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May 17 2018
Josh Brolin Naked As The Day He Was Spawned + Porn Star Dishes On Clients + MURPHY BROWN Catch-Up + Ruthie Ann Miles Loses Baby + Trump: Slams ANIMALS + Madonna, Janet & Christina + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: A pec-tacular view.

Discounted Tix for The Boys in the Band — HERE!

Below: Keep reading for Josh Brolin naked, Rafael Alencar's A-list clients, the return of Murphy Brown, Christina Aguilera's greatest lewks, Janet Jackson thanking her fans for the birthday wishes, and Trump's latest slur against immigrants ...

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May 16 2018
Jason Momoa's Perfect Body (Of Work!) Comments (0)

Mr. Man is celebrating Asian-Pacific American Month with an homage to their favorite Hawaiian actor, Jason Momoa … dare we say it seems like the wags at Mr. Man would love to get leied by him?

Yeah, why not?


A-list beefcake Jason Momoa is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now, but Aquaman has been getting audiences wet for years with his nude and shirtless action, and you can check out every mouth-watering second right here ...

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May 14 2018
SNL's LGBT Cast Members Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.34.23 PM(Images via NBC/YouTube)

Without outing anyone living, Michael Michaud assembled the only four LGBT people he could find who are or were regular cast members on SNL. Pretty dismal, but uplifting that Kate McKinnon — the show's current MVP — is out and proud.

Full list here — and follow Gr8erDays on Instagram if you're into my nostalgia-themed posts!

Margot Kidder Dies @ 69 Comments (0)

Margot Kidder, iconic as Lois Lane in Superman (1978), and an actress of great distinction in a variety of other roles, has died at 69.

Full obit here.

The first woman to play Lois Lane in a visual medium, Phyllis Coates, is still with us at 91. She was Lois on Season 1 of Adventures of Superman in 1952.

Tim Chung Should Be Someone's Baby Daddy + Ex-FDNY Sues Over Anti-Gay Hazing + Palm Springs STI Outbreak + The Harmful Myth Of Patient Zero + Is GIRLS Biphobic? + Nolan Gould Grew Up Hot + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: He moves to Thailand and looks like that; I'd move to Thailand and be in a perpetual pad Thai coma.

Below: Keep reading for Kylie Jenner's hot not-baby-daddy, ex-FDNY suing over anti-gay and anti-Hispanic hazing, the truth about Patient Zero, Nolan Gould frees the nipple, Tomi Lahren gets schooled, Trixie Mattel opens DragCon, and more  ...

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May 13 2018
Long Journey Into SATURDAY NIGHT's Mikey Day Comments (0)

Mikey-Day-Kate-McKinnon(Image via NBC)

On last night's SNL, Kate McKinnon got to do two things with Mikey Day that I've always wanted to do. Number one, above.

Number two, below ...

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May 11 2018
Kevin McHale Talks Coming Out, Being Famous & Gay With A Partner, And Being The Subject Of Straight Dating Rumors Comments (0)

Kevin-McHale-Glee-gay-Marc-MalklinI knew McHale when he was in a boy band — couldn't be nicer! (Image via Marc Malkin)

Entertainment journalist Marc Malkin sat down with Glee alum Kevin McHale to talk about his memories of the phenomenally popular show, and also got him to open up about recently coming out as gay ...

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May 10 2018
PAPER BOYS, Mister? Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Dekkoo)

Paper Boys — which I featured here — is finally out! Read up on it and find it on

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