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Apr 01 2015
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Mar 28 2015
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Mar 25 2015
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Mar 24 2015
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Tab Hunter Confidential, the new doc by Jeffrey Schwarz, is on my list of must-sees. Schwarz is one of my favorite filmmakers of late—he's already brought us fantastic films on Divine, Jack Wrangler and Vito Russo.

Hunter, fit as a fiddle at 83, showed up for the film's screening at the BFI, where he engaged in a long Q&A after and signed autographs.

IMG_2371Courtesy of Howard Mutti-Mewse

A highlight was his meet-up with Peggy Cummins, who turns 90 this year. She was the star of the unforgettable Gun Crazy (1950). Both she and Hunter look like they've discovered the Fountain of Youth!


Mar 19 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Alejandro Granados In Teamm8 Comments (0)
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Adrian C. Martin shoots Alejandro Granados in Teamm8 underwear at the Jardín Tropical Hotel, Tenerife.

Mar 16 2015
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Mar 15 2015
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Mar 10 2015
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Yera Fontes for Bwet Swimwear, in photos by Adrian C. Martin taken in the south of Tenerife in Playa de las Americas.