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Dec 31 2014
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Via Hey Harvey Walker.

Dec 29 2014
But Enough About My Racist, Violent Past... Comments (0)


Mark Wahlberg seeks to re-direct focus where it belongs.

Dec 28 2014
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Via dirty dawgs.

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  Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_11 Underwear-FCKH8-Jackd Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_02 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_03 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_04 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_05 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_06 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_07 copy Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_08 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_09 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_10 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_12 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_13

Gay and straight hotties dropping trou for a good cause (FCKH8) seem like something you're interested in? Keep reading...

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Dec 25 2014
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Via Chai.

Dec 13 2014
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Vintage tail.

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The Spanish water polo star is just one of Manhunt Daily's hottest jocks of 2014. More here.

Dec 09 2014
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Via Homo japonica.