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May 21 2015
Starry-Eyed: Chris Cuomo Comments (0)


Ran into Chris Cuomo in the Park. Didn't realize it was him until I'd snapped, actually. My new job has put me in a new area (Spanish Harlem), and walking home (from 106th St. on the East Side to 42nd St. on the West!) has put me on collision courses with him, Leelee Sobieski (stunning) and others.

May 20 2015
Starry-Eyed: Raúl Castillo Comments (0)


Looking good in Hell's Kitchen.

May 14 2015
We Had A Life Ball Comments (0)


DSC03013Gay up

Had such a fun time with my anonymous buddy at the bon voyage party for this year's Life Ball, held once again in Vienna, Austria, in support of AIDS Life.

1Jinkx, Paula & promoter extraordinaire Chip Duckett

DSC03014Amazing-looking Abdul

DSC03016Small wonder

DSC03018It's just the way that Jinkx loves her.

DSC03019Their vibeology was off the charts!

The intimate event was hosted at BG on the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman, where Paula Abdul, Dionne Warwick (with her singer granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott), Mad Men's Kit Williamson + fiancé John Halbach, Carmen Electra and the incomparable Jinkx Monsoon mixed and mingled.

DSC03006We were told not to ask family questions; all I wanted to do was talk “That's What Friends Are For” and Liz Taylor trash!

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Jan 01 2015
#TBT: Joseph Campanella Comments (0)


My mom snapped this at Walt Disney World around 1976—she recognized Joseph Campanella (who at 90 is alive today) with his son (?) and asked if he would pose with her daughter, my sister Melissa (right). Her first pic-with was as a toddler!

Dec 27 2014
Starry-Eyed: Colin Donnell Comments (0)


As several readers have pointed out, this cute rando is actually Colin Donnell, a Broadway actor with quite a few credits. I'm sorry I didn't recognize him, but I definitely recognized his star quality!

Dec 09 2014
Starry-Eyed: Marsha Mason Comments (0)


Spotted at a recent performance of Side Show on Broadway.

Nov 13 2014
John Hancock-Tease Comments (0)

Autograph-Eric Hanson

When I worked in porn (don't get excited, it was for magazines and I wasn't in them), part of my job was to make up model copy so the utterly dull models would sound like they were fascinating. Or at least, so the utterly sexy models would sound sexy in a way that translated to print. So I did a lot of stories about guys who bragged that they were secretly total homos no matter what they told their girlfriends, which of course the real-life models absolutely loved reading. #deaththreats

Rarely, I would do real interviews on the phone with guys. One of them must have been with Eric Hanson, a totally famous porn star who I do not remember talking to. But I must've, because that's how I would've had his address to ask him to sign a page from the feature. He wrote me the above sticky and sweet note that looks like it was written by a girlfriend.


I was much more attached to Rick Koch, who was superhot, superhairy and gave a me a scorching-hot interview considering he was also straight. In spite of the fact that I was so cock-blinded by him that I misspelled his name as Rich in the magazine, he generously signed a photo of his peen for me, playfully asking me to lend him a hand in the shower.

I was, after all, an editor with the power to run these guys again and again.

Whoever said porn stars are not smart probably places too much emphasis on arts and literature.

Nov 10 2014
John Hancock-Tease Comments (0)


When I first, first started getting into pursuing celebs for autographs, and before I cooled on it for decades, I heard Brooke Shields was making an appearance at Marshall Field's to promote something truly ridiculous in the women's department, and I knew I had to go. Unlike my experiences with Elizabeth Taylor and Cher—both of whom had spoken from a stage to a crowd of hundreds, both of whom I'd been able to ask questions of—I would actually get to meet Brooke.

When I thought of Brooke Shields, I thought of Pretty Baby, Blue Lagoon and Calvin Klein. I figured presenting her with a photo of her hairless gotch would result in an arrest, I had no Blue Lagoon materials on me and I was perplexed about how to work in the CK reference. Then I remembered her blunt anti-smoking commercial, and I knew I had to have her sign a book of matches. Why not? I'd mailed Sally Field a pocket Bible to sign in honor of The Flying Nun.

She was really nice and signed the matches and a poster, making me feel I was not a “real loser.”