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Apr 10 2014
Need To Know: Horsing Around, Bigots Against Bigotry, Ru-Cap, Andy Hardy Dies A Pauper + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-BatemanLike, a horse!

*widget boy cultureModel Nick Bateman, of course, of course.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's homeless brother sings one of her hits.

*widget boy cultureTo get Rolling Stone's cover, women must flash. Even Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Kenneth-Walsh

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*widget boy cultureJohnny's Drag Race recaps are a Ru-velation!

*widget boy cultureI'll (very dirty) Tumblr for ya!

*widget boy cultureProposed cover for Kenneth's book was HOTT.

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*widget boy cultureRight-wingers scoff at equal pay for equal work.

*widget boy cultureBecause homos are racist.

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*widget boy cultureMale strippers for octogenarians...so what? Hank-Aaron

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*widget boy cultureHank Aaron hits it out of the park with this observation.

*widget boy cultureMICKEY—not ANDY—Rooney died with only $18K in assets.

*widget boy cultureGay-as-hell Laura Branigan remake with video filmed in a sex club? Yes. 

Mar 27 2014
Need To Know: Out For BLOOD, Is Sex Attempted Murder?, Ho-Down Low-Down, Unholy Mess + MORE! Comments (0)

True-bloodHe's packin'.

*widget boy cultureNew villain coming to final season of True Blood. Nipple-selfie

*widget boy cultureDouchebag Gov. Snyder won't recognize 300+ marriages.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD urges "decriminalizing" HIV.

*widget boy cultureEx gay-porn actor "Snow Bunni" speaks from hospital bed.

*widget boy cultureA-list gay hookers tell all most.

*widget boy cultureEver gotten a text from a str8 dude like this???

*widget boy cultureVintage '40s college-boy selfie.

*widget boy cultureDuck Dynasty cavemen just as anti-gay as ever.

*widget boy cultureObamacare sign-up deadline looms.

*widget boy cultureFor Tom Daley, wardrobe malfunctions aren't.

*widget boy culture98 Degrees stud's reality-show strippers.

*widget boy cultureNorth Korean men's hairlines apply for political asylum.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers apparently thinks Lena Dunham is diabetes-fat.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky: Guess whose nip that is?

*widget boy cultureDON'T CLICK if allergic to hot menz. (Work Unfriendlier.)

*widget boy cultureCute singer Jason Dottley does Lance Bass.

*widget boy cultureGraham supports Putin, says gays "recruit" children:

Mar 20 2014
Sean Cody Presents Comments (0)

Thunder From Down Under-Shooting.JPEG-04c95

The above suspect tried to make off with costumes from Thunder Down Under—the Australian male strippers based in Vegas—even going to the extreme of firing a shot at a stripper's head. It was a near miss. I'm glad everyone's okay, though the crook seems to have gotten stripper-whipped.

I don't mean to make light of the scary situation but with a suspect like that and a roomful of male strippers, that is a movie I would watch.

Mar 13 2014
Need To Know: SJP Q&A, Lips Or Hips?, LiLo-Down, Curdled Milk, Good Gaga/Bad Gaga, Rekindling The MAGIC MIKE + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Amazing, lightning-round SJP interview.

*widget boy culture20 strangers kiss for 1st time! 20 strangers give/receive HJs for 1st time. Paddy-O-Brian

*widget boy culturePaddy O'Brian showers for DNA.

*widget boy cultureTightest ass in football let go???

*widget boy cultureLa Lohan's list of conquests. Zac???

*widget boy cultureJudge Judy files her first-ever lawsuit!

*widget boy cultureIL gubernatorial candidate brags: He's the .01%.

*widget boy cultureRep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) assails "men in inner cities" on poverty.

*widget boy cultureRuPaulite Milk tempts fate. Will the eyes stay that way???  

*widget boy cultureNY Times music writer excoriates Gaga for cheap shilling. JOE_MANGANIELLO_S_LA_BARE

*widget boy cultureGaga keynoting SXSW Friday; first woman in 15 (!) years.

*widget boy cultureGaga's charity only awarded $5K in 2012, took in $2M+.

*widget boy cultureGaga's ex-creative director fancies herself a popstar.

