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Nov 03 2012
Stop, Election Thief! Comments (2)

Jon-Husted-election-fraud-Ohio-Legislature-StartsSwinger Jon Husted

Ohio's Secretary of State. Jon Husted, is nakedly trying to swing the election by issuing an eleventh-hour directive that will result in the discarding of legal, valid votes.

Gee, I wonder which side his directive will help, the Democrats (who are all but assured of winning Ohio at this time) or the Republicans (who are all but assured of losing Ohio at this time)? You guessed it—he's a big ol' Republican, Bush-look-alike douchebag.


Nov 29 2011
Where's A Guillotine When You Really Need One? Comments (2)

Via ThinkProgress: Check out this insufferable, self-described one-percenter who says nobody great ever came out of the 99%. Uh, almost EVERYONE great came out of the 99%, including many who went on to join the 1%.

By the way...who the fuck is this great man?


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