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Jan 27 2015
This Is Madonna TODAY Comments (0)


Madonna gets sauce-y with Australian interviewer Richard Wilkins on Today...

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Jan 24 2015
You're A Disgrace To The Human Race, You Know That? Comments (0)


The late Nelson Sullivan's 1,900 (!) hours of NYC-in-the-'80s video footage is safe and sound with NYU's special collections, and some of it is available for viewing here. The stuff is priceless.

Jan 13 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Talk Talk - IT'S MY LIFE Comments (0)


Amazing Montreux perf from '86...

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Who's Watching Him? Comments (0)


Rockwell's daddy was Mr. Motown, or things never would've gotten this far. This Italian TV appearance is consistently uncomfunny...

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Jan 12 2015
You're Never Fully Overdressed Without A Smile Comments (0)


Sarah Jessica Parker, as seen in a former-“Annies” photo shoot for Celebrity Focus from 1987. Two more after the jump...

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Jan 09 2015
Cleaning House Comments (0)

Madonna-October-1984I love when I go through my Madonna archive (don't judge), which stretches from 1979 materials (very few) to present (though 2012 on is light since I largely gave up on buying all the weekly celeb magazines), and I find doubles. Off to eBay! How I ever acquired not one but two of this very cool, in-house Warner Bros. Records mag called Word of Mouth from October of 1984, I'll never know. But I can't justify my love for duplicates, so it's going. 

My dredging through my archive was to make notes for Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition. It took forever! But now I just need to marry all my notes with the old text, add entries that for sure have to be added (like all her albums and singles and videos), and then stir until the mix is thick and resists the spoon.

Jan 04 2015
11 O'Clock Number: The Fixx - ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER Comments (0)


The Fixx gives it all they got in 1983...

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Jan 03 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Berlin - RIDING ON THE METRO Comments (0)


Terri Nunn, fronting Berlin, sells this 1983 (!) performance of their best track (IMHO)...

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