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Mar 19 2014
Need To Know: Tong For The Lonely, Wet For Pets, The Billionaire Blues + MORE! Comments (0)


Boy-CultureMatt Williams by Sonny Tong is a thing of beauty.

Boy-CultureFlight MH370 is very likely at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Boy-CultureKenneth Walsh's Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? reviewed.

Boy-CultureDiversity-themed float snuck into the Boston St. Patrick's Day parade.

Boy-CultureMeet sexy Rob Smith, author of Combat, Closets & Coming Out.

Rob_smithNow that's an author photo.

Boy-CultureDesigner Vivienne Westwood showers for PETA.

Boy-CultureThe Chris Christie scandal actually could get, and has gotten, worse.

Boy-CultureShould M.I.A. pay $16 million for flipping us off during the Super Bowl?

Boy-CultureSORRY/NOT SORRY: Loaded twat sez being rich = being Jewish in Nazi Germany.

Boy-CultureVintage underwear set is snazzy.

Boy-CultureThis (below) is someone you need to follow:

Andre-Hamann2Do fence me in.

Jul 12 2012
This Old Thing? Comments (3)

Madonna Erotica male
Loved this editorial, showing men dressed in looks inspired by the phases of Madonna's career. One of them is Francois Sagat (in an unfortunate Super Bowl look), but my favorite was this rather committed "Erotica" mimic.

Jun 19 2012
Tits A Kind Of Magic Comments (7)

PreviewScreenSnapz001Madonna dresses cleavage-appropriately

Madonna's '60s look on the Italian set of her "Turn Up the Radio" music video reminds me strongly of her look 20 years ago with Jean Paul Gaultier and Tony Ward as seen in Italian Moda. I hope the video is as much of a blast as the song is—it really would have been a smarter first single, Super Bowl or no Super Bowl. And you know, it just might be—it's directed by Jonas Akerlund. It's directed by Tom Munro.

ImageMr. Wifebeater is the hottest PUC I've ever seen

Click here to check out some great video from the set.

Apr 10 2012
Reloaded, Front-Loaded Comments (9)

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 8.06.32 AM
Nicki-minaj-roman-reloaded-deluxe-2012-03-09-300x300Nicki Minaj is someone I...really don't get. I want to get her, but I don't. I will say that my impression of her has a Lady Gaga clone (clown?) is only based on her fashion sense as none of her songs has sounded much like Gaga (right?), least of all "Beez in the Trap." With an impressive 6.5 million views in a few days, the video ballsily starts out with, "Bitches say shit and they ain't say nothin'" before...well...she says shit and says nothing:

But I wouldn't go this far—this is the top comment on the video at the moment:

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 8.06.05 AM
Lovely. Nicki's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is out now and looks like it will be #1 on Billboard next week with over 220,000 or so sold. I wonder how many copies are due to the presence of this little number all over NYC:

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Mar 08 2012
Megadonna Comments (8)

Madonna MDNA

With thanks to Joseph: While waiting on MDNA (full review by MadonnaTribe here, collected links from the overwhelmingly positive reviews here), enjoy this two-part Madonna Dance Megamix that goes right up to the present...

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Feb 25 2012
I Kid You Not Comments (2)


For those who claim Madonna's music is a bit juvenile or she's trying too hard to court the youth market, the (sickeningly adorable!) video after the jump might prove your point...

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Feb 22 2012
And They're Only Words Unless They're True Comments (2)

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 6.07.29 PM

How hilarious and adorable—this 17-month-old's very first word is "Ma-don-na!"...

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Feb 21 2012
"...Whitney Houston, We Love You" Comments (16)

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 12.07.13 PM

With thanks to Chris: TMZ has fascinating surreptitious video of the late Whitney Houston jamming to Madonna's Super Bowl performance. (Here are two little boys who loved it, too!!!) The two were icy rivals early on but definitely patched things up. With thanks to my pal Jim (who was never my icy rival), a few videos of Madonna and Whitney referencing each other...

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