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Sep 04 2014
It Was Like They Took All Of The Good And None Of The Bad Comments (0)


Had a blast at my friend Guy Olivieri's premiere of his sitcom pilot FreakMe tonight in TriBeCa.

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Aug 18 2014
Starry-Eyed: Raúl Castillo From LOOKING Comments (0)


Aug 14 2014
Starry-Eyed: Michael Lowry Comments (0)


Encountered sexy-as-hell soap actor Michael Lowry yesterday. He looks good eating out.

Jul 30 2014
Hilary Duff Is Only 26, Already Launching A Comeback! Comments (0)


Hilary Duff's comeback single “Chasing the Sun” is a pleasant summer song. It sounds a lot like Sheryl Crow, but big fans of Hilary's kid-pop might recognize, as I did, that the background melody is very reminiscent of her single “I Can't Wait”'s infectious bum-bum-bum refrain (1:00):

When Hilary was a kid and I first started working with her, I remember telling her and her mom she was a dead ringer for Kylie Minogue. I think she only looks more and more like her over time.

Video to come...

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Jun 28 2014
It's Raining Divas: Martha Wash, Melba Moore, Billy Porter, Kevin Aviance & The Cast Of MIGHTY REAL On Gay Music History @ Sirius XM Comments (0)

I had so much fun during my visit to Larry Flick's Sirius XM radio show today, during which he was counting down the top gay anthems ever as part of Proud & Loud:A Celebration of Gay Anthems. Spoiler alert: “I Will Survive” came out on top, and yet as we all know, those on the bottom are often just as interesting, if not more.

Martha-Wash-Melba-Moore-Billy-PorterMs. Wash, Ms. Moore and Ms. Porter—3 divas 3

Martha Wash-Melba- MooreMartha's 60, Melba's 68—don't they look good?


Anthony Sylvester Wayne

Anthony Wayne as Sylvester

Anthony Wayne performing

Anthony Wayne plus backups

Anthony Wayne-black white

Anthony WayneAnthony Wayne, Anastacia McCleskey & Jacqueline B. Arnold slaying their star-studded audience.

Case in point, the countdown also featured songs by The Weather Girls and Melba Moore, and both Martha Wash and Ms. Moore were in attendance. It was especially cool that Martha was there, because Larry had invited Anthony Wayne, Jacqueline B. Arnold and Anastacia McCleskey, the cast of Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical, to sing two of the late, great disco diva's best-ever tunes. Martha being one half of the original Weather Girls meant she'd be watching people acting out a sliver of her own personal history.

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May 16 2014
Starry-Eyed: Veanne Cox & Christian Campbell Comments (0)


Above, walked past the amazing Veanne Cox, 51, who is a serious Broadway actress but who was “really, really great” on that Seinfeld episode where her exuberant character became an unexpected heckler.

Meanwhile, can it really have been 15 years since Trick came out? Because 42-year-old Christian Campbell looks like a teenager:


May 05 2014
Hello Kitty Has Clause: Keep Your Distance Comments (0)


Fans paying $400 for the VIP meet-and-greet with Avril Lavigne were told to stay an arm's length away from her. Can you imagine? What a bitch she is. I would ask for my money back. Or I would send my photos to Gawker to embarrass the shit out of this untalented, ungrateful...oh, she's wearing a Madonna shirt, never mind, she cool, she cool.

Apr 28 2014
An Offer I Couldn't Refuse: Chiller Theatre Rogues Gallery Comments (0)
  *Andrew-Stevens-then-and-now *Shirley-Jones-then-and-now *John-Wesley-Shipp-then-and-now *Mary-Woronov-then-and-now *Sean-Patrick-Flanery-then-and-now
*Bob-McGrath-then-and-now *Alison-Arngrim-then-and-now *chris-sarandon-then-and-now *Costas-Mandylor *Paul-Logan-then-now

Having just survived the most recent Hollywood Show not long ago, I couldn't justify attending this weekend's Chiller Theatre horrorfest at the Parsippany Sheraton in New Jersey. That is, until I found out two of my all-time favorite hunks—Andrew Stevens and John Wesley Shipp—were going to be there.

Autograph Andrew-StevensI sure wish Andrew would've thrown in the towel.

The decision was made.

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