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Feb 13 2015
The Place To See Music Videos And Be Seen Comments (0)


I assume PSB were never paid for this 4:44 (!) TV spot for the late, great NYC video bar Private Eyes! Just now rediscovered, the 1989 spot is pretty fun to watch, though probably nothing compared to actually being there.

Feb 12 2015
Fade To Black: Steve Strange Dies @ 55 Comments (0)


New Romantic music pioneer Steve Strange of Visage has died of heart failure at 55, according to reports:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.25.33 PM

Shockingly young and so sad.

After the jump, the main reason I will forever be obsessed with Visage, a song that is forever in my Top 10 of all time...

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Feb 02 2015
Trick Or Street Comments (0)


Indispensable '80s photographer Peter Anderson is profiled in this mini-doc, after the jump...

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Jan 29 2015
Dancing With Himself: Billy Idol Rocks NYC Comments (0)
  Billy-Idol-DSC00121 Billy-Idol-DSC00061 Billy-Idol-DSC00068 Billy-Idol-DSC00075 Billy-Idol-DSC00134 Billy-Idol-DSC09293 Billy-Idol-DSC09540 Billy-Idol-DSC09672 Billy-Idol-DSC09861 Billy-Idol-DSC09889 Billy-Idol-DSC09902 Billy-Idol-DSC09902 Billy-Idol-DSC09966 Billy-Idol-DSC09966

Went to see Billy Idol's Kings & Queens of the Underground Tour. We came up with seven or eight of his songs off the tops of our heads, so that was enough to spend a few hours after from my feverish Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition writing (free ticket).


He looks pretty okay for 59 and, surprisingly, still runs around shirtless. He's the definition of a nostalgia act, really embracing all the aspects of Billy Idoldom that his fans crave (the hits, the snarl, the rock bad-assery). I was bored by the very old, pre-pop material and cringed through “Mony, Mony” (always hated that one), and his “Dancing With Myself” was consistently off-key, but there were highlights and it was pretty fun. No “Catch My Fall” and no “Hot in the City” (gasp!), but I think just about everything else you would want.

Don't get me started on the crowd. Tall couple in front of me joined at the hip = wall, plus the chick was a fist-pumper. Lots of drunken hedge-fund flunkies grinding on younger women. I said don't get me started.

Still, it was an amusing night out. I had just written about that odd pic of Billy, Sam Kinison, Madonna and David Bowie that's floating around the Internet.

No idea what was happening when his eyes crossed, but check out the 13 shots for some less unflattering ones!

After the jump, a snippet of Billy Idol Billy Idoling around...

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Jan 27 2015
This Is Madonna TODAY Comments (0)


Madonna gets sauce-y with Australian interviewer Richard Wilkins on Today...

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Jan 24 2015
You're A Disgrace To The Human Race, You Know That? Comments (0)


The late Nelson Sullivan's 1,900 (!) hours of NYC-in-the-'80s video footage is safe and sound with NYU's special collections, and some of it is available for viewing here. The stuff is priceless.

Jan 13 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Talk Talk - IT'S MY LIFE Comments (0)


Amazing Montreux perf from '86...

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Who's Watching Him? Comments (0)


Rockwell's daddy was Mr. Motown, or things never would've gotten this far. This Italian TV appearance is consistently uncomfunny...

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