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Aug 22 2016
Dance Like Everybody's Watching: An Interview With Choreographer Vincent Paterson Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.54.31 AM(Image via McDonald/Selznick Associates)

Madonna fans know Vincent Paterson as the choreographer who worked on her “Express Yourself” video, her Marie Antoinette “Vogue” extravaganza for MTV, her Oscars performance of “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” and also as the man who directed and choreographed one of her greatest projects, the Blond Ambition World Tour.


More recently, he was the subject of the outstanding documentary The Man Behind the Throne, which detailed in particular his work with both Madonna and Michael Jackson.

In truth, his career encompasses many things outside of the King and Queen of Pop.

Now, Paterson is preparing an autobiography, and he is appearing one night only in a talkback called Dance Films Presents: An Evening with Vincent Paterson (get your tickets now!), during which he will speak about six or so of his most famous pieces—and give all the dish on what made them work. He will also detail what it was like collaborating with the household names who executed his fancy footwork.

Vincentpaterson_jodywatley_preshow_silenttearsmusical_miniPaterson with Jody Watley recently (Image via Instagram)

What follows is an abbreviated version of my talk with Vincent; I wanted to hold some stuff back until after his appearance so I wouldn't give too much of it away. After all, he knows a lot of the details behind some of pop's greatest moments ... because he made them happen ...

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Aug 07 2016
HEAT INDEX — Great Gifts Of Tonga + More Olympic Gold + HAMILTON's Hottie + Cristiano Ronaldo + Justin Bieber + Orlando Bloom + Sausage Party + Instahotties + Serious Gains! Comments (0)

Tumblr_obgth5zLoy1rsp72ro2_r1_500(GIF via BBC)

ABOVE: Here's a nice GIF of Tonga's now-famous Pita Taufatofua.

TONGA, TOO: Out Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua, also Tongan: 



A video posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

GOING FOR GOLD: Phelps & Lochte shirtless. Plus, tons more hot Olympians.

NIPPLE-CRISPING: Cristiano Ronaldo suns his areolas.

HISTORY-IN-THE-MAKING: Meet Hamilton's hot, HIV+, gay new lead!

Javier(Video still via CBS)

BIEBER UNCUT: Actually, cut. But you know what I mean. (Work Unfriendly)

ORLANDO, THE SEQUEL: Bloom's booty, his frisky times with Katy Perry.

SIDE OF SAUSAGE: Speedo-wearer, sunnyside up.

CAUGHT UNAWARES: 2,400+ hot guys on the streets of NYC.


Aug 01 2016
God, I Hope I Get Ross Lynch's Bulge Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.02.43 AM(Video still via Shine On Media)

Ross Lynch, one of the cutest teen idols churned out by Disney Channel—which really only churns out cute ones—was showing a lot of, er, talent at this weekend's live A Chorus Line at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2 star, who fronts his own rock band, sounds good and dances even better in this highlights reel.

Favorite YouTube comment from a young fan:

I just found out what gonorrhea was yesterday

Keep reading to find out yourself, and watch Ross closely to learn that sometimes, V.D. is a small price to pay ...

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Jul 29 2016
THE COLOR BLUE: Look Who's Wearin' The Pantsuit Now! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.22.27 PM(Video still via The Color Purple)

The Color Purple offers a very clever remix of Hillary in honor of her smashing DNC speech ...

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Jul 19 2016
HEAT INDEX — Sam Callahan + Jake Gyllenhaal + Kellan Lutz & Colton Haynes + Antonio Pozo Galiano + Beach Bods + Matthew Camp + Jonathan Kos-Read + Scott Eastwood + Phillip Landis + Matthew Crawford + Doggie Daddy! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Sam Callahan is chuffed to be buff.

THOSE BOARDS ARE ON FIRE: Jake Gyllenhaal to pretty up Broadway in Burn This revival.

HOT PAIR: Not couple, but pair. Kellan Lutz & Colton Haynes.


M STREET BEACH BODIES: Eat them up, yum.


Tumblr_oakg70EI9I1vsjf0vo2_400(GIF via Toddles Town—Work Unfriendly)

BIG IN CHINA: Jonathan Kos-Read, an Anglo actor who's a household name in China.


Lally(Image by Joe Lally)

PHIL 'ER UP: Phillip Landis by Joe Lally is gobsmackingly good.

MATTHEW CRAWFORD: Fades to blue.

FadeToBlue7b(Image by Jerrad Matthew/The Underwear Expert)


Jul 18 2016
That CERTAIN Summer: A Review Of BOYS OF A CERTAIN AGE Comments (0)

Boys_Image2Marc Sinoway, R. Scott Williams, Joseph J. Menino & Brian Gligor (Image by Zach Job)

I was lured to the Lower East Side for a second day in a row, this time to take in the new play Boys of a Certain Age, written by Dan Fingerman and directed by Dan Dinero. Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival, the 90-minute piece nails down four very different, very similar gay Jewish men sharing a tense weekend that's supposed to be a chance for old friends to get reacquainted and new acquaintances to become friends, but which winds up being a knock-down, drag-out examination of what motivates members of different gay generations.

Think of it as Boys in the Sand, if that porn movie hadn't stolen the title, because this beachside play has some of the verve of Boys in the Band and far more likable characters.

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Jul 15 2016
Legendary Actress Estelle Parsons Falls Ill, Play's Run Canceled Comments (0)

I was so sad when my buddy Greg texted me about this—Estelle Parsons, 88, who was indefatigable onstage in August, Osage County (2008) and whom 90I saw most recently in The Velocity of Autumn (2013)—fell ill during a performance of her acclaimed show Out of the Mouths of Babes... and the show's run has ended over it.

Via Playbill:

Estelle had been debilitated by the heat and felt ill at intermission. The remainder of the performance was cancelled and Estelle was taken to the hospital for care and observation overnigh. She left there with a clean bill of health and remains in good health, but upon further consultation with her long-time physician, it has been determined that it is inadvisable for her to resume the rigors of performing this two-act play. Under the circumstances, we regret that we must cancel the remainder of the play’s engagement. We love Estelle and want her to have the rest and peace of mind she needs.—Cherry Lane A.D. Angelina Fiordellisi

I hope she bounces back and is able to perform in the future.

(Image by Carol Rosegg)

Jul 11 2016
Enjoy This TRIP OF LOVE: Ian Campayno Strips For Justin Case Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.27.38 PM(Video still via Justin Case Underwear)

Justin Case continues interviewing Broadway babes in their skivvies, this time sharing air with Trip of Love's Ian Campayno ...

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