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Oct 30 2017
Kevin Spacey Had A Secret: Anthony Rapp Accuses The Oscar Winner Of Trying To Seduce Him At 14 Comments (0)

Sub-buzz-10446-1509324661-1Anthony Rapp, in an emotional story for BuzzFeed, has alleged that Kevin Spacey attempted to have sex with him when Spacey was 26 and Rapp just 14, and both were first achieving success on Broadway.

Spacey's response after the jump ...

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Oct 16 2017
Björk Accuses Lars von Trier Of Harassment + Chelsea Bomber Goes Down + Trump Lies, Claims No Presidents Call Dead Soldiers' Families + Liberal Circular Firing Squad + Angela Lansbury Hits 92 — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

BjorkNazi-sympathizer Lars von Trier has been called out by Björk as having sexually harassed her on the set of Dancer in the Dark and punishing her when she refused his advances.

Without naming him, she left her fans no guesswork in complaining about a Danish director — von Trier is Danish, and she's barely made any movies. Also, she clashed so mightily with him she swore off movies for good, so she might as well have named him. He denies.

Keep reading for more on this, the Chelsea bomber, Trump's outrageous lie about Niger and more ...

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There They Go Again: Icon Added To MAMMA MIA! Movie Sequel Comments (0)

Mamma-Mia-The-Movie-Gallery-15As bad as Mamma Mia! the musical was, the movie musical was way worse — and yet it's the highest-grossest feature-film musical of all time.


Now, the movie's sequel is adding even more star power (on top of Meryl Streep coming back) ...

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Watch Mike Pence Flee A Gay Wedding + Aaron Carter Back To Rehab + Shaun T & Hubby Expecting Twins + BLOSSOM's Small Bang Theory + RIP IRONSIDE Actress + Alaska Does Valentina — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.35.02 PMAlec Baldwin's Trump made a return to SNL this weekend, acting as Mike Pence's rapid-travel agent in uncomfy situations, including at a gay wedding.

Keep reading for the cold open, as well as other hot links of the day, including Mayim Bialik's Harvey Weinstein kerfuffle and the death of a '70s TV actress ...

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Oct 15 2017
Linda Lavin Of ALICE & Broadway Fame Turns 80 Comments (0)

Linda8f-2-web(Image via CBS)

It's true — Linda Lavin turns 80 today! Full appreciation post here.

Oct 07 2017
Comedian Ralphie May Dead @ 45, Plus: Who We've Lost In 2017 Comments (0)

Video-234446Ralphie May: February 17, 1972-October 6, 2017 (Image via video still)

Last Comic Standing (2003) star Ralphie May died Friday after battling pneumonia. He was just 45.

Click here to see an exhaustive list of noteworthy figures we've lost in 2017 — and let me know if you see any glaring omissions.

Oct 06 2017
Terms Of Impeachment: A Review of Michael Moore On Broadway Comments (0)

IMG_2766Caught Michael Moore: The Terms of My Surrender on Broadway tonight — what a surprisingly optimistic and entertaining show.

As many times as I have seen Moore in the public square, it's never sunk in how brashly entertaining he is. Just standing onstage talking, he displays a true gift for storytelling outside the medium of film.

He also lays off any Hillary bashing, even though some of the audience probably would have eaten it up ...

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Oct 05 2017
WIN IT: DREAMGIRLS Blu-ray Combo Gift Set ... & A Photo Book Signed By The Director! Comments (0)


Keep reading for the best  Dreamgirls sweepstakes ever ...

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