Barcelona by Gavin Harrison with models Gerard Casper Vack and Victor Manuel.

From a press release:

Continuing the launch of Modus Vivendi’s new autumn/winter 2015/16 collection is the release of a new, upbeat line of men’s underwear and sportswear: Candy! Made of the finest Italian velvet, Modus Vivendi’s new line is stylish and fun, confident and spirited. Using three vibrant colours, fuchsia, turquoise and warm yellow, Modus Vivendi sets the trend for this autumn’s menswear,  with uplifting tones and versatile designs that you can wear at the gym, at home, or even as funky streetwear. Underwear comes in three simple styles: briefs, backless briefs and jocks. The sportswear range comprises 80’s inspired shorts, muscle tanktops, loose fitting pants and a unique hoodie that combines all three colours. Sweet!

The campaign for the Candy Line was shot in Barcelona. None other than English photographer Gavin Harrison set to work to show off the bold colours of this new line, selecting a wide range of hip locations to reflect the versatility of the clothes. Introducing two new men in the world of modelling, Gerard Casper Vack of Marlene Agency and Victor Manuel, the campaign shots are fresh, sharp and playfully provocative. Just like Candy!


Underwear: Modus Vivendi
Photographer: Gavin Harrison
Models: Gerard Casper Vack (Marlene Agency), Victor Manuel
Photo assistant: Chris Tilley
Video making: Gavin Harrison
Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Mv-candy line-full shooting -logo on (16)

Keep reading for a hot video of the shoot ...

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Oct 03 2015
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  Jm41 Jm11 Jm21 Jm31 Jm91

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Australian brand teamm8 always raises the bar when it comes to strong and powerful underwear campaigns. Their images and underwear always evoke a feeling of endurance. With distinct detailing and bold color choices, the teamm8 Stadium campaign is no exception. Each item in the Stadium Collection is stylish and fashionable, but with the teamm8’s classic, masculine aesthetic. They can take the color pink and turn it into a pink brief suitable for an active man, and in a way, redefine what it means to be masculine.

Each piece in the teamm8 Stadium Collection can give you the confidence you need to separate yourself from the ordinary, without having to stray from stylish simplicity. Model Sil Visser sports the collection in the teamm8 Stadium campaign, set where else but an arena/stadium setting. His powerful physique is set up against the equally rugged and stoic backdrop. This leaves the vibrance of each pair of underwear to contrast beautifully against the stone background. Something about the hard, concrete walls highlights each and every color and makes them look all the more radiant.

Photographer Martijn Smouter captures Sil in various poses, each emphasizing his meticulously sculpted features, and the teamm8 Stadium underwear of course. The metallic waistband featured on each pair of shines brilliantly in the natural sunlight, effortlessly accenting Sil’s lower abs. And then the collection’s stripe design does the same to the rest of what’s being covered.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert. 

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.

Oct 02 2015
Jock Of The Month Club OFFER Comments (0)


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Oct 01 2015
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  _DSC6002 _DSC6006 _DSC5968 _DSC6063
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Enjoy Shawn Alexander Ergowear as shot by Armando Adajar.
Sep 24 2015
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David Rest in Marcuse by Armando Adajar.

Sep 23 2015
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