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Nov 16 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Marcuse Comments (0)
  Marcuse-Sunrise-white-2 Marcuse-Flash-lime Marcuse-Patrol-white Marcuse-Sunset-orange Marcuse-Vamper-white

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

When you think of Moscow, Russia, thoughts of sipping tropical drinks poolside don’t normally come to mind, but model Ivan Gudkov has us searching for flights to the motherland. Showing off the latest styles from the Marcuse Fall 2015/16 Collection, the swimwear connoisseurs playfully name their new line tantalizing titles such as, Arrest Me, Flash, and Gentle to get us in the mood for summer. Perfect for a winter getaway, their new line shows us that we don’t need to wait for the warmer months to rock the hottest trends in swimwear.

Their aptly titled Army Boy cut is a playful piece in a camouflage print with contrast orange detailing at the waistband and drawstring closure. Dare to be sexy in their Arrest Me style, with a lower-than-low cut in a simple, clean design available in over a dozen color varieties. Their Beachy swim brief features contrasting side ribbon panelling, a drawstring closure and super-low-rise cut for a barely there beach look to get you instantly noticed.

Patrol the beaches in their signature super low cut design with a tongue-in-cheeky embroidered Marcuse Patrol badge and drawstring. Their playful Rider design, available in a brief or trunk cut, features a wild horse print and an elastic waistband for comfort and support. Sunrise low waist trunks how off contrasting panels are expertly designed for water sports, but are also perfect for looking great while sunbathing.Their Vamper style opts for a retro 70’s inspired vibe, available in brown, sky blue and white, once again in their signature low-rise tradition, in a V-shaped print.

Set out to not be just salacious swimwear, Marcuse’s newest featured underwear collections include the Ibiza and Bounce line. Their Ibiza brief design takes on the ocean inspiration of the exotic Spanish vacation destination in a blue, orange, white or yellow sunset. Their Bounce style with “uplifting” design makes you want to do just that while maintaining comfort and support.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

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You're Welcome Comments (0)
  JO4A0439_6782 JO4A0237_6582 JO4A0241_6586 JO4A0428_6771 JO4A0254_6599 JO4A0370_6713 JO4A0418_6761 JO4A0423_6766 JO4A0451_6794 JO4A0448_6791 JO4A0308_6651

Adrian C. Martin shoots Lionel Lopez in Manus Swimwear. Location? Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

Nov 13 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Alexandros Kaltsidis For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)
  Flash-GEO_LACE-line_Conseptual With Logo (1) Flash-GEO_LACE-line_Conseptual With Logo (3) Flash-GEO_LACE-line_Conseptual With Logo (3) Flash-GEO_LACE-line_Conseptual With Logo (4) Flash-GEO_LACE-line_Conseptual With Logo (5)

Alexandros Kaltsidis photographed by Panos Misailidis in the new Modus Vivendi Geo Lace line.

Nov 09 2015
Art Of Boys: A Q&A With Illustrator Salem Beiruti Comments (0)
  Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.52.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.52.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.52.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.52.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.53.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.53.39 PM

I recently came across the work of Spanish artist Salem Beiruti, beautiful illustrations that subtly capture the essence of his (male) subjects while exalting every hair on their bodies.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.53.51 PMSalem selfie

Check out his work in the gallery above, and his answers to my questions below ...

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Need To Know: All T, All Shade + Jaywalk Of Shame + Hate-Watching Trump + Hillary Won't Harsh Your Buzz + More Carson Fantasies + TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Icon Dies + MORE! Comments (0)

Drop-the-t-x750Gay people continue to get more and more conservative.

*widget boy cultureIt's okay to stop reading my blog if you think LGBT should abandon the T. Images

*widget boy cultureCops in Austin swarm black guys, beat one, for jaywalking.

*widget boy culture10 million people watched Donald Trump suck on SNL.

*widget boy cultureChildless James Woods gets knickers in twist over kids swearing.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton proposes reclassifying pot as less dangerous drug.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders did not work against Barack Obama in 2012.

*widget boy cultureBen Carson probably made up this ridiculous Yale story, too.

*widget boy cultureEven if you're pro-PrEP, should we be glamorizing “partying?” Leatherface-435

*widget boy cultureSpeedo alert!

*widget boy cultureR.I.P. “Leatherface.” Images

*widget boy cultureMichael Fassbender: The horse-boner-whisperer.

*widget boy culturePlan to close Guantanamo Bay on the way?

*widget boy cultureThanks, Gay Calgary & Wicked Gay Blog & Kenneth!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.22.50 PMDead reckoning

*widget boy cultureDid this harmless-looking teen execute his family? Images

*widget boy cultureHe sells pics of his naked bod.

*widget boy cultureHot 'n' hairy dude is naked, but not. But naked. Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.25.38 PM

*widget boy cultureWhistle-blowing teacher is bullied & punished. Images

*widget boy cultureOh, man, this dude's hairy chest!

*widget boy cultureDirty, filthy ... embroidery???

*widget boy cultureMyanmar to have female leader before U.S.

*widget boy cultureTim Gunn is NOT a Kardashian fan.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn Jenner (in a bubble bath) enlivens Kris Jenner parody vidImages

Nov 06 2015
Express Your Selfie Comments (0)
You're Welcome: Casey Jackson Comments (0)
  CAL 3 copy 5 _MG_0966 MR 6 _MG_1114 c copy Casey_7.1.15_KC1191 BL copy Casey_10.25.15_KC107618 MR Casey_10.25.15_KC107880 MR CJ KC LB IG IMG_1652 BW IMG_1679 BW E

Above gallery images by Kimber Capriotti, except #2 & #3 by Adam Leigh-Manuell and #8 & #9 uncredited.

Hot, up-and-coming model Casey Jackson (@NY Model Management) poses for (unless otherwise noted) Kimber Capriotti in (hot) pieces by Emporio Armani, Adidas Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto, and Versace. Styling by Lydia Brock.

You'll want to follow Casey on Instagram.

CAL 1 copy


A Collection Of BROADWAY BARES Posts Comments (0)

BROADWAY BARES (2008—2013, 2015)

Boy Culture turns 10, so look for a massive missive on some of my favorite-ever posts today. Until then, here's a fun-the-fun-of-it round-up of my Broadway Bares coverage.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.53.02 AMI had never so much as seen a male stripper when my friend Jason pushed me hard to come to Broadway Bares with him. Manhattan's annual burlesque charity show for HIV/AIDS was a real eye-opener (and an effective wallet-opener, too). I quickly became enamored of, well, most of the guys on the stage. I wound up becoming a fixture at the shows (is that a..."good" thing?), and my coverage has delighted and, occasionally, horrified the participants. (The kindest take-down notice I ever got was when Guto Bittencourt took me to coffee to politely ask if I might consider removing a video of him in the nude. Some others were a little more direct, but no one was ever rude or freaked out.)

Unfortunately, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS spent an inordinate amount of time fighting me—they would never credential me, and when they did finally invite LOTS of press to cover a Solo Strips event, I didn't make the cut...and their marketing manager threatened to have me kicked out while demanding I stop taking photos. I skipped a year and got over it.

Anyway, I think most of the participants are, or should be, proud of their bodies and their artistic contributions to this unique event.

Following: All of my coverage of Bares and of its related Solo Strips events, roughly in chronological order...

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