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Mar 27 2015
Good Goin', Strangers Comments (0)


Thirty years of Desperately Seeking Susan, one of the best things (not just movies) Madonna's ever done. Carrie Rickey's oral history is great, and I'm honored to be in that company.

OIn sad, related news, that huge NYC explosion of a landmarked building at 121 Second Ave. was not only the one-time (150+ years ago) mayoral residence, but was close enough to the former location of Love Saves the Day that the latter was torn down. Love Saves the Day, at 119 Second Ave., was the scene of the retro clothing store in which Madonna's “Susan&rduo; character swapped her iconic jacket for a pair of studded boots.

Sadly, it now appears two people are missing following that earth-shaking explosion.

Mar 25 2015
Need To Know: One Less Direction + It Takes (212) + a-ha Moment + Funny Logic + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureZayn Malik has left One Direction forever.

*widget boy cultureI still have a (212), too, and pay $75 or something a month just to have one.

*widget boy cultureThe X-Files is back! And a-ha is also back!!!

*widget boy cultureWill Mississippi beating be upgraded to a hate crime? Should it be?

*widget boy cultureOUTTA THERE: Gaming convention will quit Indiana over anti-gay bill.

*widget boy cultureAlexander Erickson by Carlos Medel:


*widget boy cultureJ.K. Rowling gently schools a fan on why Dumbeldore doesn't look gay.

*widget boy cultureIs feminism a total lost cause at this point?

*widget boy cultureWill Ferrell and Kevin Hart think homophobia is huh-LAIR-ee-ous.

*widget boy cultureKudos to Louis Virtel have having the gay balls to ask these questions. It's hard: 

Mar 17 2015
Gay You, Gay Me + Right Makes Might + Try Me A River + So Funny They Forgot To Laugh + Prodigal Son + Fresh Kills + MORE! Comments (0)

James-FrancoLoud and queer

*widget boy cultureJames Franco is not exactly gay. Let's say he's post-straight.

*widget boy cultureIsrael seems to be voting against peace, ever.

*widget boy cultureNetanyahu plays the race card, straight outta the Republican playbook.

*widget boy cultureRiver Viiperi gets pumped.

*widget boy cultureJokin' about a guy's dad dying in 9/11 and about Paul Walker's death.

*widget boy cultureWill Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy is queer for prison-rape jokes.

*widget boy cultureD&G exec quits over their gross comments. Piers Morgan plays bullying card!

*widget boy cultureThe Breakfast Club mini-reunion.


*widget boy culture(Almost) More Michael Hoffman than you can handle.

*widget boy cultureLET'S MAKE A DEAL WITH IT: Getting en-gay-ged on daytime TV.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay Chief Justice Moore's son is a career criminal already.

*widget boy cultureMiley's Bangerz tour DVD trailer is up.

*widget boy cultureI'm remembering Jane Krakowski's Madonna jokes on 30 Rock.

*widget boy cultureNatalia Kills is NOT sorry for her vicious words to wannabe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.36.43 PM copyNatalia Kills, 2015, meet Madonna, 1988.

Mar 08 2015
Gay Panic To The Future Comments (0)


I'm glad this asinine scene wasn't in Back to the Future (1985). It was already really jarring when “fag” was used (repeatedly) in Teen Wolf. Don't tell me that shit didn't matter then (and doesn't now), because it did and does. It won't matter when people aren't so hung up on gayness that people aren't beat up and don't commit suicide over it.

It's not the worst, most anti-gay line in the movies or anything, and thankfully it's coming out only 30 years later. But again, glad it wasn't immortalized in one of the biggest and sweetest hits of all time...

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Feb 13 2015
The Place To See Music Videos And Be Seen Comments (0)


I assume PSB were never paid for this 4:44 (!) TV spot for the late, great NYC video bar Private Eyes! Just now rediscovered, the 1989 spot is pretty fun to watch, though probably nothing compared to actually being there.

Feb 12 2015
Fade To Black: Steve Strange Dies @ 55 Comments (0)


New Romantic music pioneer Steve Strange of Visage has died of heart failure at 55, according to reports:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.25.33 PM

Shockingly young and so sad.

After the jump, the main reason I will forever be obsessed with Visage, a song that is forever in my Top 10 of all time...

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Feb 02 2015
Trick Or Street Comments (0)


Indispensable '80s photographer Peter Anderson is profiled in this mini-doc, after the jump...

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Jan 29 2015
Dancing With Himself: Billy Idol Rocks NYC Comments (0)
  Billy-Idol-DSC00121 Billy-Idol-DSC00061 Billy-Idol-DSC00068 Billy-Idol-DSC00075 Billy-Idol-DSC00134 Billy-Idol-DSC09293 Billy-Idol-DSC09540 Billy-Idol-DSC09672 Billy-Idol-DSC09861 Billy-Idol-DSC09889 Billy-Idol-DSC09902 Billy-Idol-DSC09902 Billy-Idol-DSC09966 Billy-Idol-DSC09966

Went to see Billy Idol's Kings & Queens of the Underground Tour. We came up with seven or eight of his songs off the tops of our heads, so that was enough to spend a few hours after from my feverish Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition writing (free ticket).


He looks pretty okay for 59 and, surprisingly, still runs around shirtless. He's the definition of a nostalgia act, really embracing all the aspects of Billy Idoldom that his fans crave (the hits, the snarl, the rock bad-assery). I was bored by the very old, pre-pop material and cringed through “Mony, Mony” (always hated that one), and his “Dancing With Myself” was consistently off-key, but there were highlights and it was pretty fun. No “Catch My Fall” and no “Hot in the City” (gasp!), but I think just about everything else you would want.

Don't get me started on the crowd. Tall couple in front of me joined at the hip = wall, plus the chick was a fist-pumper. Lots of drunken hedge-fund flunkies grinding on younger women. I said don't get me started.

Still, it was an amusing night out. I had just written about that odd pic of Billy, Sam Kinison, Madonna and David Bowie that's floating around the Internet.

No idea what was happening when his eyes crossed, but check out the 13 shots for some less unflattering ones!

After the jump, a snippet of Billy Idol Billy Idoling around...

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