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Feb 20 2015
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Via Definitely Gay.

Feb 15 2015
RIP Suave, Sexy Louis Jourdan Comments (0)


One of France's last Golden Age stars, Louis Jourdan—so memorable in Gigi (1958)—has died at the ripe old age of 93 in Beverly Hills.


Jourdan's first film work was in 1939, his last in 1992. In-between, he made for a dashing Bond villain in a not-so-great film from that enduring series, Octopussy (1983). In 1986, he made his final TV appearance, in the campy Faye Dunaway vehicle Beverly Hills Madam (image above).


Feb 14 2015
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Via Gay Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

Feb 13 2015
Mr. Man-ganiello! Comments (0)
  Joe manganiello Joe-maganiello-shirtless-people-430x573 Joe-manganiello-8-435 Joe-manganiello-shirtless-pool-boy-for-mens-health-august-2013-01 Joe-manganiello-shirtless-true-blood-33 Joemanganiello-shirtless-miami-09 Joe

If you haven't checked out Mr. Man, check out some of Joe Manganiello's hottest pics in the gallery then click on the below image (or here) and see what you've been mistering:

Feb 10 2015
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Feb 08 2015
On The Trail Comments (0)


Really sexy for a simple trailer...

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Feb 04 2015
Speaking In Tongues Comments (0)


This is so hot you won't care if you don't happen to speak the language...

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Jan 21 2015
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)