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Apr 02 2014
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I'm in love with the "Trunk Show" spread by Doug Inglish for Details (April 2014). Beautiful merchandise. Nice swimwear, too.

Mar 28 2014
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Garcon Model's new line drops April 2. Checking out the following teaser video is very worth your time...

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Mar 27 2014
Need To Know: Out For BLOOD, Is Sex Attempted Murder?, Ho-Down Low-Down, Unholy Mess + MORE! Comments (0)

True-bloodHe's packin'.

*widget boy cultureNew villain coming to final season of True Blood. Nipple-selfie

*widget boy cultureDouchebag Gov. Snyder won't recognize 300+ marriages.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD urges "decriminalizing" HIV.

*widget boy cultureEx gay-porn actor "Snow Bunni" speaks from hospital bed.

*widget boy cultureA-list gay hookers tell all most.

*widget boy cultureEver gotten a text from a str8 dude like this???

*widget boy cultureVintage '40s college-boy selfie.

*widget boy cultureDuck Dynasty cavemen just as anti-gay as ever.

*widget boy cultureObamacare sign-up deadline looms.

*widget boy cultureFor Tom Daley, wardrobe malfunctions aren't.

*widget boy culture98 Degrees stud's reality-show strippers.

*widget boy cultureNorth Korean men's hairlines apply for political asylum.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers apparently thinks Lena Dunham is diabetes-fat.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky: Guess whose nip that is?

*widget boy cultureDON'T CLICK if allergic to hot menz. (Work Unfriendlier.)

*widget boy cultureCute singer Jason Dottley does Lance Bass.

*widget boy cultureGraham supports Putin, says gays "recruit" children:

Mar 26 2014
Need To Know: The Big Chris-Off, The Odd Uncouple, Decker Pecker + MORE! Comments (0)

Tumblr_mavin3YSW91qkdghtHis acting career's on the bubble.

*widget boy cultureChris Evans announces acting exit plan. (Can he still do shirtless gifs?)

*widget boy cultureGwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin "consciously uncouple." (Oh, brother.) Hot-muscles

*widget boy cultureAll the beach-themed shots I've posted lately? #springfever

*widget boy cultureKISS lands its first (!) Rolling Stone cover.

*widget boy culture

Tiger that almost ate Siefried's Roy dies.

*widget boy culturePastor flooded Texas due to praying too hard.

*widget boy cultureWeir divorce goes from bad to whatever's Russian for worse.

*widget boy cultureFan-reaction vid outshines Lady Gaga's kitchen-sink "G.U.Y." vid.

*widget boy culture"Eric Decker has an enormous schlong" is SEO catnip.

Eric-DeckerWorth the weights

Mar 25 2014
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Love this shoot by Rick Day for the new issue of Dorian. New issue is available here.

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Via Homographias.

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For aussieBum.

Mar 23 2014
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For Lqd.com.au.

Mar 22 2014
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Andrea Giuliani by Simon Le for DNA #170 is a vision.

Mar 21 2014
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For GLounge.