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Feb 28 2014
'80s Ladies: Check Out The 1983 Model Movie PORTFOLIO Comments (0)

PortfolioModel behavior

So worth your time is Portfolio (1983), a terrifyingly bad...I'm gonna go with "movie"...about modeling starring the top models of the day, a whole lot of human set décor and featuring cameos by Andy Warhol and a coked-out-seeming Steven Meisel. Choice quote:

"Steven Meisel is totally divinely twisted!"

As said just before we see him queenily demanding that the models "wake up" and "remember the face" and "the crotch! the crotch!"

Watch after the jump...

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Dec 16 2013
Need To Know: Krier As Folk, Queer Eye, Come Up And See Her Sometime? You Bette! + MORE! Comments (0)

Gustavo-Krier-Jakarta-Wong-SimNot that there's anything Wong with it.

*widget boy cultureGustavo Krier shot in Jakarta by Wong Sim.

*widget boy cultureLogo's Male Gays will explore exactly what it implies.

*widget boy cultureHuckabee will run for prez if God sez so.

*widget boy cultureMadonna by Meisel from 1992—colorized.

*widget boy cultureTom Laughlin of the Billy Jack films dies at 82.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler moves from Sue Mengers to Mae West.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé sells 500K in 48 hours without any PR.

*widget boy cultureHeathers, Mean Girls and Jawbreaker musicals to Broadway.


Jul 02 2013
Madonna: Then & Now Comments (6)

Madonna looks forward on Instagram while looking back, resuscitating looks for Harper's Bazaar that call to mind her X-static Process work with Steven Klein and her Dita era (complete with gold tooth...more than one, this time). All shot by...Terry Richardson! (I wonder if he slapped her with his penis?)

Meanwhile, others continue to live in the past (in the good way!), tweeting Polaroids from Madonna's Like a Virgin shoot and her even earlier Mademoiselle spread of 30 years ago:


Oct 04 2012
She Did It That May Comments (1)

Rare Madonna outtake
A never-before-seen Steven Meisel outtake of Madonna from the Truth Or Dare era. It's from the same shoot that produced one of my all-time favorite shots of Madonna, as seen on this teaser poster:

Madonna truth or dare teaser

Both appear to be inspired by '50s creature features, in which lovely ladies often screamed their fool heads off as men in rubber outfits advanced upon them robotically.

Mar 05 2012
Was It Good For You? Comments (11)

Madonna sexAfter Sex, Madonna was dead to many former fans

My pal Piotr has launched a Facebook page in honor of the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Sex book, which more than any other thing she's done creatively is a work that separates one part of her career from another. Was it good for you? Or was it like when the trick of your dreams shows up looking nothing like his picture? Or maybe it was both from page to page? Regardless, Sex changed how people perceived Madonna.

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Jun 29 2011
My Vanity Fair Lady Comments (7)

Madonna vanity fair outtake meisel 1991 1

Somehow, 20 years after the fact, fabulous (and mostly never-before-seen) Sex and Truth or Dare/Meisel's Vanity Fair-era shots are leaking. More are over at the invaluable Madonna Scrapbook.

How does this happen? Here is my theory:

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Oct 14 2010
You CAN Take The Midwest Out Of The Girl Comments (12)

Via Letters of Note: Check out this hilariously bratty letter written by Madonna to Steven Meisel back in '91 when she was filming A League of Their Own! It's unkind, but not too, and has a succinct wit to it. Plus she has that great handwriting. I love how real it is—Meisel was envious of Ritts?—and it ends with a momentous reference to an upcoming project...after the jump...

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Feb 09 2010
Jezebel Saves Face Comments (10)

Now that I've gone all soft and posted a few of the best Madonna outtakes, Jezebel has caught on to the outtake intake of breath from fans and fanemies with a piece that's attracted lots of input. Interesting in that it's more of a woman's perspective.

Feel free to let them know what you think of Madonna's PhotoShopping and/or surgical (mis)adventures.


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