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Dec 12 2012
Your Bosoms Will Float Comments (1)

Tom Hanks will reunite with his Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari in the Broadway play Lucky Guy, by the late Nora Ephron. Can't wait!!!

And as a bonus, Holland Taylor will be in Ann on Broadway at the same time. If only Wendie Jo Sperber were alive to be in a show, too.

Jun 10 2012
Pure Crass Comments (0)

Walter points me to this "crassic" scene from Bachelor Party, a movie Tom Hanks probably leaves off his résumé along with Turner & Hooch. The mom in this scene is the wonderful Barbara Stuart, who just passed away last year...

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Nov 30 2008
Battlefield Girth Comments (2)


Hanks & Gere should thank this man?

John Travolta is revolting—sensationally bad actor (except in Saturday Night Fever), closet case, pretends his son isn't autistic because that doesn't fit with his world view as a devout Scientologist...what more can he do to annoy me?


He can give an interview in which he laments parts he turned down and say that rejecting Green Mile "gave...Tom Hanks a career!" I'm pretty sure Tom Hanks's movie career kicked into high gear with 1988's Big, and he was bouncing back from some missteps by 1992, when he hit it out of the park with A League Of Their Own, followed by the smash Sleepless In Seattle in 1993 and the career-transforming, Oscar-winning one-two punch of Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Green Mile? Please!

In the same piece, he says he rejected Chicago (which, along with his refusal to do An Officer And A Gentleman, "gave Richard Gere...a career!") because, "It was a lot of women who hated men and I like women who like men. (laughs) The stage show was kind of vicious but the movie had a heart." UGH. The movie sucked and I will never get over why everyone loves it—Queen Latifah is devoid of acting ability and can not sing, and Catherine Zeta Jones was so bad she almost had to win the Oscar for it. But regardless of my own, highly Kiss personal take, on that movie (which Premiere Magazine did recently note was one of the least deserving Best Picture Oscars of all time...), just to hear him say that Chicago was about man-haters and this offends him in some way is so infuriating.

I guess he just can't understand anybody who can't say, "I've never met a man I didn't like."

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