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Jan 25 2016
6-PACK — Drudge Prefers To Give + Mama Madonna Has Mercy + Apple Of Pope's Eye + Speedo Stud + 2 LABYRINTH-ians + Mammo-Gran! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 3.59.52 PMAnti-gay gay

*widget boy cultureMatt Drudge gifts $700K home to dude he's lived with 11 years. Images

*widget boy cultureMadonna sings “Happy Birthday” to her 10-year-old unapologetic bitch.

*widget boy culturePope Francis meets out Apple CEO Tim Cook. Suck it, Kim. 

*widget boy culturePERFECT 10: Fit & fuzzy in a Speedo.

*widget boy cultureJim Henson & David Bowie's Labyrinth getting a remake.

*widget boy cultureMamie Van Doren, turning 85 in February, goes nude. Images

IMG_1882smlMamie's mammaries

Jan 22 2016
The Lust Boat: Bryan Hawn Spawns 2 New Bubble-Butted Parodies For Landlubbers Comments (0)


Bryan Hawn sent me a video postcard from his latest excursion, which was on a boat, motherfuckers. (You'll understand that as you continue reading.) This time, he's got not one, but two asstastic parodies, both filmed at sea.

No harm, no foul, because you just know this bitch can't possibly drown ...

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6-PACK — Colby Says CHEESE! + Oscar Rx + Hairy Stud + Madonna's Ex Book + Trump Thumpin' + BI WOLF Comments (0)

Colby-Keller-Vivienne-WestwoodGetting fashionably laid

*widget boy cultureGay porn star Colby Keller is the face of ... Vivienne Westwood??? 

*widget boy cultureHow to fix the Oscars.

*widget boy cultureMuscles + body hair + Speedo + piercing = hot.

*widget boy cultureMadonna correctly IDs Guy Ritchie as a cunt.

*widget boy cultureMajor conservatives come out AGAINST Trump.

*widget boy cultureMeet Cody Saintgnue, Teen Wolf's first bi in the pack

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Jan 20 2016
King Cobra: How To Get Ronaldo's Ronaldo-ness Comments (0)

569fa8881f00005000216461Girl power!

Cristiano Ronaldo covers GQ's Body Issue, and the images of him are definitely giving me body issues.

In the piece, readers are told how to achieve the cobra-like quality of Ronaldo's upper body when it's hyper-extended:

1. Pull-ups. “Start off with pull-ups or chin-ups,” says Carlos Frias, an L.A.-area trainer. For pull-ups, place your hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width, with your palms facing in. Pull your shoulder blades together—picture yourself pulling your elbows into your ribs—while lifting yourself up until your chin’s even with the bar.

2. Chin-ups. Same concept, just with palms facing outward. “This way’s more of a combination between your lats and biceps,” Brathwaite says.

3. Hit the lat machine. Pretty self-explanatory—but keep in mind that, to determine how much you’re lifting, you need to subtract the machine’s weight from your body mass (so if you weigh 180 and put the pin at 50 pounds, you’re actually lifting 130 pounds).

More on Ronaldo here.

Jan 13 2016
You're Welcome Comments (0)
  Unnamed-1 Unnamed-2 Unnamed-3 Unnamed-4 Unnamed

Your new Internet crush Xavier Gutierrez.

Jan 10 2016
Guydar: Canary Islands + Rugby Studs - Swimsuits = HEAVEN Comments (0)
  IMG_4809 Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.34.01 PM  Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.36.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.35.30 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.36.44 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.35.30 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.39.40 PM

One of my spies in the Canary Islands reports that an Under-21 (but don't worry, they're not way under) rugby team from the Czech Republic is staying at his hotel.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.32.19 PM

Apparently, the guys had no proper swimsuits, so are making do with cycle shorts and, gulp, underwear, not necessarily caring that the lack of a lining means a total lack of modesty.


Check out the images, which represent the canary in the coal mine of decency.

Jan 08 2016
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
  Yellow8 Yellow2 Yellow5 Yellow6 Yellow7

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

If you’ve seen our New Year’s Eve video, you know that yellow underwear is said to bring wealth in the new year. Wear a yellow pair when the ball drops, and you’ll see more green in your pockets. With that in mind, consider these featured pairs of yellow underwear your good luck charms. Wear one of these and you’ll get lucky in more ways than one.

Model Jacob Anton wears boxer briefs, briefs and trunks in our photoshoot, each designed by a brand that does something a little different with the yellow coloring. Mosmann and Manview tone it down to accent other colors. The rest go all out, leaving it to the waistbands and seam to mellow out the yellow. It turns out that yellow is a charming color. It’s playful, it’s versatile and it’s packed with a stylish kick. A man who wears yellow underwear is a fun, confident guy that knows how to smile. And if he can rock yellow, he knows how to dress.

Isn’t that a guy you want to be next year?

Wish upon a lucky yellow pair and hope for money in 2016. Gold underwear can’t hurt either.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.

Jan 06 2016
Front-Loaded Comments (0)
  JO4A6831_1283 JO4A6809_1261 JO4A6818_1270-2 JO4A6846_1298 JO4A6866_1318 JO4A6871_1323 JO4A6878_1330 JO4A6884_1336 JO4A6881_1333 JO4A6900_1352 JO4A6901_1353

Gotta love the taste of Adrián C. Martin! Here, he shoots fitness model Jose Luis Angulo.



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