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Jun 11 2013
Gays Of SNORE Comments (1)
Basically everyone I've ever met is in this hilarious Downton Abbey spoof, entitled Snore. You will love it, even if you love the show...

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Feb 20 2013
Happy Ending Comments (0)
I'd love to credit whoever made this, but I totally forgot where I found it. Stephen Guarino is a genius, though, and as this pose illustrates, very bendy.
Dec 17 2012
Taking Siders Comments (7)

A new, darkly comic Web series called EastSiders premiered on Friday. It's described as "a look at a gay couple's attempt to stay together through infidelity, drunken outbursts and double standards."

I know you're getting sick of Web series, but this one is great—terrific acting, top talent (Van Hansis, Stephen Guarino, Constance Wu, John Halbach and more)...

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Nov 20 2012
Trick Of The Night: Hustling's Second Season Premieres Comments (1)
* Sebastian-La-Cause-Hustling-Season-Two


  Facundo-Rodriguez Gary-Cowling-Hustling-Season-Two

Above, a gallery of the best-lookin' cast since Paper Dolls in the '80s!

I spent some time with the cast of Hustling in honor of its second season premiere last night, including a revealing Q&A with creator/director/star Sebastian La Cause:

The episodes we screened contained precious little of hysterical Stephen Guarino (as a porn agent) and Gary Cowling (as a career counselor)—these two should get their own spin-off!—but were otherwise filled with what we've come to expect from La Cause's hustling drama: solid acting, witty writing and unexpected situations. This season also benefits from much better production values, even though I though the kick-off season was already remarkably well done on a shoestring.

Daphne-Rubin-Vega-Sebastian-La-CauseRubin-Vega directed us to the after-party: "There's a party in your mouth and everybody's comin'!"

Daphne Rubin-Vega continues to bring real depth to a part that could easily have been a throwaway, and veteran actress Sharon Washington is on hand as the trash-talking mom who will never understand her son's direction in life.

*Sebastian-La-CauseLa Cause honors Movember while celebrating his second season

*Gary-CowlingCowling gets handsy with the boss

Men-of-Husting-Season-TwoBoys, boys, boys: Cowling, Robert Montano, La Cause, Glaszek & Rodriguez

A little atmosphere, including La Cause's introductory speech, can be soaked up here.

While there, I ran into my buddies Andrew Glaszek, one of the main stars, and Guto Bittencourt. Both, like La Cause, are Broadway Bares alumni. Guto's got a hot song and video that's about to drop (stay tuned) and Andrew was teasing us about sexy developments involving his Hustling character. Sounds like La Cause's character has been a bad influence!

Guto-Bittencourt-Andrew-GlaszekAfter-party boys Guto & Andrew

Speaking of which, this season definitely ups the ante when it comes to sexy scenes; everyone was showing ass crack, including Guarino (who I bet had that in his contract—he's proud of it!) and there were several tastefully and tastily filmed horizontal throw-downs, including an eye-opening kick-off featuring a busty Wilson Cruz.

If anything about the series feels unreal, it's how appealing the johns are. But while titillating, the hustling isn't really the core of Hustling, ironically.

*Facundo-RodriguezWho nose? Rodriguez plays a pornstar who parties a little too hard...

Make sure to watch at www.hustling.tv or via the official YouTube channel.

After the jump, a bonus interview with new (and caliente) cast member Facundo Rodriguez...

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Nov 08 2012
It's For A Good La Cause Comments (0)
The teaser for season two of Sebastian La Cause's excellent Web series Hustling makes it look even moodier and more alluring. It's great stuff if you've been missing it so far...

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Apr 05 2012
Madonna In The Mix Comments (7)

Madonna MDNA"That's for making me work so fucking hard!"

(1) I enjoyed this surprise party for Madonna in celebration of MDNA going to #1 in 22 countries (including the U.S.). Madonna is so clueless at first since they're yelling "surprise!" and "B-Day Song" is playing. She's probably thinking, "Not yet, assholes!"

Max Happy Endings(2) Also, ABC's hysterical, underrated show Happy Endings had a plot featuring its gay character's past in an all-male Madonna tribute band (these should exist!) called Mandonna. It was really sweet and funny, and my pal Stephen Guarino continues to be the Karen Walker of the show—hard to do when every single cast member has great timing and brings something to the table.

Madonna Quentin TarantinoPoster-art brilliance from here

and, most importantly...

(3) I was on Larry Flick's Morning Jolt show today with fellow superfan Sergio Kletnoy. We mixed it up about MDNA and I had a (friendly) debate with sidekick Keith Price about celebrities who come out either after their greatest success OR in conjunction with something they're trying to sell. Those bears are never hibernating, honey. Here is part one, and here is part two, or listen up here:

Madonna talk with Serge and Matthew Part 1 040512

Madonna talk with Serge and Matthew Part 2 040512


Surprise-party and Mandonna vids after the jump...

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Oct 23 2010
Bear And Grin It Comments (0)

Went to the Quad tonight for the 7:15 show of BearCity, Doug Langway's bear rom com about a group of men looking for love, self-acceptance and the occasional cheap thrill, and was surprised how much of a good time I wound up having.

BEARCITY Cast & Creators @ The Quad NYC Premiere 10.22.10 from Matthew Rettenmund on Vimeo.

BearCity2 BearCity—co-written by Langway with film writer Lawrence Ferber—is sort of like a hairy, white Noah's Arc with some Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City thrown in. Tyler (first-time film actor Joe Conti) is a preppy thesp who's sick of acting like he isn't wildly attracted to bears. He meets furry partners Brent (Big Gay Sketch Show's Stephen Guarino) and Fred (Brian Keane) and is taken under their paws, finding himself introduced to 400-pound Michael (Gregory Gunter) and his cubby hubby BF Carlos (James Martinez) as well as the hottest bear in town, silver-haired and silver tongued Roger (CSI's Gerald McCullouch). Instant community!

ROUNDUP-BEAR-articleLargeAre they hirsute-able for each other?

Tyler falls hard for Roger, who seems to resist returning the favor to protect his rep among the muscle bears—as much as Tyler has felt expressing his attraction to bears to be a second coming out, Roger feels the same way about expressing his attraction to a non-bear.

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Oct 21 2010
Honey, Honey Comments (0)

Next Oct 22 Cover
The cast of BearCity recreates that True Blood cover of Rolling Stone for Next. That's honey they're covered in, you pervert.


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