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Aug 16 2012
Jockumentaries: Funny Olympics-Themed Parodies Of Famous Flicks Comments (2)

Brokeback Mountain
Via I Believe in Advertising: These Australian ads for movies, themed to the Olympics, are pretty ingenious. Gotta love that they spoofed Brokeback Mountain without being offensive. Keep reading for all the best ones...

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Aug 15 2012
Baby, Baby, Just Give Me The Real Deal Comments (4)

Jackson Rathbone baby Twilight People
The People (August 27, 2012) pictures of Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone holding his son Monroe (born to his burlesque-dancer GF just a year after they first met) kinda remind me of this '80s poster fad:

I kinda think this pose appeals more to straight women than it does to gay men. But a cute man's a cute man, and a cute baby's a cute baby. One more of Jackson after the jump...

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We Saw What You Did: Signing Up For Another Autograph Show Comments (14)

Gerard Christopher autographGerard was gonna sign it "you changed me—I changed back"

*** Great videos of some of the stars or just click on their hot-linked names to see. ***

Hollywood Show pricesAnother Hollywood Show has come and gone, and I came, I saw, I kicked its ass.

Not really.

I just went and had a lot of fun.

Christian BaleI was gonna ask this Christian Bale dummy for a photo but was afraid it would berate me

This was one of my longest trips out to Burbank because I combined a bunch of networking meetings with the show, which to be honest was not as thrilling as some Barbara Hale autographs 2have been in the past due to a lack of massive stars. But even though the show only had a few really big draws this time (Henry Winkler, Tab Hunter, Dean Cain and Barbara Hale (pictured) seemed to be the most wanted), it had a large number of people I was after for one reason or another.

Ivan Roth Matthew Rettenmund Night of the Comet Ivan E Roth autographI even got my friend's autograph—he was in Night of the Comet (1984)

Yet again, my buddy Ivan was my sidekick, taking pic-withs, shooting B-roll and obsessing over my hydration—I try not to eat or drink for these things until after all photo ops are done!

Chris AtkinsChris is a man of the (loin) cloth

Right off the bat, my pal Roy from Baby Jane introduced me to Christopher Atkins, 51, of The Blue Lagoon (1980) fame. I can't be the only one for whom Chris was a teenage dream—he was all over the teen mags and was shirtless (and totally nude in TBL) in most of his movies. I'm not usually a blond-chaser, but he was just cute as a button.

Chris Atkins Matthew Rettenmund

Chris Atkins shirtlessI think I make a better pair with Chris than Kristi McNichol did

Now, Chris is a handsome guy, supertanned because he's a nudist (life imitated art), and was very nice. He has done these shows before, bringing with him a stack of awesome original mini-posters from TBL of himself in a loin cloth pre-signed. But he also had a great folder of nudes to choose from. I went with a really beautiful Greg Gorman shot (above) in which he almost looks like Jon Bon Jovi (no?) and is showing off his best ASSet. When I asked him what it was like to work with Greg Gorman, he laughed and said he was working with him when he was just his friend Greg.

Chris Atkins and daughterHis daughter, an actress in her own right named Brittney (pictured), was right there to help with the transaction. If you think it must be an odd thing to sell men photos of your dad's butt and dick, you don't understand Hollywood and never will.

When I asked about his teenybopper-magazine memories, Chris's reaction was to exclaim, "I don't know where all that time went. Back then, it was...every day, it was another magazine." He told me he'd just been hanging out with Leif Garrett and his best friend Scott Baio (can you imagine?) and that he has movie nights with Scott all the time where Scott's wife digs out all the old teen mags with them on the cover and shows their daughter.

Henry Winkler"Eyyyy!"-rights advocate

Next, we went for Henry Winkler, 66 (can you believe it?), who already had a decent line even before the regular attendees had entered (I always pop for "early-bird" admission, an hour before). He'd been set to attend the last show but bailed, so I'd mailed him my vintage photo to sign and he'd returned it signed, "Matt is great!" It was a great way to make me feel I was in third grade again.

Henry Winkler meeting
Henry Winkler Matthew Rettenmund Happy DaysMove over, babe, here comes Henry

But I wanted an in-person autograph and of course a pic-with, so we braved the line. In no time, we were up to him and he was being pulled in various directions. I seem to have a knack for attracting people who line-jump and try to infringe upon my experience with the stars. It's so annoying. You're only with them a minute or less and yet there are always people walking up who just wanna shake their hand or say hi or who once worked with them.

Henry Winkler autographA Fonzie scheme

That happened, but I think the real reason Winkler wasn't especially warm to me (and he wasn't) was that my buddy Ivan was filming him and was spotted immediately. Some stars care, some don't. Winkler seemed on the fence. He signed my photo but it was all very business-like. Another friend had asked him to give the Fonzie "thumbs-up" in their photo and he'd refused. He was also asked about getting a business address for one of his celeb friends and replied, "No." Wasn't a prick, just wasn't all hugs. And hey, he has no reason to do these shows—it's a total gift to fans. A gift that costs money, but a gift.

Tab Hunter autograph to Matthew RettenmundTab's signature is huge

Tab Hunter Ida MyersNext we queued up for Tab Hunter, who just turned 81. Tab was bright-eyed and very sweet to everyone who approached him, very conversational. Too, in my case, because an elderly lady came right up as we were beginning to speak and reminded him they'd worked together. She turned to me and said, "You wanna take our picture and send it to me?", pressing her card into my hand. So I agreed to do just that and then waited while they kibbutzed. "We're lucky," he told her, presumably meaning, "...to still be alive."

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Aug 09 2012
She Can't Act—But Takes Direction Well Comments (0)

Kristen Stewart cheating scandal
KStew has several good reasons for why she "did sex" with Rupert Sanders, thereby cheating on Rob Pattinson.

ThumbnailsIf I'm not moving, click me

In fact, Rob himself asked her to do it at least one time...

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Jul 30 2012
Bulging With Talent Comments (2)

Kellan Lutz bulge
A close inspection of some recent Kellan Lutz photos reveals the outline of Li'l Kellan. Now we just need to see his new moon.

Jul 23 2012
Out To See Comments (5)

Hot shirtless zac efron austin butler joe jonas jared padalecki hugh jackman
In Touch (July 30, 2012) goes to great length to present sexy men of "all ages" (true if men aged 18, 19 or above 59 don't count). Second half after the jump...

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Jun 27 2012
The Magic Of The Movies: A Review Of Magic Mike Comments (3)

Channing Tatum Magic MikeStripper's pole

BOY CULTURE RATING: ***1/2 out of ****

Magic_Mike-656219375-largeMagic Mike is...surprisingly good. It is what mainstream mall movies would all be like if directed by smart people who respect the medium even as they turn in products that need to entertain and make money but don't need to suck.

And there's cock within the first five minutes.

Magic_mike_sexy_gif4Torn about seeing it? Go.

And don't ask whose cock—that's like [insert McConaughey twang] askin' what's for dinner when you know dang well you're gonna eat it either way.

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Mar 14 2012
Kellan Butz Comments (0)


Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): He appears in Twilight but here exposes the crack of dawn.


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