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Apr 14 2016
Well, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ... Bryan Hawn's New Video Isn't A Parody Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.12.13 PM(Video still via Bryan Hawn)

Bryan Hawn—who's got one of the year's hottest bodies—catches a lot of flak for doing sexualized parodies of pop hits, like that is somehow breaking the world or dragging gay people down. Shrugs. I think it's all in good fun, and I commend anyone who can make a good living doing something that provides escapism.

UnnamedCheck out my interview with Bryan here! (Image via Bryan Hawn)

But if you're a purist, here, Hawn shows off more than just his prize-winning (at least, is should win a prize if it hasn't) booty: His newest video is set to his original composition, “What Do You Know” ...

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Apr 12 2016
You're Welcome: Adam Beck Comments (0)
  12043089_969442873112511_8666407354724250549_n 11254566_969443036445828_859700616758180320_o 12019995_969443646445767_7075572524189450371_n 12045547_969443723112426_7574416245990584188_o 12049299_969444186445713_205853994725789403_n

 (Images in the above gallery by Guy Croisiaux/

You can gawk at Adam Beck, a 20-year-old Czech, doing jumping jacks and other warm-ups in the video below, or ogle him in the pictures in the gallery ...

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Sow Your Wild Corey Oates Comments (0)

He's 6'4", 231 lbs. and looks outstanding in a Speedo. He is Corey Oates, and he makes me think a flight to Australia would feel shortish.

Apr 07 2016
You're Welcome Comments (0)

IMG_6285(Image via

Check out 19-year-old Lithuanian fitness buff Albert in a video after the jump ...

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Apr 05 2016
6-PACK — TOUGH LOVE 2 + You Know You're Gay When You're In TRUTH OR DARE + Mississippi & North Carolina Beg For Gay Boycotts + Archie & Jughead As Sex Symbols? + Boys & Bunnies! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureEpisode 2 of Tough Love. Images

*widget boy cultureMadonna's dancer knew he was gay after seeing himself in Truth or Dare.

*widget boy cultureDraconian, anti-gay “religious freedom” bill signed into law in Mississippi.

*widget boy culturePayPal bails out of North Carolina over anti-gay law.

*widget boy cultureWhy are Archie & Jughead so f*ckable suddenly?

*widget boy culturePortis Wasp, boys and bunnies for Bazaar


New Collage: @iamdiegomiguel for @charliebymz // Collage by @portiswasp1 #Disneyvoyeur

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Greg Louganis To Get His First-Ever Wheaties Box Comments (0)

351107These three boxes will be on sale from May through the summer. (Image via General Mills)

Over 30 years after his 1984 sweep of the 3m and 10m diving events in the Summer Olympics, out athlete Greg Louganis will finally be honored with a Wheaties box.

An online petition for Louganis to receive the honor attracted 41,000 signatures. It seems pretty safe to guess that homophobia kept Louganis off the box in the '80s; he didn't come out until 1994, but certainly there were plenty of rumors, and those may well have led Wheaties to back away from the champion diver.

Four-time gold medalist Janet Evans and Guinness World Record title-holder Edwin Moses—who along with Louganis were both previously overlooked—will also be honored with their own boxes.

Apr 01 2016
Fun With Dick And Jan Comments (0)

Rihanna work 2

Would you rather listen to tiresome grumps bitching about thirsty gay Internet stars, or watch a short, fun, revealing parody of Rihanna's “Work” starring Bryan Hawn and Brad Jan?

Keep reading to watch ...

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Mar 24 2016
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)

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