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Mar 01 2015
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Via Suoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus.

Feb 25 2015
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Via My Weird Life and Boners.

Feb 23 2015
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Need To Know: Oscar Melt-Downs + Sexy Guys + Awkward Humor + White Supfeminists + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureVia MRJMANGOS: Above, Diego Miguel by Robert Erdmann for Kevin Murphy.

1423778647257Meet Olivia Newton-John in person!

*widget boy cultureGuess what the big shots at all the major LGBT non-profits make? PROFIT.

*widget boy cultureGary Beadle from MTV's Ex on the Beach loses his clothes.

Lizabeth-Scott-Veronica-LakeLizabeth Scott: As my pal Chexy said, once Confidential kicks your ass, you stay down in that town.

*widget boy cultureArkansas is the asshole of the country.

*widget boy cultureIMITATION IS THE SINCEREST...: Graham Moore is actually not gay...???

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers simply didn't make the cut. Next victim!

*widget boy cultureElaine Stritch was more theater and TV but still, she, too, was ignored.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Negron was a more egregious omission, more film credits.

*widget boy culture(Almost) nobody cares that Lizabeth Scott was left out, but she was MAY-JUH.

*widget boy culturePatricia Arquette attacked from the right AND left on equal-pay remarks.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.18.56 PM

*widget boy cultureSnowden liked Neil Patrick Harris's treason joke.

*widget boy cultureInarritu liked Sean Penn's green-card joke.

*widget boy culturePhoebe is Price-less.

*widget boy cultureI missed this Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson stealth fight.

*widget boy cultureRemember when Melanie was Holly Body and Don Johnson was Sal Mineo's bottom?

Feb 18 2015
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Rocco Steele took home the, er, top prize at The Hookies. More coverage here. I covered the hell out of it last year, but didn't get a direct invite this time and was too busy on my damn book to get organized and request a pass.

As usual, Gustavo got some great shots.

Feb 17 2015
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Hot new promo shots for Unzipped Citizen by Vision Video Photography.

Feb 14 2015
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Via Gay Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

Feb 10 2015
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  Underwear-1 Underwear-5 Underwear-4 Underwear-3 Underwear-2

 Armando Adajar shoots Bobby Creighton in OTZI.