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Aug 20 2014
Desperately Paging DR. MADONNA Comments (0)


The debut of Dr. Madonna is devoted to Desperately Seeking Susan...

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Aug 17 2014
Ad Men Comments (0)


Here's a seductive ad from the '80s. Woof!

Aug 15 2014
Totally Awesome '80s: Girl Power Comments (0)


Debbie was decidedly upbeat about Madonna in 1987, as seen in the (now defunct) New York Talk Magazine.

Aug 13 2014
Lana, Too Comments (0)

Lana-Turner-Laurence-OlivierWaiting for you...

That list I did regarding Madonna's “Vogue” put me in a Lana Turner mode, so I dug out this memorable shot of Turner meeting Sir Laurence Olivier at Night of 100 Stars II (1985), when she was 64 and he was 77.


The man with her is Eric Root (allegedly 35 then) who later wrote a dishy book about his ladyfriend, one that engendered some pretty contemptuous Amazon reviews (see above!).

Thanks to Root, we have this observation of the moment Turner met Olivier, which is loaded with insight into Turner's view of herself:

“She's waited her whole career to meet that man.”

The photo was taken by Katia Beebe and published as a full page in Life.

Aug 11 2014
Robin Williams Dies After Apparent Suicide Comments (0)

Large good will hunting2July 21, 1951—August 11, 2014

MorkIn hard-to-believe news, Oscar winning actor and legendary stand-up comedian Robin Williams has died of asphyxiation in what is being surmised to have been an act of suicide.

The inimitable comic had been battling depression.

Williams shot to international fame as “Mork” on Mork & Mindy (1978—1982), a spin-off of Happy Days (1974—1984), only to go on to considerable success as a leading man in films.

Robin-Williams-ModelMaster of the absurd

Along with winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his exceptional performance in Good Will Hunting (1997) and acclaim for Good Morning, Vietnam (1997), Williams was, of course, the star of the beloved film Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), one of history's biggest box-office hits.


He also starred in one of the most successful gay-themed films of all time, The Birdcage (1996).

Most recently, Williams was the star of the David E. Kelly (b. April 4, 1956) series The Crazy Ones on CBS.

Aug 10 2014
Need To Know: Grande Illusion + Church Won't Allow Them To Gay-Bury + Fonda Gosling + Bulge De-Mystified + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBig Brother cast flips out upon learning Frankie is semi-famous.

*widget boy cultureChurch cancels funeral because the deceased was gay. (No, really!)

*widget boy cultureInspired by God, man follows church-goer into parking lot, calls him a faggot.

*widget boy cultureJane Fonda loves sitting on Ryan Gosling's face.

*widget boy cultureUnsurprisingly, Donald Trump has no idea what he's talkin' about.

*widget boy cultureHaring/Madonna/Basquiat/Warhol, all mixed up together.

*widget boy cultureLucille Ball would've turned 103 this week.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Silvertop house for sale; first time since '74.

*widget boy cultureIdris Elba admits his bulge isn't his.

*widget boy cultureD-bag MN café charges minimum-wage fee.

*widget boy cultureWendy Davis runs tough ad in Texas gubernatorial race:

Aug 09 2014
Menahem Golan, Israeli Film Pioneer & Action-Movie Kingpin, Dies @ 85 Comments (0)

Menahem-GolanMay 31, 1929—August 8, 2014

Menahem Golan, one half (with cousin Yoram Globus, b. 1941) of the spirited, balls-out indie production company Cannon Films from 1979—1989, died in Israel yesterday at 85.

Golan was known as a colorful character, described by Variety in his obituary as “free-spending” (this fate awaits me, I fear, except for the part about being remembered in Variety). With Globus, he is responsible as a producer for some of the most gloriously terrible, lovably regrettable films of the '70s and (more so) '80s. A lurid, incomplete list includes:


Happy-HookerDeacon & West don drag

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980)

Described as a madcap comedy (both untrue), this laughably unfunny piece o' shite is classic for awkward appearances by Adam West (b. September 19, 1928), Phil Silvers (May 11, 1911—November 1, 1985) and Richard Deacon (May 14, 1921—August 8, 1984).



New Year's Evil (1980)

Execrable horror flick that gave Happy Days galpal Roz Kelly her chance at superstardom.


8397_9_screenshotAs a kid, I thought she wasn't pretty because she had short hair.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)

Starring Sylvia Kristel (September 28, 1952—October 18, 2012), this erotic mess-terpiece was a staple of late-night pay cable in the early '80s. I fussed with our cable box often to try to get a clear picture of the humping.


266Jayne KennedyFor Christ's sake!

Body and Soul (1981)

Boxing movie starring Leon Isaac Kennedy (b. January 1, 1949) and his then wife Jayne Kennedy (b. October 27, 1951) more famous for the uninhibited nude spread Playboy shot of the goody two-shoes/Christian couple during filming. You must read this passive-aggressively bitchtastic piece from the Chicago Tribune on the latter subject. (A low-resolution copy of a decades-old sex video of the couple has since been leaked.)


MonosonMonoson is SO HOT now—click here!

Steveantin1The Last American Virgin (1982)

Delightfully lusty teen-sex comedy with highly sexable guys like Lawrence Monoson (b. August 11, 1964) and Steve Antin (b. April 19, 1958).


Treasure of the Four Crowns

Treasure of the Four Crowns (1983)

OMG...I went to see this with my Dungeons & Dragons buddies and we loved it. It was in 3-D, and had Spanish actress Ana Obregón (b. March 18, 1955) as the slu—, I mean, leading lady. Just pure trash! Made no sense at all.


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Aug 06 2014
Penn Pals: 25 Years Of Madonna, Music & Men Comments (0)

Matthew-Rettenmund Matthew-Rettenmund-Mauro-BramatiTop: Mauro (L) & me (R) today. Bottom: Me (L) & Mauro (R) “yesterday.”

Madonna-ModaHad such a lovely experience this week—after 25+ years, I met in person for the first time a guy who was my equally Madonna-obsessed pen pal in college. I think I first found Mauro Bramati via Madonna's fan club. In those days, it was essential to find pen pals in other countries if you wanted to collect rare foreign items, and Mauro was a goldmine—he would not only send me all the latest Italian magazines with Madonna covers in exchange for all the American ones I could dig up, he would also run around Milano tearing promo posters off of walls to send me. Some of my favorite posters I own came neatly folded in envelopes from Mauro.

I write a lot about this rag-tag operation in my upcoming memoir Starf*cker (May or June 2015).


While we traded Madonna loot, we also schooled each other on our burgeoning gay-sex lives and ranted and raved about all the latest, greatest dance music. He sent me countless Italodisco audio cassettes with music from artists who were not common in the U.S., like:

This was back in the day, when receiving free music meant something! It saved me tons of money at the import store.

His cassettes (and mine back) were lovingly titled, decorated with glue-sticked images from magazines and contained expressions of affection from abroad. Well, from a guy, but from abroad.

This week, Mauro brought his lovely young partner on their first trip to the U.S., and we made a point of meeting for the first time. It took forever, but thanks to the postal service and, later, to e-mail and Facebook, two kindred spirits finally met face to face.

And what do you suppose Mauro handed me? A CD with his fave '70s, '80s and '90s tracks, like this:

Lucky that we bonded over an artist who's still so topical. Would we have kept in touch had we started out as the Pointer Sisters' biggest fanboys???