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Apr 29 2015
Need To Know: Beach Blast From The Past + Psycho's Killer + Marriage Equivocation + Hillary Primaried From The Far-Left + 'Bell Boy + Dragging The Queens + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureLittle Red Riding Hood at the beach in ... 1913!

*widget boy cultureMeet the inmate who murdered Jeffrey Dahmer, cannibal monster.

*widget boy cultureLegal scholar tries to calm the left on Justice Kennedy's marriage vote. 

*widget boy culture... but did anti-gay lawyer give Kennedy coverage to vote pro-gay?

*widget boy cultureCALM DOWN, FAGGY: Total puff piece on Reisner/Weiderpass in Time.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders wants to be this year's Ralph Nader.

*widget boy cultureAustin Falk on 2 Broke Girls:


*widget boy cultureAlleged murderer gives incriminating TV interview.

*widget boy cultureKim Richards: Pills and pot.

*widget boy cultureSUDDEN DEATH: Performers who dropped dead mid-performance.

*widget boy cultureJames Corden praises Bruce Jenner.

*widget boy cultureWhat's your favorite fast food? Me: Taco Bell of the early '90s.


*widget boy cultureToday's Baltimore Orioles game will be played in an empty stadium.

*widget boy cultureBaltimore isn't just about Freddie Gray.

*widget boy cultureDrag queens reading nasty tweets.

*widget boy cultureMariah Carey poses with Photoshopped self, eliciting mean tweets.

*widget boy cultureMore Zac Efron ass shots.

*widget boy cultureGay Punk'd gag leads to much discomfit and death threat.

*widget boy culturePeople You Know: Season 1, Part 2.

*widget boy culture5 new Madonna remixes.

*widget boy cultureKit Williamson gets engaged!

0321_RetouchMad Men4Men!

Feb 13 2015
Guydar DELUXE Comments (0)


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Feb 03 2015
Queef Of All She Surveys Comments (0)


These sound like the nicest things posted about Justin Bieber.

Tweet Of The Gay Comments (0)


Via Spencer Niemitz. 

Jan 02 2015
#burningcrosses: Unfollowing Madonna On Instagram Is The New Selma! Comments (0)

After having the temerity to re-post fan-made images showing Bob Marley (okay), Nelson Mandela (WTF?) and Martin Luther King Jr. (Oh, my Oprah Winfrey!!!) in a Rebel Heart motif and expressing her admiration for them, Madonna was promptly destroyed on social media by black people and their ardent defenders who felt Madonna was inappropriately appropriating (inappropriating?) these men for her own commercial purposes.

As usual, the really interesting part wasn't in trying to suss about Madonna's motives, because anyone with a sense of fairness and a working brain could tell what she was going for even if it would be perfectly fair to question whether she achieved it; the really interesting part was reading the logic.

One gay guy started out very fairly, stating he felt it was offensive. He implied something about Madonna's age, but snapped back that it wasn't about her being old when I pointed that out. I didn't back down but didn't lose my cool, but before long, he was blocking me while calling me a pathetic blogger in my forties who's single and blindly devoted to his idol, a sad old woman who is irrelevant.

I'm not sure which aspect of my bio he finds more repulisve—being single, being in my forties, being a fan or blogging. I got the impression it was blogging, which, I mean, he spends his time tweeting, so...

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.09.28 PM

Anyway, it's not even worth 10 more seconds to unpack, but who's the delusional one: The gay guy (me) who is a big fan of a singer's and is critical of her when it's warranted, or the gay guy whose profile announced he's a “regular Joe,” who detests everything about Madonna and who spews all that personal hatred...all because he was so offended that Madonna was being “insensitive?” 

Nelson Mandela would be so proud of the people who scorned Madonna in ageist, sexist and BONUS POINTS racist terms over this misstep of hers. I'm sure now that she's Instagrammed that she doesn't feel she has accomplished 1/100 of what those men have accomplished, Madonna's haters will eat crow or at the very least forgive and forget.


Dec 29 2014
Need To Know: He Feels Like I Look + Just Plane Bad Weather + Gone To The Dogma + REBEL HEART Murmur + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThis (see above) is what Joe Putignano looks like when he's not 100%.

*widget boy cultureMissing AirAsia plane likely downed by bad weather.

*widget boy cultureAmazing letter from Nashville police chief regarding protests.

*widget boy cultureSEE YOU IN TACO HELL: Creationist asshole at work.

*widget boy cultureMake those gay charitable donations work for you!

*widget boy cultureThis post is easier and better than using Grindr for real.

*widget boy cultureThe New York Times loves Madonna's new stuff.

*widget boy cultureMadonna retweets a Rebel Heart-ified Lady Gaga image:


*widget boy cultureLady Gaga is selfie-absorbed for Shisheido.

*widget boy culture2014 was a banner year for marriage equality.

*widget boy culturePutin has led Russia's economy to shocking depths.

*widget boy cultureAnnie Proulx wishes she'd never written Brokeback Mountain.

*widget boy cultureGay pornstars read mean tweets.


Dec 27 2014
Madonna & Her Manager Say Gaga Diss Song Isn't Comments (0)


With the leak of a song by Madonna called “Two Steps Behind” that seems to be about Lady Gaga (if and only if Madonna would be willing to concede that Gaga is “pretty”), the media has already begun whipping up stan wars...and Gaga has Instagrammed an ominous warning to an unnamed witch.

But Madonna's manager Guy Oseary, responding to fan inquiries, has said the song is “NOT about gaga or anyone in particular.” Also, he confirms that the song, currently in unfinished demo form, will not be released.


And Madonna herself has chimed in:



Dec 17 2014
Gypsys, Tramps & Elves Comments (0)


Cher's not touring anymore, but she's hawking Christmas-themed goodies—she tweeted this image, asking her fans to spread the word.