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Apr 01 2016
Fun With Dick And Jan Comments (0)

Rihanna work 2

Would you rather listen to tiresome grumps bitching about thirsty gay Internet stars, or watch a short, fun, revealing parody of Rihanna's “Work” starring Bryan Hawn and Brad Jan?

Keep reading to watch ...

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Mar 30 2016
In The Swim Of Things Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Wildman T)

New swimwear line from Wildman T.

Mar 27 2016
6-PACK — Chilly Willies + Easter Event Nightmare + Bernie Hearts Superdelegates + Warren Cheering Bernie On (From Afar?) + NC Rep. Lies About Anti-Gay Law + Jim Stryker Force! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.36.47 PM(Video still via “Chilly at the Bus Stop”)

*widget boy cultureBoys cuddling at the bus stop.

*widget boy cultureAdults do battle with kids at PEZ Easter-egg event. 

*widget boy cultureIn flip-flop, Bernie says he wants Dem-stalwart superdelegates to switch to him.

12924479_10208992481830233_8428340248210036705_nHow can Sanders expect Democratic Party faithfuls to flock to him because he won three small states?

*widget boy cultureWarren “cheering Bernie on,” but why won't she be his 1st Senate endorsement?

*widget boy cultureRep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) lies about state's anti-LGBT law attracting backlash

Jim Stryker at the beach (Fire Island) 1961 by JeremyBuelander

*widget boy cultureHas there ever been a beefcake model more timeless than Jim Stryker?

S-l1600Jim Stryker (Image by Champion via eBay)

Mar 25 2016
6-PACK — Georgia On Their Minds + Boxer Respects F*gs + FREDDY GOT FINGERED Thief Got Fingered + GOP Shoot-out + Of Nasty Pigs & Preppy Swimmers + WALTONS Creator, SESAME STREET Actor Die Comments (0)

Georgiawelcome630x354(Image via Wicked Gay Blog)

*widget boy cultureMoore, Hathaway & other actors join GA boycott threat. Is it working?

*widget boy cultureTMZ reports boxer Andre Berto denies gay slur: “I respect gay people.”

*widget boy cultureMan arrested over Freddy Got Fingered—and it wasn't Tom Green!

UntitledTom Green in Freddy Got Fingered (Film still via 20th Century Fox)

*widget boy cultureSome want guns at the GOP convention ... I'm down.

*widget boy cultureHappy Nasty Pig Easter!!! (Or, if you prefer your guys squeaky-clean ... here!)

*widget boy cultureSesame Street actor dies @ 80, Waltons creator/narrator dies @ 92.

Tumblr_m9m9boLQaf1qmtjx8o1_500Ellen Corby & Will Geer on The Waltons (GIF via CBS)

Mar 24 2016
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)
Mar 23 2016
You're Welcome: Eduardo Rodríguez Comments (0)
  JO4A9479_5278 JO4A9504_5303 JO4A9455_5254 JO4A9385_5184-2 JO4A9395_5194-2 JO4A9416_5215 JO4A9419_5218

(Images by Adrian C. Martin)

In the gallery above: Adrian C. Martin shoots Eduardo Rodríguez in Supawear and 2Eros.

JO4A9363_5162(Image by Adrian C. Martin)

Mar 22 2016
You're Welcome: Gage Alexander Smith Comments (0)
Mar 21 2016
6-PACK — These Guys Are Swimsuit Models Like Meryl Streep Is An Actress + Trump Idiocy + Democrats Are More Truthful + Utah Would Pick Either Dem Over Trump + Madonna's Final Unapologetic B*tches! Comments (0)

Ignacio-Ondategui-for-Nit-Swim-Spring-2016-Collection-160318-01Ignacio Ondategui in his Nit Swim swimwear (Image via Nit Swim)

*widget boy cultureCheck out Ignacio Ondategui & Sergio Carvajal for Nit Swim.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump's fans are, literally, idiots.

*widget boy cultureHillary & Bernie by far the most honest candidates in the race.

*widget boy cultureStraight dudes talk about having sex with other men.

*widget boy cultureEven Utah would pick a Dem over Trump.

*widget boy cultureGame of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie & Maxi Shield were Madonna's last bitches:


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