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Nov 02 2017
Uber Photographer Comments (0)

7.nocrop.w1024.h2147483647(Image by Joseph Rodriguez)

Does everything look better in black-and-white, or does this cabbie of the '80s have an exceptionally good eye? Check out Joseph Rodriguez's work here.

Oct 24 2017
NIGHTMARE Documentary Focuses On Gay '80s Actor Mark Patton Comments (0)


Check out the new limited-edition poster for Scream, Queen!: My Nightmare on Elm Street! Keep reading for more on this unique project ...

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Oct 15 2017
Nice Cat!: Kids React To Madonna Comments (0)

Tumblr_nmggdpRD511rhustio1_500(GIF via Warner Bros.)

Kids react to Madonna in the latest video from FBE Shows ...

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Oct 09 2017
CRUEL SUMMER, But The Years Have Been Kind Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 6.54.43 PMBananarama are all reformed and on a reunion tour (that hits North America in 2018), and their performance last week on The Graham Norton Show (I just saw it!) proves they're more than up to the task.

My Top 15 Original-Lineup Bananarama Songs!

They look and sound so great, no?

Keep reading for the video of one of the most successful girl groups of all time making it work just like it's the '80s ...

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Oct 06 2017
Terms Of Impeachment: A Review of Michael Moore On Broadway Comments (0)

IMG_2766Caught Michael Moore: The Terms of My Surrender on Broadway tonight — what a surprisingly optimistic and entertaining show.

As many times as I have seen Moore in the public square, it's never sunk in how brashly entertaining he is. Just standing onstage talking, he displays a true gift for storytelling outside the medium of film.

He also lays off any Hillary bashing, even though some of the audience probably would have eaten it up ...

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Sep 20 2017

Msg-13203475622.jpg“New York isn't a city for nostalgia. It's not a city, like Paris or Rome, that rests on a glorified past. It's a city that has no pity. It doesn't stop for anyone or anything. It just keeps evolving.”

So begins Susan Seidelman's latest interview on the topic of her '80s hit Desperately Seeking Susan, a film that captures NYC in the '80s with surrealist aplomb. 

Keep reading for more on what The Guardian calls “a feminist classic” ...

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Sep 17 2017
Aris Channeling The '80s With THE MUSIC Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.20.28 PMArtist Aris volunteers that his song and the music video for “The Music” is meant to channel Madonna and George Michael.

I can't speak to the George influences (well, there's that facial hair and that leather jacket), but I do see/hear some Madonna-ness, and the song/video are great regardless ...

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Aug 30 2017
RuPaul & World Of Wonder's Bailey & Barbato Have — And Share — ALL Of The Receipts Comments (0)

Giphy(GIF via Out)

RuPaul knocks down and drags out not one but two Out covers in honor of the magazine's 25th year — one shot from 1996, one from 2017. In the interview, he really opens up ...

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