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Aug 22 2016
Dance Like Everybody's Watching: An Interview With Choreographer Vincent Paterson Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.54.31 AM(Image via McDonald/Selznick Associates)

Madonna fans know Vincent Paterson as the choreographer who worked on her “Express Yourself” video, her Marie Antoinette “Vogue” extravaganza for MTV, her Oscars performance of “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” and also as the man who directed and choreographed one of her greatest projects, the Blond Ambition World Tour.


More recently, he was the subject of the outstanding documentary The Man Behind the Throne, which detailed in particular his work with both Madonna and Michael Jackson.

In truth, his career encompasses many things outside of the King and Queen of Pop.

Now, Paterson is preparing an autobiography, and he is appearing one night only in a talkback called Dance Films Presents: An Evening with Vincent Paterson (get your tickets now!), during which he will speak about six or so of his most famous pieces—and give all the dish on what made them work. He will also detail what it was like collaborating with the household names who executed his fancy footwork.

Vincentpaterson_jodywatley_preshow_silenttearsmusical_miniPaterson with Jody Watley recently (Image via Instagram)

What follows is an abbreviated version of my talk with Vincent; I wanted to hold some stuff back until after his appearance so I wouldn't give too much of it away. After all, he knows a lot of the details behind some of pop's greatest moments ... because he made them happen ...

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Aug 20 2016
Liquid Diet's LUMINARY Is The Greatest New Song You'll Hear All Week Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.07.30 PM(Video still via Liquid Diet)

This sounds like the Cover Girls got into a cab with Kraftwerk, only to find that Giorgio Moroder was driving. Love this song and video (after the jump), and the good news is their full album Double Life is available for pre-order ...

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6-PACK — Face-Eater Was A GOOD KID + Olympic Sex-cathlon + Fur Real + Trump Fan Profiled + Trump's Louisiana Ploy + RIP BOB NEWHART SHOW Vet Comments (0)

*widget boy culturePolice responded to this clearly drugged murderer—calling him “a good kid”—within shooting him.

*widget boy cultureCouple boning in background disrupts Olympics coverage.

*widget boy cultureSexy, furry musclebod. I think the right word is GRRR.

Screen-Shot-2016-08-19-at-10.13.23-PM-650x432-1-300x199Jake Anantha says he's definitely not a Donald Trump supporter anymore (why was he ever?). (Image via MSNBC)

*widget boy culture18-year-old Indian Trump fan booted from rally on suspicion of being a protester. For being brown.

*widget boy cultureTrump makes shamelessly political appearance in flood-struck Louisiana, helps for 49 seconds.

Jack-riley-dead1Riley as Elliot Carlin (Image via CBS)

*widget boy cultureJack Riley, of The Bob Newhart Show fame, dies @ 80. Seinfeld GF Cynthia Szigeti dies @ 66.

Sherry-becky-1991-the-library-seinfeld“What holds the work togethuh, as I have learned from bittuh experience, is sexual intercourse.” (Image via NBC)

Aug 19 2016
6-PACK — '80s Fleshback + Trump's Ukrainian-Crook Campaign Manager Resigns Amidst Rumors The Candidate Is Sane + Lochte's Sowwwwy + Liz Land + Heard Mentality: Give Back + Gawker Thoughts! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: P-Town goes totally tubular with Carnival 2016's '80s theme!

*widget boy cultureTrump's top guy, Crooked Paul Manafort, has resigned. Can't run a campaign, how can Trump run the U.S.? 

*widget boy culture“Traumatized” (32-year-old) Lochte sorta apologizes for Rio robbery lies, launches a million white-privilege tweets.

*widget boy cultureYears after Elizabeth Taylor bought the farm, someone's now sold it.

Tumblr_m5fyoeCP431qg39ewo1_500(GIF via Paramount)

*widget boy cultureAmber Heard's Johnny Depp-divorce money—all $7M—is going to charity.

*widget boy cultureMeanest blogger ever will not miss

Aug 17 2016
6-PACK — Madonna In The '80s! + Madonna In The '90s! + Porn Icon's Memoirs + Hugh Must Be Kidding Me + Jason Dottley Leaves Music, Drops Web Series + The Bond Between Gay Men & Straight Women! Comments (0)

66-long-lost-casting-polaroids-of-madonna-show-a-mega-star-on-the-verge-body-image-1471356607Madonna in 1983 (Image by Richard Corman)

*widget boy cultureMr. Corman let a Web site publish hi-res scans of some of his 66 Madonna Polaroids.

