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Jun 21 2017

DC3CU2uVoAAncXn.jpg-large(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Entertainment Weekly offers a great sneak peek of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, starring Edgar Ramírez as the slain designer, Darren Criss as the murderous Andrew Cunanan, Ricky Martin as Versace's lover and Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace.

DC2kcQJXYAE4w7v.jpg-largeI hope Ricky Martin has a big part ...

Jun 20 2017
Comic Bill Dana Dies @ 92 Comments (0)

Bill Dana, a comic with roots that go back to the earliest days of Bill Danatelevision, has died at 92.

Dana made a heavily accented Bolivian character internationally famous on The Steve Allen Plymouth Show in 1959 with the catchphrase, “My name ... José Jiménez”; created the, “Would you believe ... ?” line for Don Adams (1923-2005); and wrote the classic Sammy Davis Jr. (1925-1990) episode of All in the Family, in which the bigoted Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor, 1924-2001) received a kiss on the cheek from Davis.

The Jiménez character was accepted by many Latinos, though he later abandoned it in order to be sensitive.

GiphyAs Uncle Angelo (GIF via NBC)

Later in his career, Dana owned an ad agency and was introduced to younger viewers as Uncle Angelo on The Golden Girls in six episodes that aired from 1988 to 1992. After that gig, he gave only one more performance on TV, on the Golden Girls spin-off Empty Nest in 1994.

Jun 17 2017
Stephen Furst, ANIMAL HOUSE's Flounder, Dies @ 62 Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 9.03.13 PMBruce McGill, Furst & Jim Belushi in Animal House in 1978 (Image via Universal)

Via ExtraTV: Stephen Furst, the actor who played the larger-than-life doofus Flounder in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) has died.

His sons posted a loving tribute on Furst's official Facebook page, in which they attributed his surprising death to diabetes and urged fans to laugh at memories of Furst rather than cry over his departure.


Furst recreated his Flounder character on the flop TV series Delta House (1979), and had recurring roles on both St. Elsewhere (1983-1988) and Babylon 5 (1994-1998).

His other most noteworthy film role was in the cult hit Midnight Madness (1980).

Jun 16 2017
The Top 40 Greatest Living Stars — Age 80+! Comments (0)

3ab6ea427795f6779f07536e910dc8f8The late, great Bette Davis, snickering at my list of rank amateurs!

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I recently updated my list of all the greatest stars age 80 and over. Actually, most actors I could find who are 80 and over!

GiphyJudging you!

The way I do my list, I have a general list, a large list of better-known names, and then I have my own Top 40 of stars who I think are the most important for various reasons — name recognition, length of career, proximity to the Golden Age, major awards, reinventions, the works — in order.

Giphy-1I don't see anybody I know!

It's insanity to compare Cloris Leachman to Sidney Poitier to Joan Collins to Baby Peggy, but I do it.

Please keep reading for my thoughts on a reasonable Top 40 list of the biggest living stars age 80+, and feel free to chime in (politely — this is not politics!) with your thoughts on the ranking, and on which of these should go to make room for which stars who didn't make the list.

For Reference, Here's My Massive Over-80 List!

Keep reading for my entire list ...

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6-PACK — How To Get Away With Manslaughter + Trudeau's LGBTQ Love + Lady Barista + Confronting His Bully + Anti-Gay School Employee's Terrorist Wish + West-Starring Role! Comments (0)

DoddsCheck out the story attached to this below, via Towleroad. (Image via Towleroad)

WIDGETHuff Post: Philado Castile's shooting by a police officer seemed like one case where a trigger-happy cop might go down — but nope. NOT GUILTY.

WIDGETtheOUTfront: Here's what Canada's leader is doing to celebrate LGBTQ Pride. Trump has yet to acknowledge it, too busy cutting back Cuba progress.

WIDGETTwitter @PopCrave: Lady Gaga is serving as a Starbucks barista to support her Born This Way Foundation.

WIDGETThe Randy Report: In this Q&A with Drake Jensen & Patrick Masse, check out Drake's powerful story of his high school bullying!

UnnamedListen up for a very moving story! (Image via The Randy Report)

WIDGETTowleroad: This Columbus, Ohio, school employee wished that a Pride Festival would turn out like the Boston Marathon. It wasn't charm school.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 6.37.07 PMGo West! (Video still via Twitter @ DC Entertainment)

WIDGETTwitter @ DC Entertainment: Watch Adam West's final guest spot, on the canceled series Powerless, after the jump ...

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6-PACK — Stop Flag-Bashing + GOLDEN Gays? + Patti Issues + Trump Confirms He Is Under Investigation + Trump Now Loves TERRORIST Qatar + Fake Betsy DeVos Meets Fake Mike Pence! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.18.35 PM If a huge % of the community would feel symbolically more welcomed, why not? (Image via Internet)

WIDGETKenneth In the (212): This is how I feel about the Pride Flag controversy — if it bothers you more to change it than why people want to, you're why people want to.

WIDGETDListed: A gay Golden Girls is coming! (And I bet the men will not be 50-60, but 70-80.)

WIDGETOMG Blog: I was remiss in not posting this yesterday, but here's why Patti LuPone wouldn't perform for Trump:

WIDGETHuff Post: Trump is now attacking Rod Rosenstein — and in the process, confirming he is now officially under investigation.

WIDGETCBS News: After savaging Qatar as a state sponsor of terror, enflaming regional tensions, Trump now sells the country $12B of U.S. weaponry.

WIDGETVia Instagram @mch463: She's Betsy DeVos, and guess what she's gonna do? He's Mike Pence and he just lawyered upKeep reading ...

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Jun 15 2017
Check Out EW's LGBTQ Issue — Starring RuPaul! Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via EW)

RuPaul is the covergirl of Entertainment Weekly's June 23, 2017, LGBTQ Issue.

Of the dark period where Ru spent eight years out of character, he says:

I thought, “Could it be that this is not meant for me?” It was this horrible existence. One day, my friend Larry Tee called me and said, “Ru, what the f—k are you doing? You are a star. Get your ass back to New York and get your s—t together.” And I did… “I’m going to go back to New York and give those bitches exactly what they want from me.”

The issue also has a reunion of The L Word and talks with Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick about the show's upcoming revival.

Check it out here.

Jun 14 2017
Jimmy Kimmel & Diane Keaton: Future Power Couple? Comments (0)

Diane-KeatonDiane Keaton should have a Web series. (Video still via ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel seemed ready to marry Diane Keaton, beginning with charming gushing over her sense of style, during his interview with the living legend last night.

GiphyReese Witherspoon in Wildflower (1991), directed by Diane Keaton (GIF via Carroll Newman Productions)

Later in the interview, she hilariously reveals her thoughts on whether the stars who recently feted her for her long career are actual friends or just “important people.” (So amazing that she talked about Sarah Silverman without realizing she is Jimmy's ex.)

Keep reading to watch ...

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