*widget boy cultureGetting into Cam Gigandet's pants.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for Magic Mike 2, says Manganiello. Also, his own stripper doc, La Bare.

*widget boy cultureYES T, YES SHADE: NeNe Leakes & Naomi Campbell bitch summit:

Mar 03 2014
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)


From here.

Feb 15 2014
Hot Coxx Comments (0)

Dean-CoxxAdult actor Dean Coxx will be a gimme-headliner...

The Adonis Lounge was my homo away from home for several months, until I realized my mortgage was even more powerful than my libido. But it's still a place I hold near to my heart...or at least in close proximity to one of my blood-engorged organs.

Now, though, I'm wishing I was in L.A. February 22—the West Coast branch of the Adonis Lounge is hosting an ALL-NUDE event on Saturday, February 22, at the Star Strip Theater that sounds like it's not-to-be-missed. From Matt, the West Coast ho-wner of the place:

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Jan 22 2014
Who's The Boss B*tch? Comments (0)


Turns out that singer-turned-actor Marcus Patrick is turning back into a singer: His single and video for "Boss B*tch" just dropped. 

Above, my recent interview with straight ally Marcus.

Are you as impressed with his musicianship as you are with his enormous schlong? Keep reading...

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Jan 18 2014
Axel Eff Comments (0)


Sexy model and private dancer Axel is headlining at The Adonis Lounge tonight after making a splash on the cover of Frontiers. Who's heading over?


Now who's heading over?

Dec 19 2013
Taking It (Almost) All Off Comments (0)

Above, check out video snippets of Jeff Timmons (and the strippers!) singing at his Men of the Strip revue two nights ago. He looks the same after 15 years! How is that 40? Below, far more revealing footage of the troupe stripping...

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Dec 18 2013
98 Degrees Of Separation: A Night With MEN OF THE STRIP Comments (0)
  Men-of-the-Strip-20 Men-of-the-Strip-21 Men-of-the-Strip-31 Men-of-the-Strip-27Men-of-the-Strip-28Men-of-the-Strip-30


Men-of-the-Strip-3IMG_0810 Men-of-the-Strip-7 Men-of-the-Strip-10 Men-of-the-Strip-12 Men-of-the-Strip-15 Men-of-the-Strip-18 Men-of-the-Strip-B Men-of-the-Strip-D Men-of-the-Strip-E Men-of-the-Strip-F Men-of-the-Strip-K Men-of-the-Strip-N Men-of-the-Strip-O Men-of-the-Strip-P Men-of-the-Strip-T Men-of-the-Strip-26

98-Degrees-Popstar-Magazine-coverThe first photo shoot I ever assigned and oversaw was in fall of 1998. I hadn't launched the teen-entertainment mag Popstar! yet, but was in the planning stages, and—not knowing shit about teen mags other than loving the luxe, all-color British ones—I decided the first issue would be themed: The hottest men in music.

Teen girls don't really like men, they like boys. That was my first mistake.

However, gay male magazine editors do like men, so I was frantically searching for someone who would be cover-worthy, and yet would agree to pose for a non-existent magazine.


98-DegreesLucky for me, the boy band craze was in full swing. It didn't take much persuading to get 98°—a new act, but a cute one that actually straddled the boy/man line pretty well—to agree to a shoot, so we met at a seedy bar on Houston Street and in my photographer-of-choice's considerably less boozy studio to take a series of pretty spectacular images that would've been as much at home in a men's fashion magazine as in a teenybopper mag.

Men-of-the-Strip-2998°, 40 years old, 100% nice

The guys were supernice, if somewhat...nervous? See, Chiun-Kai Shih, already making a name for himself as a fashiony shooter, was documenting the entire shoot, complete with candids of them changing, and the guys were somewhat reluctant to go shirtless. (Many boy bands would start shirtless and quickly cover up once they decided it felt "gay" or "cheesy.) The 98° member with the hottest body, baby-faced Jeff Timmons, was, along with Nick Lachey, the one most often asked to disrobe, so he was pretty reluctant. We got a precious few full-on shirtless shots and some fun peekaboos. The cover looked sensational, and I would wind up working with them steadily for years.

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