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Aug 31 2014
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Sexy Julian Gil in not very many clothes.

Aug 27 2014
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Welcome to the first in a series of posts spotlighting the hot work of Rick Stockwell. Here's Alec Varcas, with one more after the jump...

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Aug 26 2014
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Jacopo Sarno, twentysomething Italian singer.

Aug 24 2014
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  Evan-Nelson-5 Evan-Nelson-1 Evan-Nelson-2 Evan-Nelson-4 Evan-Nelson-6 Evan-Nelson-7 Evan-Nelson-8

Armando Adajar turns in these wet-inducing pix of Evan Nelson in Marcuse. And they say summer's almost over!

Aug 22 2014
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  Roberto-Bolle Speedos-shirtless Speedo-hot-sexy-abs Speedo-hotties-1

Hot examples of Speedo-style swimwear from recent years. I do not wear Speedos.

Aug 18 2014
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Via DNA #175: Peter Porte in Tahiti by Lewis Payton.

Aug 17 2014
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Via DNA #75: Constantine Rousouli by Lewis Payton.