UnnamedMadonna celebrating Vincent's b'day on May 4, 1990, in Houston (Images via Vincent Paterson)

*widget boy cultureAn Evening with Vincent Paterson should be on your to-do-list.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.52.52 PMShawn Mayotte as you may remember him (Image via I.T. for Men)

*widget boy culturePorn icon Shawn Mayotte is alive and well ... and publishing his memoirs.

710316_2c6dee09508c419693a5701c7e366617~mv2(Image via Jason Dottley)

*widget boy cultureJason Dottley retires from music, drops surprise Web series: Body Hair.

*widget boy cultureHugh Grant looks “like a scrotum now.”

*widget boy cultureA gay black man and a straight white woman hit it off real well in El Ganzo, opening 9/9 in L.A.:


Aug 13 2016
Marilyn's Back! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.37.38 PM(Video still via YouTube @ Marilyn)

Fab '80s singer Marilyn—known for his friendship with Boy George and his more-than-friendship with Gavin Rossdale—is back with the fresh, reggae-infused single “Love or Money.”

I like it ...

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Jul 24 2016
6-PACK — LOOKING Out For #1 + DNC-Leaks Apology + German Terrorist = Neo-Nazi Fanboy + Nico Tortorella's Attempt At Drag + Basketball Bigshot Doesn't Get Trans People + WONDER WOMAN Trailer! Comments (0)

Looking04(TV still via HBO)

*widget boy cultureRaúl Castillo talks about cautiously coming out as straight to Looking cast.

*widget boy cultureTop DNC staffer who suggested Bernie Sanders' (or someone's ...) lack of religiosity be used against him in leaked e-mail apologizes.

*widget boy cultureGerman terrorist linked to neo-Nazi.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.26.28 PM(Video still via YouTube @ Rocco Tortorella)

*widget boy cultureNico Tortorella unveils (pretty bad) drag persona: Almond Milk. How far has drag fallen? Check out Leigh Bowery from 30 years ago:

*widget boy cultureOne of the owners of the Charlotte Hornets heaps “shame” on trans people, NBA over NC's loss of NBA All-Star Game. Guv cries B.S.!

*widget boy cultureFirst look at the Wonder Woman trailer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.35.40 PMGal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Video still via DC/Warner Bros.)

Jul 15 2016
We Had Tonight: Sheena Easton In NYC Comments (0)

*DSC08651(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My friend Harry invited me to take his friend's place and join him in seeing Sheena Easton perform at B.B. King's, and we wound up having a great, if not totally heck-a-slammin' time.

We had front-section, central VIP seating, so missed nothing of the 90-minute gig, which was generously sprinkled hits (“I embrace my nostalgia!” she exclaimed early on), some of which a casual fan might have forgottne all about. Any student of Sheena Easton 101 knew to expect “9 to 5 (Morning Train)” from 1980, which got the evening's biggest reaction in spite of its near novelty-hit sound, and her smash Bond theme “For Your Eyes Only” from 1981, but I can't have been the only person surprised she is still doing gems like “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” (1983).

*DSC08407Those over-the-hill jokes went over our heads.

Easton—looking very much like a red-headed Kylie Minogue, is still ravishing at 57, so much so that her surprisingly relentless self-deprecation about her age and her lack of hits since the '90s felt a bit like posting a fantastic selfie with the caption, “I look awful, right?” The true answer is she looks great and sounds great (aside from a tendency to over-emote) and has an engaging stand-up comedy banter between songs that made her perhaps a bit too accessible—one fan couldn't resist shouting suggestions to her after every song, eventually earning her ire. Sit down and shut up.

But back to the set list, which along with the previously named hits and some '60s and '70s pop covers (and one Christian song—she connected with *DSC08678Catholicism after four divorces), included the singles “When He Shines (1981), “I Wouldn't Beg for Water (1982), “We've Got Tonight (1983), “Almost Over You (1983), “Strut (1984), “The Lover in Me (1988). Most excitingly, with the help of a talented male duet partner, Easton offered a dynamic melding of “Sugar Walls” (1984)/“U Got the Look” (1987) as a tribute to her ex, Prince. 

Sheena Easton Setlist B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, New York, NY, USA 2016

Joking that she was thinking of hanging up her Spanx and discontinuing the performance of such sexed-up numbers, she revealed she had to do them as an excuse to air the work of the Purple One.

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