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Dec 15 2014
They're Still Here! Comments (0)


I've updated my mega-post on biggest living stars who are 80 years old and older, so that it now has a Top 20 (subjective!), a Top 40, another 129 notables and hundreds more who are simply, well, alive! Let me know who I've missed, who's long dead and who I'm crazy to think belongs/doesn't belong in the Top 20.

Need To Know: Cosby Roofies The Black Media + Hair Apparent + Dick Of Death + Scenes From A Gay Marriage + MORE! Comments (0)

HairyDo the shag.

*widget boy cultureCuddle up to the hairy hotties of winter. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 4.52.03 PM

*widget boy cultureBill Cosby plays the race card...badly. WTF?

*widget boy culture12yo Tamir Rice's death was murder.

*widget boy cultureDick Cheney can't torture just one!

*widget boy cultureFormer Michael Lucas model accuses him of fraud, non-payment. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureEVOLVING DOOR: Elton John, once anti-gay marriage, might be getting married.

*widget boy cultureSee Colby Keller below? Like? More here.

Next colby2Say “cheese,” Colby.

*widget boy cultureDid Harry Styles see Barack's O-face?

*widget boy cultureFOX using anarchists' “dead cops” chants to tar/feather protest movement.

*widget boy cultureCockyboys star Tayte Hanson debuts new (less) hair.

*widget boy cultureWhy Evangeline Lilly is an idiot.

*widget boy cultureSQUEAL LIKE A NASTY PIG: Sexy ad pulled by Time Warner.

Midnight Snack: Diedrich Bader Comments (0)


Via Boomer Beefcake and Bonding: Yes, the dude from The Drew Carey Show.

Dec 13 2014
Broke The Internet Comments (0)


Another edifying TV show—Broke Straight Boys—launches December 19. You'll go gay (for pay) for them, undoubtedly.

Dec 12 2014
Need To Know: Takes Money To Make Money + The Rabbit Died + Suck That Nick + President Romney? + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureLiberals fighting mad over budget deal's Wall Street fat.

*widget boy cultureSick Sons of Anarchy bastard cooks and eats his ex's pet bunny.

*widget boy cultureWorld's biggest ass meets world's biggest mouth (in a good way).

*widget boy cultureGif of Nick Jonas getting a BJ.

*widget boy cultureTOLDJA SO: Mitt Romney thinking of running in '16.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley decorates his Christmas tree.

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*widget boy cultureDick Cheney's torture anthem.

*widget boy cultureWHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS: Noah's Ark's tax-break plans are sunk.

*widget boy cultureIs it hot or is it gross that some dude JOed all over this plane? (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureYou're gonna love his underwear, too:

MusclesI like his bottom as much as his top!


Dec 11 2014
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cheek Show Comments (0)


Finn Wittrock, 30,  went full-backal on last night's American Horror Story: Freak Show. Evidence after the jump...

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Dec 10 2014
Close Shave Comments (0)


Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais trade mouths, which leads to a confession about testicular depilation and, of course, some vogueing...

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Dec 09 2014
There She Was: Miss America 1959, Actress, Singer & Philanthropist Mary Ann Mobley Dies Comments (0)

Mary-Ann-MobleyFebruary 17, 1937 (or 1939)—December 9, 2014

Former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley has died of breast cancer at 75 or 77 (depending on source). Mobley was Miss America 1959 and became one of the contest's only household-name winners, singing on Broadway and making  several popular films, including two with Elvis Presley. She was 1965's Most Promising Newcomer at the Golden Globes. 

Outside of showbiz, Mobley was known for her efforts to raise money for charities related to poverty and hunger. Mobley was married for 45 years to TV host Gary Collins, from whom she was briefly separated. Collins died in 2012 at 74. 

Mary-Ann-Mobley-Matthew-RettenmundWith Mobley at the PDS dinner in L.A. in March 2012

I was pleased to meet her a few years back—she couldn't have been sweeter.