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Apr 11 2015
Need To Know: Jenner Warrior + Gay Barry Gay Married + Unreasonable Expectation Of Privacy? + Clinton/Obama + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureThe Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer teaser plays like a suspense film.

*widget boy cultureHot question of gay.

*widget boy cultureBarry Manilow's 1st wife glad he fell in love at the Copa, Copacabana...!

*widget boy cultureNYC artist wins—it's OK in NYC to photograph people through their windows.

*widget boy culture***HOT COWBOY ALERT!!! HOT COWBOY ALERT!!!***

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton sounds ready for Hillary.

*widget boy cultureFace it—President Obama really has been a fierce advocate.

*widget boy cultureObama & (Raul) Castro have a sit-down meeting. Right-wing heads 'splode.

10259789_10153305510469744_2505364115614270230_nNick/Billy: 2(x)istentialist

*widget boy cultureNick the Gardener, a.k.a. Billy Reilich, flashes for 2(x)ist.

*widget boy cultureQueen Bey & the Biebs @ Coachella.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay pizzeria rolling in dough.

*widget boy cultureMary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau reveal their kids.

*widget boy cultureHUNG UP: Size queen or mental case?

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake & Jessica Biel welcome a (future) boy (band member)!

*widget boy cultureI hope he (see below) is up for grabs.

GrabGrab bag? Don't mind if I do!

Take A Dip: R-Rated Swimwear For The X-Rated At Heart Comments (0)
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A new photo-shoot called “Soaked & Loaded” has been released by ADDICTED for its 2015 swimwear collection. Photog Dylan Rosser captures BelAmi models Kris Evans, Hoyt Kogan, Mark Ruffalo (really???), Jack Harrer, Andrei Karenin and Jean-Daniel Chaggal. 

Visit and follow my (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr for one more, with nudity.

Video of what happened behind the scenes is after the jump...

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Apr 07 2015
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Apr 03 2015
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Apr 01 2015
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Mar 28 2015
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Mar 25 2015
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Mar 24 2015
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Tab Hunter Confidential, the new doc by Jeffrey Schwarz, is on my list of must-sees. Schwarz is one of my favorite filmmakers of late—he's already brought us fantastic films on Divine, Jack Wrangler and Vito Russo.

Hunter, fit as a fiddle at 83, showed up for the film's screening at the BFI, where he engaged in a long Q&A after and signed autographs.

IMG_2371Courtesy of Howard Mutti-Mewse

A highlight was his meet-up with Peggy Cummins, who turns 90 this year. She was the star of the unforgettable Gun Crazy (1950). Both she and Hunter look like they've discovered the Fountain of Youth!