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Mar 25 2014
He Sang/She Sang: A Review Of BROADWAY BACKWARDS Comments (0)

New York's LGBT Center and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS will receive $423,182 from the annual Broadway Backwards event, held last night at the Hirshfeld. I'd never gone before, but Broadway-Backwardsgrabbed a friend (well, tried, but the young ones are fast) and hiked to the mezz to see a unique show in which Broadway performers sing songs originally intended for the opposite gender. Which reminds me: God, I miss that TV show Turnabout with Sharon Gless.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: ***1/2 out of ****

But back to the matter at hand: Broadway Backwards started a bit creakily, with an oddly unfunny sketch that had a dark tone and an inexplicable Christmas theme. But aside from some of the skits being a bit trying, every vocal performance was a treat, including great contributions from Bryan Batt, Beth Leavel, Billy Porter (who was calmly Kodama Sushi-ing moments before the show began), Stephanie J. Block and more.

Probably the most successful skit was Colin Hanlon, Stephen Bienskie and Max von Essen's head-for-biz-bod-for-sin same-sex romance that played out to the strains of "Been a Long Day." Have always wished I could see them do a three-way, but probably should have been more specific when wishing for it.

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Mar 09 2014
Theme From A Hummer Place: A Review Of NOTHING BUT TRASH Comments (0)

2-Kaplan, McGarrigalBrotherly love

3-Kaplan, McGarrigalWent with a friend to see Andy Halliday's new Off-Broadway play Nothing But Trash, playing at Theater for the New City on 1st Avenue The experience wasn't a drag...even if Andy was in drag from beginning to end.

Nothing But Trash is a loving, even stalkerish, tribute to melodramatic teen-hormone pictures of the '50s and '60s. I started listing the films it was aggressively homaging in my head (Imitation of Life, Rebel Without a Cause, A Summer Place...) but lost count when the cast went into a West Side Story number that would give "Sergeant Krupke" an unwelcome erection lasting over four hours. It's a special treat for anyone familiar with to whom the main characters' names ("Tab" and "Troy") refer.

1-Kaplan, HallidayWhere did she go wrong??? (My theory: It was the gloves.)

Rory-Max-Kaplan-Nothing-But-TrashHalliday hams it up as a woman returning to her hometown with her 16-year-old stud—I mean, son—in tow. Young "Troy" (a magnetic Rory Max Kaplan) is fit and ready to feel his oats, the gay kind since, in Halliday's fantastic vision, homosexual teenagers are virile of body and of heart, and are unafraid to dare speak the name of the love that dare not speak its name.

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Feb 23 2014
Queens Of The Night: A Review Of The RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE Ladies' Performances @ Stage 48 Comments (0)
Rupaul-drag-race-season-6-mister-scandalThe women
RuPaul-Drag-RaceAs you know if you caught my run-down of the NYC premiere party for RuPaul's Drag Race's sixth season, I was able to speak with every queen and snag some snazzy, if snatchy, quotes. But I was battling a cold (or am I just allergic to fabooshness?), so I had to rely on Joe Drake as my special correspondent to review the queens' live performances at Stage 48 that night.

He told me it was hard because some of the girls were unforgettably forgettable (someone was on the drag that night!), but his written impressions paint a picture of 14 hard-working hussies with talent and chutzpah to burn.
Herewith, Joe Drake's take, illustrated by photos taken by my friend Jason and me...

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Feb 10 2014
Just The Tips, I Swear!: A Review Of SEX TIPS FOR STRAIGHT WOMEN FROM A GAY MAN Comments (0)

Sex-tips-Jason-Michael-SnowTake it from him...up the butt, probably.

BOY CULTURE RATING: *** out of ****

My friend and I spent a fun Friday sampling the new play Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, adapted by Matt Murphy from the popular book by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman (777 Theatre). It's got humor and some skin, so it was a given I'd go.

