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Aug 15 2011
Chest Right Comments (0)

TV y Novelas (Julio 4, 2011) is always good for some Gabriel Soto images, but this edition is especially lousy with 'em...

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Jul 02 2011
He's So Fein Comments (0)

Thirty-three-year-old Mexican actor Mark Tacher (born Mark Tacher Feingold) poses poolside for TV y Novelas (Julio 2011). More after the jump...

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Jun 04 2011
Rulli Rules Comments (5)

Sebastian Rulli is exposed to great effect in TV y Novelas (Junio 2011). More after the jump...

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May 30 2011
Suspending Disbelief Comments (1)

Wow, I can't believe you sexy Jonathan Islas is in his suspenders. He appears in TV y Novelas (Junio 2011).

Apr 27 2011
Suspended Disbelief Comments (0)

TV y Novelas (28 de Marzo de 2011) features Marcelo Cordoba, his tacky underwear and some Mork suspenders that don't work (in that they're partly detached) and yet that totally work.

Two more after the jump...

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Jan 24 2011
Tarzan Boy Comments (1)

From TV y Novelas (Febrero 2011), Eleazar Gomez goes nearly au naturel for his nature-boy shoot. More after the jump...

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Jan 21 2011
Fingers In El Cookie Jar Comments (0)

Carlos Ponce lets his fingers do the walking in TV y Novelas (Febrero 2011).

Dec 17 2010
In The Vida Loca Comments (4)

TV y Novelas (Diciembre 6, 2010) dredges up the rumor that Ricky Martin and Eduardo Verastegui were once lovers, an interesting possibility considering the fact that Verastegui is now a conservative, born-again Christian who's aggressively campaigned against gay rights and marriage equality.

Dec 03 2010
Laughing With Him Comments (1)

Vadhir Derbez is the son of famoso comedian Eugenio Derbez, but he's ridiculously cute—and that's no joke. More of these shots from TV y Novelas (Noviembre 22, 2010) after the jump...

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Aug 28 2010
Two Amigos Comments (3)

TV y Novelas (Agosto 23, 2010) catches Juan Gabriel with his "amigo" (you can hear the magazine sneering the word!) out and about. Someone once asked him if he was gay and Gabriel allegedly replied, "What you can see you don't need to ask about, son":

Speaking of what you can see, there is plenty of skin to see in the gay-beach photos of Rodner Figueroa and his partner published by TV Notas (Agosto 31, 2010). Maybe we need to distinguish that being "out" means to have said, "I am gay," whereas being "openly gay" means doing this kind of thing without concern: