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Feb 21 2013
Striking Posers: History's Hottest 100 Male Models Comments (52)

Hot-Tyson-Beckford-Chad-White-Jeff-AquilonWanted men

Continuing on my gonzo-list kick, I enlisted the aid of my good buddy Jeff, a model-industry insider and a man of great taste, for help in compiling this tally of the most incredible-looking male models from throughout history. (The cavemen didn't have much call for male models, so I think we went as far back as the 1970s.)


Some of these guys are icons, some supermodels, some mere posers with faces only a mother superior couldn't looove. The common denominator is that they're stunning and that the history of modeling—runway, print, fitness or even neo-Web entrepreneurial—would not be the same without them. Purists be damned!

Here they are, in alphabetical order by first name (I know, but it saves so much time), with  my Top 20 indicated at the end...

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Jun 10 2011
Fashionably 48 Comments (3)

Happy 48th birthday to Tony Ward, supersexy model, actor and creative artist. Not to mention Madonna's hottest-ever trick.


Jun 08 2011
"Tony began his career naked..." Comments (5)


SafariScreenSnapz003 An excellent peek at Ward of the State: Tony Ward, Artists' Muse, a show currently up in L.A. that I really wish I could see.

The artists all talk about him in a way that could be boiled down to: This dude is hot...

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May 23 2011
Tony, Tony, Tony Comments (4)

Above: Now that Tony Ward has been given the Terry Richardson treatment, every photographer in the world has shot him. Look how well-preserved he is in 2011—below, that's him in 1984 (L) by Jim French and 1985 (R) by Ken Haak:

If you think I'm exaggerating that every photographer has shot Ward, I am...but not by much. Check out Ward of the State: Tony Ward, Artists' Muse at Rivera & Rivera through June 20 in L.A.

Mar 16 2011
State Of The Ward Comments (2)

Whether you love Madonna or one of the most incredible-looking guys of the past couple of decades or both, Ward of the State looks to be your cup of tea—the works of over a dozen prominent artists who've been inspired by Tony Ward will be on display at the Stephen Cohen Gallery in L.A. starting with an opening reception April 14.

No Steven Meisel listed so his incredible Sex shots seem to be off limits.

Feb 21 2011
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Dec 26 2010
Madonna & Golden Child Comments (2)

20101030-books-madonna-herb-ritts-golden-hour-cover-s I received the Herb Ritts retrospective The Golden Hour (RIzzoli) for Christmas. It's a must-have for fans of the late shutterbug's influential work, and for Madonna fans we already know it provides the previously unseen first portrait he ever took of her.

Overall, it's a wonderful but somewhat frustrating work. "Wonderful" because it has all of his most classic images and many surprises, "somewhat frustrating" because some of the most interesting items—like candids from behind-the-scenes of his shoots—are reproduced at postage-stamp size, like this hard-to-appreciate image of Madonna:

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Dec 03 2010
Poor Is The Man Whose Pleasure Depends On The Permission Of Madonna Comments (2)

Apla3This would've been an "off" shot at the time, but it's so great! Ricki Lake's gaze = priceless

Kenneth in the (212) has some great vintage photos of Madonna and others at the 1990 APLA Commitment to Life fundraiser, where Madonna performed her Marie Antoinette version of "Vogue" and boothed it up with her hottest-ever conquest, Tony Ward.

The pix, by amateur shutterbug Alan Light, are amazing! As I commented, we are all Alan Light. Light recalls to Kenneth:

"I still vividly remember Madonna got angry at me for taking those two top photos. After I snapped the second one she said 'Stop taking my f-ing picture. You didn't even ask me."

I totally understand her POV, but if you ask me, no fanboy or fangirl can be blamed for shooting first and asking questions later when it comes to Madonna. If he'd asked her, do you think we'd be looking at these shots today?

I hope Light will offer up more of his '80s and '90s star shots. Anyone who makes sure to get a pic-with Cry-Baby's "Hatchet Face" and snaps Natalie Schafer in her declining years must have a million of 'em.


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