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Oct 13 2016
6-PACK — Parish Prez Who Sexted 17-Year-Old Won't Do It Again + Miss Utah Recalls Trump's Passes + If Hillary Were Like Trump + Miss Teen USA Told Trump DOESN'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE + Quick & Dirty + Transition Team! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureVIDEO: Married parish prez Mike Yenni admits to sexting 17-year-old guy, asks to keep job.

*widget boy cultureFormer Miss Utah—an unlikely state where Hillary is surging—recalls “gross” unwanted kisses from Trump.

*widget boy cultureIf Hillary sexually harassed men like Trump sexually harasses women ...

*widget boy cultureMiss Teen USA 2010 says she was told Trump “doesn't like black people.”

*widget boy cultureMy dirty Tumblr is particularly filthy lately. (Work Unfriendly — A Lot)

*widget boy cultureMeet Gavin Grimm, who is 17 and transitioning from female to male in high school — AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Jan 08 2016
Muscling In Comments (0)


Thomas Calabro on my new fave Tumblr. (With a correct link finally.)

Jan 07 2016
Channel-Surf's Up!: Hot Guys From TV Comments (0)

IMG_8141Robert Conrad's backstory

A new Tumblr launches, dedicated to captured—in a sexily low-tech way—all those hot men 'n' boys who give you boners in reruns.

I've seen most of these males on MeTV and other nostalgia stations, even if I don't know all of their names. (Robert Conrad being an obvious exception!)


Jan 01 2016
Ends Of The Year! Comments (0)


Check out the latest raunchy (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr, filled with XXX booties. Take a taste via its trailer (yes, Tumblrs now have trailers) after the jump if you just wanna stick your finger in before going full fist ...

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Dec 18 2015
You're The Top Comments (0)


Love a good list: Check out Tumblr's list of top LGBTQ stories of 2015.

Nov 14 2015
Ends Of The World Comments (0)
Oct 16 2015
Use Your Words Comments (0)

Angry twink

I'm not trying to mock this guy, but his righteous anger over people “tokenizing black men” while hiding behind the “a deeper irony” excuse, over “semi-muscular” “white-passing” “twink-haters” and the like is a real head-spinner for anyone past 29 or so ...

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Jun 26 2015
Need To Know: Bryce-Looking Fellow + Activist Or Heckler? + Palin Preggers + GONE WITH THE WIND Storm + Elation! Madonna Hits #84! + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBryce Harper wants to flex you up + Aaron Taylor-Johnson Flaunts it!

*widget boy cultureTrans activist tries to shout down the prez, he ain't having it.

*widget boy cultureBristol Palin is surely the world's most judgmental cum-whore.

*widget boy cultureSPLC wins suit: Ex-gay conversion therapy is fraud.

*widget boy cultureGone with the Wind is racist, but is it the same as a Confederate flag?

*widget boy cultureCourtney Act's Q&A involves prostitutes and meth conventions.

*widget boy cultureTyler Posey's 1st kiss was ... Miley???

*widget boy cultureAlso, Courtney will Tumblr for ya!

*widget boy cultureMadonna hits the Hot 100, plus Billboard's two bits on the $10 debate.

Madonna-10-dollar-bill-2015-billboardShe don't need money, she needs love!

*widget boy cultureKennedy and Roberts helped save Obamacare. Why Roberts? This.

*widget boy cultureBobby Jindal gives no head.

*widget boy culture3 simple safety tips everyone should follow.

*widget boy cultureIn the privacy of my own home? FUCK THAT.

*widget boy cultureHuge, huge ass. Unbelievable.

*widget boy cultureRose McGowan blasted Adam Sandler, got dropped by her agent.

*widget boy cultureChris Crocker gets lips enhanced, gets nose out of joint.

*widget boy culture#ageism: NYC's oldest gay bar closes.

*widget boy cultureWorld's sexiest Madonna fan? See his video here.


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