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Dec 27 2013
The Not-A-Peep Show Comments (0)


Despite the lip-synching jab in my title (hey, even her most ardent fan pointed out it's "painfully" obvious there is way more track than Brit-Brit in the show!), the first review of Britney's Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino residency is breathlessly enthusiastic. Even if it is written by her fan club, it's thorough and does a good job of making the show sound like the opposite of Wayne Newton.

Are you going?

Dec 18 2013
98 Degrees Of Separation: A Night With MEN OF THE STRIP Comments (0)
  Men-of-the-Strip-20 Men-of-the-Strip-21 Men-of-the-Strip-31 Men-of-the-Strip-27Men-of-the-Strip-28Men-of-the-Strip-30


Men-of-the-Strip-3IMG_0810 Men-of-the-Strip-7 Men-of-the-Strip-10 Men-of-the-Strip-12 Men-of-the-Strip-15 Men-of-the-Strip-18 Men-of-the-Strip-B Men-of-the-Strip-D Men-of-the-Strip-E Men-of-the-Strip-F Men-of-the-Strip-K Men-of-the-Strip-N Men-of-the-Strip-O Men-of-the-Strip-P Men-of-the-Strip-T Men-of-the-Strip-26

98-Degrees-Popstar-Magazine-coverThe first photo shoot I ever assigned and oversaw was in fall of 1998. I hadn't launched the teen-entertainment mag Popstar! yet, but was in the planning stages, and—not knowing shit about teen mags other than loving the luxe, all-color British ones—I decided the first issue would be themed: The hottest men in music.

Teen girls don't really like men, they like boys. That was my first mistake.

However, gay male magazine editors do like men, so I was frantically searching for someone who would be cover-worthy, and yet would agree to pose for a non-existent magazine.


98-DegreesLucky for me, the boy band craze was in full swing. It didn't take much persuading to get 98°—a new act, but a cute one that actually straddled the boy/man line pretty well—to agree to a shoot, so we met at a seedy bar on Houston Street and in my photographer-of-choice's considerably less boozy studio to take a series of pretty spectacular images that would've been as much at home in a men's fashion magazine as in a teenybopper mag.

Men-of-the-Strip-2998°, 40 years old, 100% nice

The guys were supernice, if somewhat...nervous? See, Chiun-Kai Shih, already making a name for himself as a fashiony shooter, was documenting the entire shoot, complete with candids of them changing, and the guys were somewhat reluctant to go shirtless. (Many boy bands would start shirtless and quickly cover up once they decided it felt "gay" or "cheesy.) The 98° member with the hottest body, baby-faced Jeff Timmons, was, along with Nick Lachey, the one most often asked to disrobe, so he was pretty reluctant. We got a precious few full-on shirtless shots and some fun peekaboos. The cover looked sensational, and I would wind up working with them steadily for years.

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Dec 16 2013
Need To Know: Krier As Folk, Queer Eye, Come Up And See Her Sometime? You Bette! + MORE! Comments (0)

Gustavo-Krier-Jakarta-Wong-SimNot that there's anything Wong with it.

*widget boy cultureGustavo Krier shot in Jakarta by Wong Sim.

*widget boy cultureLogo's Male Gays will explore exactly what it implies.

*widget boy cultureHuckabee will run for prez if God sez so.

*widget boy cultureMadonna by Meisel from 1992—colorized.

*widget boy cultureTom Laughlin of the Billy Jack films dies at 82.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler moves from Sue Mengers to Mae West.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé sells 500K in 48 hours without any PR.

*widget boy cultureHeathers, Mean Girls and Jawbreaker musicals to Broadway.


Dec 09 2013
To Nomi Is To Love Me—A Review Of SHOWGIRLS!: THE MUSICAL! Comments (0)

ShowgirlsIn Nomi we thrust.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **1/2 out of ****

I paid to see the movie Showgirls in the theater in 1995. I did this  in spite of the fact that Joe Eszterhas, one of the all-time worst screenwriters, had already insulted me with Basic Instinct in 1992, a movie so bad I still get annoyed at how enjoyable many people thought it was.

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